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  1. On 23/06/2020 at 22:31, Dave Ett said:

    I have one of these in my '98 touring, and it is ace.


    It comes with a DAB antenna you stick to the windscreen, and a decent magnetic earth you 'stick' to the roof.


    Find a frequency on the car radio that doesn't have a station, such as 87.5 which is below Radio 2 in my area. Make that a pre-set.


    Fire up the DAB unit and set it's transmit frequency to the same as the car radio pre-set, and off you go.


    It's very good for hands free calling, and the DAB reception is really rather good.


    It can also do music streaming from your phone, so even if you can't get a DAB signal but have mobile you can run BBC sounds, or Spotify or whatever.  Equally, you can stream music stored on your phone / bluetooth enabled MP3 player.

    Thanks Dave, I'll give it another bash!

  2. 14 hours ago, KitsonRis said:

    Ahh right, was wondering what the situation is with getting over there and what is actually open as it isn't clear at all. Not my first time, I went back in 2016 in an E36 328i but this is the first time I will be taking my car. Staying in Adenau in the Hotel an der Nordschleife.

    I know that the track and TF is open, but no idea about hotels. We won't be going this year, regardless.


  3. On 15/06/2020 at 20:53, Pzero said:

    A good scrub up today ready to go into an auto gearbox specialist near me who I've not used before. After replacing that split transmission oil cooler a few months back, no idea how much juice I lost before I fixed it, and to my knowledge the box oil nor filter haven't been changed changed before, so time for a freshen up. This place comes highly recommended, but is it just me who worries like the old cartoon expectant father pacing up and down outside the delivery room when handing the car over to a mechanic you've not used before!


    As much as I like to do my own wrenching, free time and getting the car sufficiently up in the air on my sloping driveway to drop the gearbox sump is not really an option. 

    I see you're in/near Brighton - who's doing the gearbox oil change for you?