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    e39 535 V8; Fisher Fury R1 spyder; had Alpina B10 3.3 manual; e34 540i

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  1. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Simple ion-echange, i.e. washing soda; it shifts all forms of lime-based scale (e.e tea-scale in your mug, clouding on glasses in the dishwasher etc) because the sodium ions displace the calcium, and its so much more soluble it all washes off. tl;dr: So I'd try a generous handful of washing soda in the bucket of warm car wash solution, see how you get on with that ;)
  2. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Following the above - took the thing out for a run today - to get properly hot, out in the wilds - runs sweet as a nut: no leaks, no re-bleed, no top-up required. Job jobbed ( & quite some relief it was all so relatively painless to do and no apparent collateral damage from coolant loss)
  3. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Yes, the V8s run at 105degC +/- a couple of degrees. (the 6s are set 10dgrees cooler ime) It is supposed to help economy & part-load emissions (it's also, incidentally, why the thermostat has a heater - so the ECU can force the stat open to drop temps below that setpoint if you are running the car hard, iirc.) eleanorsskipper - you can just see the evidence of the split on mine, it's the chalky white line centred on the top edge of the tank visible (would have been on the right-hand-side in the car, under the top hose). But unless you are getting the coolant level prompt now and then, not a cause for worry.
  4. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Classic rad end tank split fixed - yes, I know the rad is a service item by c 100Kmiles. This failed right on cue... One German -made rad,, and 6L of oem coolant procured from C3 BMW... arrived yesterday. Swapped-out, filled and bled in all in about 45mins at lunchtime today. god you have to love the e39's designed-in sheer simple service-ability!
  5. Huff

    Stranger things - New battery high voltage

    Try a new battery in the multimeter first. Many read high when the internal battery is dead.
  6. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Collected after fitting a new water-cooled alternator. Car has been running perfectly forever, obd reporting a stout 13.9 -14v always, and then early last week 1mile from home on a cold morning the battery light came on: stuff reader into socket, 11.2v. Bugger. rev it hard, no change; risk a restart (no problem but idle getting stumbly) no change. Bugger, bugger... It happened 400yards from the BMW dealer, and on balance of getting seriously stuck, rolled straight in at 8am to have it diagnosed. Good news: only 1.5hrs charged to to fit! (cheap, when It'd likely take me all of ' too much of a day,, a wasted trip to halfords,, skinned knuckles and a run on the swearbox'); alternator is clean and shiney; the complementary valet job was awesome. Bad news - alternator came from Germany ( ... tho' to be fair, priced comparable to what you can find online) Summary: ouch.
  7. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I should add, I have form in this area; the reason I bought parallels originally was owning a macbook and needing to tinker-with the Powercommander and a couple of other bits on my bike-engined Fisher Fury. - the software for which is Windows-only. And that worked a treat, too: the laptop tends to be essential to tweaking emissions at MOT time... (no lambda sensor you see: the R1 based engine runs a TPS & MAP based alpha-n fuel table - but has to pass the Lambda test criteria from its build date... always fun.)
  8. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I am an idiot on that front, not sure I can help! I've run Parallels for a long time, and once you've that up and running you can create new virtual machines - disc images, basically - and if you have a Win installer image and license (or linux, or an awful lot of other OS choices you may want) then Paralells has you pick that up, and runs it for you. Come back in 30mins or so and it'll be done. After which you just pick/double click that VM in the Paralles startup browser; it boots into a Windows session in a window (or full screen) and you can then install software there just as if it was a Win PC. I'd bought a BM Cable & software pack some years ago, so that's what I did - stuffed the dvds in and let the installer run. You may have to faff separately with drivers for the usb-odb2 cable, it's essentially a UART but again, no different from installing any other new hardware to a WinPC/laptop. It 'sees' all teh macs basic ports, connectivity, devices etc transparently inc full internet connectivity so you can browse for drivers and ignore the idea its running 'on top of' MacOS. When you've had enough you can 'sleep' or shutdown the windows session. Parallels handles writing the data to disc, and MacOS is been ticking along behind - or in front while you do other stuff on it. All-up, my VM with winXp, and a full set of INPA, TIS, NFS and a couple of other bits and bobs occupies about 16GB. You can back this up like any file - Parallels holds each VM and its data as one single consolidated file in a folder in Documents in the Finder (- i.e you're not at risk of breaking something because you now have tens of thousands of Windows files scattered throughout the mac ecosystem.) Easier to do than describe, tbh.
  9. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Parallels is great in that it doesn't require a reboot - you can pop-up a windows session running concurrently, start it up or shut it down at will (damn fast with an ssd!) ; run it as a window in window; full screen or - in 'coherence' mode - it's seamless, looks like your Win apps are running wholly in the Finder, they 'see' all the ports, drives, directories and connectivity etc. But utterly sandboxed. Much more satisfying for the odd Win task on mac hardware, than having to reboot and hard-swap 'modes'. Oh, and on mac intel hardware, there's no speed penalty you can perceive. IME - the basic application is (view after 7-8yrs of use) a very solid,, actually good-value thing.
  10. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    <geek warning> I got INPA working, on a macbook pro, running a WinXp VM under Parallels. I've had the cable a couple of years, but not had much success last times I tried. Well after finding it & drivers again during a tidy-up, and with a bit if time free this afternoon I setup a new VM under Parallels just for INPA + other tools and - after sorting teh software side - found all that had gone wrong previous attempts was that the pins in the cable plug needed a gentle tweak/ realignment inward so they all make contact properly in the OBD2 socket (!) (the hint was, my eml327-based reader has worked just fine for all the time I've had it...) Anyway - I then nerded-out, running through every engne/trans/body/chassis module:: no errors or problems logged :) Starting to wonder what else I can learn to do with this stuff...
  11. Huff

    Whats your mpg? 525I averaging 14 mpg?

    Classic cause of massive fuel consumption is a broken (stuck-open) thermostat. Does the coolant temp gauge get up to normal (needle vertical*)? if not, then look at the thermostat. *This is a 'smoothed' reading, btw: vertical needle = 'everything normal once warmed u) so if its not close to stright up after warm-up /at least 5miles of use - something's wrong. Oh, and the line just above blue on the gauge =c.60degC from watching OBD data on a couple of E39s. (Just to answer the question - v8 petrol auto, average about 28mpg overall, 33-35 on a long run is possible)
  12. Huff

    If the E39 hadn't been invented

    A good e34 is a joy forever
  13. Huff

    If the E39 hadn't been invented

    If the e39 didn't exist then amongst comparable era BMWs I'd have probably sought another good E34 540. Lots of love for the e38 though: a thing that is just right. There's a mint one kept locally, in a wonderful dark metallic blue on Parallels, that makes me smile to see it - not least because it's one original owner appears to be still enjoying it!
  14. Huff

    autobox fluid

    Quite - cannot be recommended whatsoever: You have to check carefully, many e34/e39s do not use ATF in the steering system (nor in the gearbox...) - could end up in a right pickle ' oh I've got some truffle oil leftover, I'll just tip it in there as well'. Er, no.
  15. Huff

    Complete loss of electrical power

    Both the above posts have it - the clamp arrangement is rubbish, and while the terminal seem snug, it's not. Disassemble, clean post and clamp, back the nut right off (or replace clamp with new as above), tap clamp onto battery - hammer handle or sim, doesn't take much- then snug the clamp nut and you'll be fine. (same thing happened to me - car inexplicably dead one morning; car parked inline ahead offered a jump to the under-bonnet terminal and nothing happened (click click click from solenoid only - becasue the body electrics wouldn't wake up enough). Went home, got voltmeter - battery reads 12.7v on terminals wtf?? - hence discover all of the above... )