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  1. 6 and 10 hour drives??!! What route?
  2. Loadmaster

    What are Alpina doing to their wheels??

    The deep dish certainly looks the best. And on the subject of modern OEM wheels, I really don't like the growing trend of these fancy diamond cut alloys which are generally flat faced and cost the earth to have refurbed when the lacquer lifts, which it will!
  3. Ah, so you did go. How did you get on?
  4. Loadmaster

    Another hello!!

    Welcome along Sam. The F10 tech section here will be your friend and guide!
  5. Loadmaster


    Welcome along.
  6. Loadmaster

    Another new one...

    Welcome along and good luck wuth your project. An E39 should always be saved where possible! You could start a thread in projects.
  7. Loadmaster

    Newbie from Inverness

    Welcome along Mark. All being well, we'll be up in Inverness at the begining of October hiking around some famous Loch that's apparantly there!
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  9. Loadmaster

    Another new F10 owner

    Welcome back Matt. Lovely example that and nice to be able to have the non DERV option...!
  10. I never think to look in the projects section. I've missed out on all this good work Dan. This will be a complete stunner when it's finished.
  11. Loadmaster

    Petrol or Diesel ?

    I know, these Jap imports are just awful - the nearside front wing on mine just corroded away into dust before my very eyes this morning!
  12. Loadmaster

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Is there an unusual or noticeable humming noise from under the rear seat on tickover?
  13. Loadmaster

    NEWBIE Hampshire

    Purchased a........? Anyhow, welcome along!