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  1. Loadmaster

    which tyres

    Interesting point - rtfact1, are you there? How is the speedo / mileometer controlled on a 1999 E39? Front wheels, back wheels or other? I ask cos I'm fitting 245/40/17s to my rears (style 49) instead of 235/45/17s. The rolling circumference difference is minimal but will the miles / speed reading be affected from the rear?
  2. Loadmaster

    Tyre Size Question

    I need new boots on the rear of my E39 which is fitted with Style 49 alloys (17" dia but don't know the width) and shod with 235/45 Dunlops, per factory spec. I've been offered by a friend of mine (who has his own tyre business, so I shouldn't need to ask this question on this Forum) a pair of 245/40s which I'm told will be fine. Is it ok to put these slightly larger boots onto rims that are designed to accommodate 235/45s? I presume I'll get the same rolling circumference, or as near as dammit. In case it makes any difference, the car is fitted with M suspension from build. Any comments welcome.
  3. Loadmaster

    Tyre Size Question

    WNeill - thanks mate, I understand now. Worth buying, been offered them for £50 for the pair - fitted. They're Continentals, previously enjoyed for only a couple of thousand miles. Cheers.
  4. Loadmaster

    Tyre Size Question

    I understand the relation of profile vs width, but how is it 7.75mm smaller. Do you mean the rolling circumference?
  5. Loadmaster

    Rear cup holders

    The unit containing the cup holders just pulls out. Don't bother fixing it - get the cubby hole replacement from your local main dealer for approx £7..! Unless you really need those holders in the back!
  6. Loadmaster


    Well, I must have an exceptional battery in my E39 - it's the original delivered new with the car back in 1999 along with the key fob batteries too I'm probably sitting on a time bomb, though...
  7. Loadmaster

    broken cup holders

    Well, I popped into Vines in Redhill on the way home yesterday, ordered the cubby hole tray and will have it fitted by Friday evening... I can put away the Superglue now..
  8. Loadmaster

    broken cup holders

    Can't believe I've stumbled upon this subject - my rear cupholders have had it and my repair keeps getting knocked out. Will investigate the tray mod with my local Vines. Yet again, I'm amazed at the useful 'real world' advice and experiences on this Forum..!
  9. Loadmaster

    Rear Cup Holders - Link to Thread?

    Can't believe I've stumbled upon this subject - my rear cupholders have had it and my repair keeps getting knocked out. Will investigate the tray mod with my local Vines. Yet again, I'm amazed at the useful 'real world' advice and experiences on this Forum..!
  10. Loadmaster

    Tyre Dressing

    Thanks for your comments all - I'll give the Blackfire stuff a go as I'd heard good things about this product before...
  11. I'll be getting my Style 49 wheels refurbed in the near future due to some minor scuffs here and there and was considering changing their colour. Was thinking of a very dark silver or gunmetal finish which will possibly look good considering that the car is black and was de-chromed and de-badged at build - or take the safe option and stick with silver Don't want to end up looking like some chav's got hold of it...! Any opinions welcome...
  12. Loadmaster

    Opinions Needed - Change of Wheel Colour

    Sheriff and IXIS - thanks for your replies. Thought this might generate a bit more opinion but I was wrong. IXIS, do you have any pics of your wheels? Looked at your gallery but couldn't really see that the wheels on the geen one were a dark colour...or are they on a different vehicle? Ta.
  13. Loadmaster

    Spark Plug Life

    The plugs in my '99 523i (2.5) were last changed during an Inspection II in June 2006 at 61458 miles. Three and a bit years and just under 30k miles on, do they need replacing on my upcoming Inspection I? On the main stealer invoice for that service they are described as "B12. High Power Plug". Does this make them long life items of about 40 - 60k miles? Similar question for the air filter that was done on that service, described as "B13.72.1.730.946 E36 Air Filter" E36 filter? I wondered that too! Don't think I need to change these items (well, certainly not the plugs) but just want an unbiased factual opinion. Cheers all...
  14. What would you expect to pay for the basic Inspection 1 from a good Indie on the 523i, 2.5? I'm getting quite different quotes from a few, ranging from £140 to £320. Admitedly, the lower one is without plugs and filter and the higher one is with - some confusion over whether the plugs should be changed. Been in there for 40k but being told they should be good for 60k(?). Anyhows, these quotes are from Indies recommended, at some point, by members of this forum. So - how much was the basic cost of your last Inspection 1 - any offers?
  15. Loadmaster

    Cost of an Inspection 1 - '99 523i (2.5)???

    Is this a result?? Called my local stealer, Vines of Gatwick, and they quoted £269 all in, inc VAT, for the Inspection I. That's on par with a couple of BMW indies I've spoken to. I'm inclined to take them up on the offer.
  16. Loadmaster

    Exhaust Problem - Advice Please

    The rear box on my September '99 523i will need replacing in the next few months. Thought I'd do a bit of ringing around to the usual places such as Kwik Fit and the like for a price. I've now called four places and they don't list my car, only up to July or August '99 - basically my car doesn't exist!! The set up under the rear of my car is the box and exit pipe on the nearside with another big 'cylinder' looking part sitting inboard beside it. It's the nearside box I need tho' I would suspect it's all one part. Has anyone experienced a problem of this nature? Cheers all.
  17. Loadmaster

    Exhaust Problem - Advice Please

    Thanks Sixspeed, yep, item 7 is what I'm referring to. I'll continue my investigations...!
  18. Loadmaster

    Auto Gearbox - Odd Occurrence

    This has happened twice now within the last two weeks, so I think I need to ask about it. Kicking down I've now twice felt, how can I put it, a form of jolt or a 'silent' clonk (if that make sense!). Can't hear anything but can 'feel' it through the throttle pedal. Any ideas anyone?? Cheers
  19. Loadmaster

    Auto Gearbox - Odd Occurrence

    Thanks for your responses - the car's done 89k, and that's genuine cos I've known the car since new. No record in the full history of gearbox oil being changed.
  20. Loadmaster

    Rear Diff Oil Leak

    Was poking my head under the rear end yesterday, checking the exhaust condition, and I noticed what I initially thought was an oil drip formulating on what I presume is the rear diff. Because I couldn't reach it I got a yardstick and touched it onto the suspect blob and indeed, it was oil. I've never noticed any oil spills on my driveway so it's either a very fresh leak or so slow it hardly ever drops. Anyone got any thoughts of what it might be or where it's coming from? My E39 is a '99 523i SE with auto. Thanks all.
  21. Loadmaster

    Rear Diff Oil Leak

    In the meantime, is there a warning light that will alert me to the fact that there's not enough oil in the diff??
  22. Loadmaster

    Rear Diff Oil Leak

    Doh..!! Yeah thanks. I posted this problem, then noticed afterwards that the previous post discussed - 'rear diff oil leaks'. That's well spooky..! The car will be due an Inspection 1 around September time so will get it checked out then.
  23. Can anyone recommend an independant "BMW capable" servicing outfit in the South-East? I have somewhere in mind, GCS Engineering near Horsham, West Sussex, but if anyone knows of good 'uns in the Crawley/Gatwick Airport area please let me know.
  24. Loadmaster

    Driving in "S" mode.... questions...

    So, did some 'manual stuff' on the way home yesterday. Pushed shift stick to the left and got 'DS' on the dash display as usual. Then, for the first time in the 3 months I've owned the car, nudged it back to bring the gears down then back up. What happens tho' if you floor it in, say 2nd, but don't change up? Would the engine just redline cos it's expecting the driver to change up? Also, if you're in 3rd for example and knock it back over into 'D', does the box leave it in 3rd or change up/down into the most appropriate gear?
  25. Loadmaster

    Driving in "S" mode.... questions...

    Great - well, I learnt something today. Didn't know 5th wasn't utilised when in 'S'..! I'm also embarassed to admit that I've never tried shifting manually when in 'S', either. Will give it a go on the way home from work tonite.