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  1. Loadmaster

    New E60 owner

    Welcome along. That's low mileage for an E60. You should find all the help and guidance that you need in the E60/61 Tech Section here.
  2. Putting this out there for a mate who wants to sell his Z3 convertible. He bought it not that long ago, but having driven it for a short while he's discovered that it's too go-kart like (bit of an oldie like me ) and not his thing. He's subsequently bought a Y (83) plate Merc SL380 instead, which is far more comfy and 'wafty'...! So, the little Z must go. It needs some attention and tidying but I've seen it and it's slow time project for someone. Registration is R450 FAN if anyone wants to check its MOT history - the current MOT runs to this December and there is a sizeable list of advisories from the last one. Some of it has been done, but he can give anyone who is interested a full run down. Asking price is £2500 (what he paid for it) but some haggling is welcome. If anyone would like to know more, please contact me here and I will pass you his contact details. The car is located in Purley, Surrey.
  3. Loadmaster

    Another new virgin

    Welcome along...
  4. Loadmaster

    New F10 owner!

    Welcome along, looks lovely.
  5. Loadmaster

    New Member

    Welcome along!
  6. Loadmaster


    Welcome along Neil.
  7. Loadmaster

    Static Shocks

    I think that they used to be the 'must have' accessory at the time!
  8. Loadmaster

    Static Shocks

    I remember the rubber earthing strips from the 70s and 80s that used to drag along behind a lot of cars.
  9. Loadmaster

    Hello to everyone! Here is my 540i

    Welcome along - another E39 540! Seeing as the car has sat for so long, keep an eye on oil gaskets within the engine now that there will be heat cycles going through it. Before I bought mine in 2018, it had pretty much done nothing and been stored since it arrived from Japan in 2015. After a year and 3000 miles I needed both rocker cover and upper and lower timing cover gaskets replaced.
  10. Loadmaster

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Blimey, one of the very last to be UK registered? I've never seen later than a 53 plate.
  11. Where and what is that structure?
  12. Loadmaster

    Main Dealer Frustration

    BMW main dealers aren't interested in old cars, from my experience certainly. A good indie, as you seem to have found, is worth his weight in gold. I reckon stick with the car, use the indie and run it for the next year, possibly longer?
  13. Loadmaster

    Paint ID Advice Please

    Post in E60/61 tech section.
  14. Loadmaster

    Space Saver

    I reckon you're correct in your assumption, but the rolling circumference should, I think, be within about 10% of your regular wheel. Post this into the E60/61 tech section for better coverage though.
  15. Loadmaster

    Hi all

    Welcome along - in Germany?
  16. Loadmaster

    F10 2015 530d M-Sport owner

    Very nice - welcome along.
  17. Loadmaster

    Newbie alert

    Hi and welcome along. If it's a tech issue (and not operator error!) post the question in the E39 tech section which is listed in the home page.
  18. Loadmaster

    New E39 owner

    Welcome along. Looks in good nick and with very low mileage for its age.
  19. Loadmaster

    DIY oil change using extractor pump

    I'd be worried about shoving too much piping down the dipstick tube and getting jammed somewhere in the bowels of the engine!
  20. Loadmaster

    Vauxhall Out, SEAT In!

    After running two faultless and trusty Zafiras for 16 years between them, now was the time for an update. There are so many good new car deals about at the moment and I'd been considering its replacement for a month or two. Needed to be an SUV style vehicle (Mrs L prefers the elevated position) but don't need something the size of a tank. In the end we decided on a SEAT Ateca, an FR Black Edition to be exact. Well chuffed, picked it up last Saturday and what a great package - looks good too on the black 19s under the white bodywork. All the bells and whistles that we need and a very sweet 1.5 turbo unit mated to a 6 speed manual box.
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    From the album: Miscellaneous Stuff

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    From the album: Miscellaneous Stuff