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    e39 535 V8; Fisher Fury R1 spyder; had Alpina B10 3.3 manual; e34 540i

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  1. Huff

    E10 fuel causing EML

    Very late 2002 535i here: no issue at all with e10. Have been watching all four lambda sensors to indications of issues via (em327 clone / 'dashboard' app on iOs) - no; smoothness at wafting-around, to longer drives - all just fine. Fuel economy impact - liminal when I measured it for 2wk jaunt to Hebrides a month ago; well within 0.5mpg of comparable 2000 mile trip -two years ago. 29.5 then, vs29.3 in recent late Cctober. Looks about right for the energy change/litre from +5% alcohol. Recent v low uk-local early morning air temps makes a bigger difference in' liveliness' - but comparably it always did , over last 20yrs of BMW & previous boosted turboSaab experience. (follow-up for clarity: No - neither jaunt was with particular attention to economy, quite the opposite - c 600 miles of M and A roads north, with a stop or two overnight for friends and fam; slow bimble around single track roads to new places to walk & climb is fully a third of it. I usu change oil & filter before departure, simply because thats a reasonable service approach; - er - no other 'control measures.' whatsoever, except tending to take snapshots of miles & fuel fills at teh pumps out of interest. It's never an 'economy run' )
  2. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Drop links would have been picked-up on the MOT - mine actually failed this year because the boot on one end of one front droplink had torn, though it was entirely play-free. (but replacing these is cheap and easy) The rattle will be ... something annoying simple but hard to pin down : ) - exhaust heat shield or similar? Good luck with a fix - do please tell us when you find it!
  3. Huff

    Thoughts on ownership - First year

    I totally respect that position - similar reasons I don't attempt everything myself even when I could easily- the premium is worth the piece of mind /better expertise, or - simply convenience in the round. And - Varta is good stuff : ) We all look forward to your hopefully, significantly-enhanced-enjoyment of your e39 in year 2 to come. ATB!
  4. Huff

    Thoughts on ownership - First year

    I can recommend Tayna for battery choice and price... https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/
  5. Huff

    upgrade to bmw business cd

    (memo to self: always read from the top...)
  6. Huff

    upgrade to bmw business cd

    True - remember when car design, esp interiors was on the basis of 'simple and sufficient'.I sa inside a new merecedes recently - looked like an explosion in toys'r'us under-5s section, for flashing gaudy lights and naffness. That pic is interesting though..: The obc in that pic have the vol control know on the right- never available AFAIK. I've never seen one. And the guages are wrong - the tach is on the left, and both needles are at the endstops at standstill... I think its a photoshop/rendering - a LHD car, image mirrored : )
  7. Huff

    Thoughts on ownership - First year

    Sorry -can't recall - is this an auto, or a manual? The manuals only require about 1.5l of oil (ZF 5S series) the level is not actually critical, and even plain old dexron-3 ATF is approved for the use - so its so cheap & easy there's no reason to not do it! Autos -Yes; I'd get it changed. I did at c 120K miles on my last auto (e34 540; ZF 5hp30 box) and the improvement was wonderful; am about to so on my present e39 c 115K.
  8. Huff

    USB charging sockets

    Take a look - it's quite possible the power wiring for the phone is fitted in there anyway /as standard (e.g.to only need one loom section type in the factory)
  9. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    good 535i news to help offset captain beaky's above! Minor works and MOT time; had the front droplinks replaced, the tracking checked and reset, and MOT done. Clean bill of health for next 12 months and no surprises - so - next to progress the wishlist items : )
  10. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I'd not worry about that - the external air temp sensor is a convenience, and embedded in the driver-side front of the front bumper / undertray. It has nothing to do with coolant temps - nor cabin temp/ the internal cabin temp regulation, either. if you are static/crawling in traffic yes, this readout does get affected a little by the downwash from your own engine fan, and the higher temps there from cars in front/around. You'll see the same effect on really bright /hot summer days when the air temp might be in the high twenties C but the tarmac is a lot hotter ... and the OBC will say something like >35degC you don't quite believe either. This is all normal; don't worry about it; and remember the engine management measures intake air temps at the MAF - which is often very, very close to ambient. ETA: I once managed to scrape the front undertray over a kerb my last e39 just (lightly) enough to have ground through this sensor/its wire before the connector. Drove around with 'outside air temp' reading c. -40degC as a result for about a week before the replacement arrived: I can confirm all systems are utterly unaffected by that state of affairs!
  11. Huff

    Sudden overheat

    Yebbut - Nissan Micras don't come with a fantastic silky , willing straight -6 in a biddable chassis that is a joy whether you are pottering about shopping, commuting or ...just out for a drive (which could be 6 or 600 miles, and you'd still enjoy.) <insert thumbs-up gif for your efforts, here />
  12. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Just home from driving it c.1800miles round-trip for walking hols : Bath-Skye-Wester Ross & rtn via Lake District & N York Dales. Utterly serene & soothing drive enjoyed , obviously! I will update when I've downloaded camera card & calculated o/a mpg... ETA: 1796miles; 282litres; 28.9x -mumble mpg overall having taken phone pics of mileage and pump readout to cut-off on refill, Incremental highs on long motorway legs, easily better than 33; lows crawling the narrow single-track for 600+miles, and a few traditional excursions like the Bealach Na Ba - still better than 25. It doesn't matter to me - but I'm v happy with that, esp from petrol V8 auto....
  13. Huff

    E10 fuel - who's using?

    c. 1000 miles (535 v8) - not a jot of difference/issue so far.
  14. Huff

    Siphoning diesel from '02 Touring

    Pumping against no pressure head - I doubt it'd strain the battery much. Say 2-3-4amps for such a low load for however long- even an hour = trivial in comparison with nom Bat capacity in your car. If it is convenient - yes, let your charger run anyway. [it will likely be the work of a bare small-handful of mins : ) following earlier suggestion above ] ATB.
  15. Huff

    Battery reading 1.06v

    I tell you one thing - this thread has made me go look at the state of health of the battery in mine! Voltages look good on and off load; , it's seeing a healthy 14.0v at idle, and using a DC clampmeter, there's no massive charging inrush after starting (which is quick and prompt) - drops from c.20A down to 1-2a in under about 20s. which also to me suggests the starter is likely okay, not drawing excessive current. Incidentally -with the car unlocked, only bootlid open- there's a 1.0A draw for whatever body electronics are active at that point. Thats lower than I expected. The battery is BMW unit, and a 110Ah behemoth - and as such has the date code stamped in the -ve terminal: Week 27 ...2007. Oh..! I might think about replacing this soonish on the precautionary principle (or at least -start saving to do so!) This lump would still be useful as a jump pack/ power source in the lock-up for the toy afterwards..