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    e39 535 V8; Fisher Fury R1 spyder; had Alpina B10 3.3 manual; e34 540i

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  1. Huff

    M62 throttle housing assembly

    That's a long way from a 'leak' though! I bet it's just residue from the CCV breather,which will settle at the bottom of the manifold - and depending on what attitude the car is habitually parked, that might where it collects/exhibits. I think before I tore into it, I'd 1. put a 10mm spanner on the four bolts and gently nip them up; and then 2. clean the area liberally with a spray-on/wash-off degreaser like Gunk or what have you. ... and then see how long the stickiness takes to return. Then decide whether to chase further.
  2. Huff

    Best practices after buying a used E39?

    Just join in here! it's a very supportive community of people who like e39s and just by periodically reading and chatting - you'll find there's a wealth and variety of member's experience to be tapped - and it is shared freely, generously and in good spirit. Welcome, and I hope your purchase lives up to your expectations.
  3. Huff

    For sale - 2003 BMW E39 535iA Sport

    Lovely looking and well-descibed - GLWTS , hope it goes to someone who'll keep up the good work. (I'd be very tempted except I have exactly the same, but in shadow grey /black leather interior...)
  4. Huff

    Intermittent adaptation issue?

    So you are running out of long term fuel trim - but does, say, that 20% mean it is richening, or weakening the mixture by that sort of percentage? I assume it;d be -20% if it was pulling fuel. There's a huge difference in potential causes between the two, so knowing that would be a help. How is fuel consumption - has it actually gone anywhere for long enough, to check the old-fashioned way? (brim tank, drive, brim tank) Re: the care you've gone to with all the plumbing and many other things recently (and carefully!) done - yeah, we've seen & enjoyed the pics +20% change in fuel would be a significant vac leak. Is a MAF pipework al seated correctly, hose clamps snug, no split in intake boot? pull connector plug, clean with contact cleaner/alcohol, reseat? My only thought I have is whether your O2 sensors are behaving - this is what the FT corrections are based on. Check all plugs / wires OK and seated, and similar; and/or if you've only been pottering (lots of short cold starts, but not really going anywhere during lockdown) stick some fresh fuel in it, pull the DME fuse for 10mins+ to rest all adaptations , and then take it on a decent 50mile+ drive to get things like O2 sensors, plugs etc hot & clean; and the DME to figure things out anew. Point of comparison - (along with INPA) I've a small eml327 dongle and use 'dashboard' on iOs and in that I have set-up gauges for real-time info on the short & long-term fuel trims. LT rarely runs more than 3% either way of nominal anywhere in engine range. Rarely. Easy for a quick running health-check. A few random thoughts: I might have more-ordered ones later.... ETA: one more thought - how is fuel delivery / fuel pressure if you have means to check? Fuel filter clean? If FP at the injectors is dropping, it'll be trying to compensate.
  5. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Woke early, fine morning - so took it out for a spin (me alone, no stops... oh, sue me) - first time in a long while. Started with tyre pressures, fluids etc etc, adding a 1/2 tank of esso 99, (nearest fuel place, and which it likes...) and went &.. exercised it over the winding A& B backroads Somerset into Dorset. EML dongle plugged in for logging, and interest, - all things nominal, on the top line. After which I might have run it full-chat to the limiter ...on occasions ... in the lower gears , officer. Bloody excellent. 18yr old car, still such a pleasure to simply drive. I'll wash it another day.
  6. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    As a past owner of a B10 - fab plate!
  7. Huff

    Smoke from the oil filler cap

    As above - a little vapour is no bad thing, in fact it shows things are warm-enough to be driving-off condensates. Remember that oil these days is going to be quite happy well towards/even beyond 150degC; if your oil consumption is reasonable, what you are seeing is just venting of water vapour and the (normal, small/residual) amount of blow-by that otherwise is ingested via the PCV when the engine is running as matter of course. Open the oil filler of a healthy, just-warmed engine on a cold day, you'll get a small puff/plume of this ..that remains actually utterly-negligible bobbins in comparison with the amount of airflow through the same engine even in slow domestic traffic crawl. HTH.
  8. Huff

    GY F1s vs Michelin PS4s

    Better than that - they're a tyre wall design with a rim-protector that really works, yet is unobtrusive - sits well down near the bead hugging the edge of the rim like someone thought about it properly.
  9. Huff

    GY F1s vs Michelin PS4s

    Good-o - do give us an honest appraisal about how they work for you, after a couple of thousand miles in all weathers
  10. Huff

    GY F1s vs Michelin PS4s

    I've been through at least three sets/ five pairs over last few 5ers - I loved teh PS3s, the PS4s at least as good; never had a drone problem, quiet, very comfortable - and excellent consistent grip wet or dry as noted above. And - that doesn't drop-off in performance when you get down to 3mm (where I replace tyres) Also - a very long useful life, even when driven hard, easily offset the marginal extra cost over even mid-budget tyres to me; - at the price offered to you Dan, it's a no -brainer. Try them. (ETA - have also experienced Conti Sport Contact and Avon ..zzr?( must check notes )- on my e34/ e39s - not in the same ballpark at all)
  11. @wsn03 - Cracking story - looking forward to more of this as it moves forward. Thanks for taking the time to write this up for the rest of us & if it inspires anyone else who happens across it - even better. NB my bootlid keylock looks not far short of that; it is the one thing wrong with the car, and I really must attend to it...
  12. Huff

    E39 Car Tax Increases - Impact?

    With enough green electricity 'we' can synthesise essentially any hydrocarbon fuel - from just water and air via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fischer–Tropsch_process.. chemistry nearly 100yrs old. In fact its always been out there, I recall reading a paper c. a decade ago suggesting it could be a viable alternative if oil ever reached c $150/barrel (then). I'd love to see that as a way forward as part of the mix of options : it essentially might approach being carbon -neutral and help retain ..real & interesting engines as acceptable from socially, politically, ecologically acceptable perspectives.
  13. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    If you have the time - this deserves a thread of its own; like @waitee with his 540. At least please do give us update on progress! I for one really understand your sentiments; good for you; and best wishes for all success
  14. Huff

    E39 Car Tax Increases - Impact?

    It is the K* band as shown above that rules us here. I'm happy to pay it. (and I gave up on Honest John years ago,- seems to have long become a column of poorly-researched reaction, not informed info as it once was. No surprise why - the Daily Telegraph had long gone the same way too; thanks to market desperation and idiot /reactionary owners & editors. And - to be clear, no, that's def not a political POV! Even if the DT is now worlds-apart from my own.. inclinations - I'd call its current incarnation a long, sad, slow end to a once great and important Broadsheet. )
  15. Huff

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Good choice. I've used Brembo disc& pad sets 2 or three times across a couple of Fives (and on fast Saabs before that) and can recommend from experience. I'd add I consider Pagid as a set in the same regard. (But if you buy OEM -quality parts from any reputable supplier, this should be your experience.)