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  1. Loadmaster

    E39 new seats?

    Coming up to two years now. It was a bit of a journey for the first year, mostly due to a combination of the low mileage and two years of storage after arriving from Japan - various gaskets springing leaks here and there, plus other miscellaneous servicing needs. Still, it's 100% sorted now. Keep us updated on the progress of yours.
  2. Loadmaster

    Independent Specialist for servicing in Surrey

    BMR Performance in Turners Hill, West Sussex. Probably too far but might be handy for other members here.
  3. Loadmaster

    E39 new seats?

    Hi James, in answer to your question I have no idea but someone who knows will be along. However I would suspect that the required wiring might be there. And that's a lovely looking 530. Have you had it long?
  4. Loadmaster

    E39 Holey Crap that's not good!

    That's a sad decision. Selling whole or breaking?
  5. Loadmaster

    E28 2020 Calendars

    Mark Cox on the left, me on the right...!
  6. Loadmaster

    New to BMW

    Welcome along. Pop into the F07 - F11 tech section. Someone there will be able to give you the answers.
  7. Loadmaster

    E39 530 Touring - new wheels

    I would probably have kept the 66s that the 540 came with had they been 18s and seemed to be the 'wheel of choice' for the Japanese market. They're a good looking wheel style, but be it a tourer or saloon, 18s just look 'right' on an E39 without going OTT.
  8. Loadmaster

    Your forum needs you!

    I think you meant to put this in the 'Hello I'm New' thread... Welcome along anyway!
  9. Loadmaster

    E39 530 Touring - new wheels

    Looks like a real nice example...…..
  10. Loadmaster

    E39 530 Touring - new wheels

    Mind you, my previous E39 was an SE, but sat on M suspension from the factory...
  11. Loadmaster

    My 1985 528i auto - 29k miles!!

    Love it, what a find...!
  12. Loadmaster

    Relatively new E39 owner

    Welcome to the forum. Pics when you can.
  13. Loadmaster

    Brilliant reg number

    The other day I saw PAW 50D (poor sod) on an old nail of a Ford something or other. And the best for a long while, a local plumber has P005 TOP arranged to read POO STOP....
  14. Loadmaster

    Test drove a.....

    I know it's all coming to us within the next few years, but I'll stick with the 540 for the moment....
  15. Loadmaster

    E39 M5 Values - Polarising subject

    Even if I keep it for another five years (which will be the absolute maximum and governed by retirement) and did, say, an average of 300 miles per month, that would still only be 58,500 miles ish at 24 years old. If it's kept well maintained (which it will be) and in the condition it is now, it certainly won't be worth any less than it is today, whatever that figure might be. Right, I'm popping out for a drive!