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  1. Loadmaster

    E39 M5 Individual - a One of a Kind?!

    Could have been re-registered I suppose...
  2. Loadmaster

    Throwback from 2015

    I did't realise that you owned two E39s at the same time. I guess the tourer is the same one that you have now.
  3. I know that the track and TF is open, but no idea about hotels. We won't be going this year, regardless.
  4. Alongside the Mystery Machine at Brunnchen
  5. Early morning in Nurburg, Summer 2019
  6. Hi, that was from our summer 2019 visit. Been every year since 2012, bar one. If it's you first time you'll love it. Where are you staying?
  7. Loadmaster

    G31 Boot Liner

    Plenty of options available. Just search BMW boot liners on the 'net.
  8. Loadmaster


    I must change my mindset. I only use a/c probably half a dozen times a year when it's exceptionally hot!
  9. Loadmaster

    E39 M5 2002

    Numerous "Vines of Redhill" stamps in the book I notice - less than two miles up the road from me.
  10. Loadmaster

    Newbie here

    Hi and welcome along. Pop into the appropriate tech section here for opinions and mod ideas.
  11. Loadmaster

    Newbie here

    Welcome along. Get some pics up, sounds good.
  12. Loadmaster

    F10 Newbie

    Welcome along.
  13. Loadmaster


    Welcome along.
  14. Loadmaster

    New e28 owner

    Welcome to the forum. Set up a project thread here as well.
  15. Loadmaster

    New G30 owner - Hi all

    Welcome to the forum Andy.
  16. Loadmaster

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I see you're in/near Brighton - who's doing the gearbox oil change for you?
  17. Loadmaster

    Breaking E39 530d sport, manual, 2001, titan silver

    Northants... Ok
  18. Loadmaster

    Breaking E39 530d sport, manual, 2001, titan silver

    Where are you based?
  19. Loadmaster

    A HEADS UP ! Alternator air duct mod.

    Is this air cooling duct aplicable to the E39 540 V8? I'd assume not seeing as its alternator is water cooled.
  20. Loadmaster

    Breaking E39 530d sport, manual, 2001, titan silver

    Are the 66s available?
  21. Loadmaster

    Old BMW'S....!!

    From the album: NJT 540H (Previously LF57 NNR & LJ51 RRF) April 2018 - ?

    Alternator imploded!