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    e39 535 V8; Fisher Fury R1 spyder; had Alpina B10 3.3 manual; e34 540i

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  1. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The oil vac extractor looks like a more useful tool than I expected - think I'll get one - any hints on which that is? Thanks
  2. Huff

    Changing Stock Radio Options

    This thread is useful to me - I'm in the same boat as some above on preferring OEM; mine actually has a decent single-din Panasonic unit fitted by first owner, and I'm itching to go back to OBC & Business radio with a Grom or similar! (has 10-ch amp & cd changer in boot, no DSP... I need to read up on what works with what...)
  3. Huff

    540i exhaust Backbox delete

    You'd responded previously - thanks!
  4. Huff

    Rebuilding my 540i... join me :)

    That's a good idea!
  5. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Like that I did something similar many years ago - took a 4foot long, 5x5" fencepost, marked out the middle 2 foot section, and sawed the one diagonal from one side to the other along that length. Voila, a pair 2foot ramps that rises 4" each to a 1foot long flat section. All I needed for the car I had then.(stupidly left behind when we moved - must make another pair...)
  6. Huff

    540i exhaust Backbox delete

    Nice write-up, and neat work both. Loadmaster - what you've done is exactly what I have been contemplating, and for very much the same reasons - also the entirely stock-look exit down to the last bend before the outlet. How might that compare on sound?
  7. Huff

    Front windscreen seal advice

    another addendum to this thread - a month ago I had my front screen replaced on insurance - having landed a 1" dia star right in front of my left eye from something big enough I saw it coming at 50mph ... a week before MOT! (I am with Hastings Direct, who use National Windscreens) - I had the replacement done here in Bath at their place, since it's so close by. Screen is Pilkington, and they (i) took pains to ask about options, sensors etc before booking and (ii) replaced the seal as a matter of course - I'd not even thought about it! Really good job, really nice comms, and the result as quiet as before. I'm very happy with the job done.
  8. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    It's a bit OT here - but it's a lovely characterful engine, I'd love to have a car with one in it. Edward Turner design IIRC, incorporating elements into the cylinder head that he'd used on previous Triumph bike engines. Period-cool; and sounds utterly delicious.
  9. Huff

    Idle speed

    NB - I think Ray's first post is bang-on; when I had a six, it was about 700ish rpm (manual, not tested against handbrake) Present V8 is about 550rpm unless AC is on , then it idles-up to 700-750. In either case the handbrake has no problem holding that easily in D. (it's the 'auto' adjusters that get sticky, need to pull rear discs to really clean/free-up/replace - it's easy just dull work; and arts are cheap) One more thought - on cars like these , if the idle speed still reads high against what you expect from the manual - and battery charging voltage at idle is ok (certainly the V8s will lift idle speed if low, early warning of alternator going south in my case...) - then look for even tiny vacuum leaks - perishing hoses and the like. The idle speed is controlled by the (drive-by-wire) throttle valve - so even little leaks can cause the idle to run high, far short of other traditional vac leak symptoms.
  10. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Only once per problem though...
  11. Huff

    540i Automatic Oil in Coolant

    Thanks for updating your own thread on the resolution - it really might help others in future! (also glad it was a comparatively-simple fix...)
  12. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    New tyres last week, new MOT today. Good for another year :) (and after v recent 200 miles in the company pool car, a 2016 fiesta diesel - which is wieldy, but crude - oh what a blessed relief an E39 is...)
  13. Huff

    22 year old RESPONSIVE steering possible??

    Good pointers above on places to look. Also look at the UJ joints on the shaft to the steering box for play. The point about the post-facelift steering wheel is a good one too. NB it might not be 'responsive' is actually the word sought - most cars are (to my taste!) completely over-assisted; whereas the e39 in any guise has a bit of weight/heft about the steering. I like that very much; a female used to a modern mini, probably not... EDIT for afterthought. - tyre pressures. on e39s I've always run well up toward the max recommendation, esp on te hV8s; 2.9bar front/2.9-3 on rear. You lose nothing in grip, but steering precision and feedback is better. (esp vis the low minimum recommendation of what, 2.2bar or something - where the fronts on a v8 are definitely squidgy and imprecise) - and I've had more even &consistent tyre wear run like this over, erm, prob about 150K miles in 5-series.. tl;dr; no downside IME.
  14. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    New windscreen today - after something large enough I just perceived it spinning before it impacted right in front of my left eye on the A36. Quite a 'starburst' left; given the noise I was amazed the screen held! Anyway - sorted via Ins with National windscreens in Bath today; brilliant to deal with. And OMG - even though the orig was clean inside and out, it is amazing the clarity difference new glass makes after 100K miles of service!
  15. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The key idea here is 'colour temperature'; to look like a close match to halogen (but brighter) you want a colour temperature of about 2700K (kelvin). Most LED and other lights for cars go straight for 4K colour temp or more, aiming at 'white' but actually perceived as the blue they really are; I can bore for Britain on this stuff, but basically it comes down to how LED ' white' is delivered, and the cheapest way (ie most car bulbs!) - is a uv-blue LED with a yellow phosphor overlaid; the perceived effect is 'white' but actually the spectrum is really discontinuous, one of the reasons it never...quite...looks right. Conversely I've never seen LED car replacement bulbs sold actually aimed at '2700k' for a close match to Halogen incandescents. Becos LED! Sigh. Good luck with the hunt, let us know if you find something!