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  1. brad

    Cable/software wanted

    That's odd I've mailed you direct now .
  2. brad

    Cable/software wanted

    Hi jimmy ive sent a couple of messages via your site but not sure if your getting them. We've got a couple of 39's to code etc over xmas but looking for a set up that will work on e39-e53-e46-e9X and f series can you advise which set to order please. Also I have a laptop with win7, another with win xp, another with win 10, and a MacBook . which one is most reliable with your software? Cheers
  3. brad

    Wanted , black e60 interior

    Oh and Tristan I thought I'd replied but looks like I didn't hit submit. They sound ideal but depends where abouts you are. Not sure what just a set of cards is worth and don't want to lowball or insult you.
  4. brad

    Wanted , black e60 interior

    Contours are a bit overkill for my old jaloppy but the sports sound like they'll do the job. If you can let me know what you want for them and whereabouts you are Il see if it's feesable.
  5. brad

    Wanted , black e60 interior

    Thanks Tristan if a complete interior doesn't materialise I will cross your palm with silver. Do you know what you want for them?
  6. Update.... New MAF new MAP EGR stat and it appears to be cured.. Oh and a remap which has raised the average mpg to 44ish from mid 30's. It still feels like it lacks loads of torque below 1800 rpm but once the turbo kicks in it goes off like a stabbed rat which it appears is the nature of the beast. Complete wrap, interior and wheel change next on the list. Thanks chaps
  7. brad

    Wanted , black e60 interior

    Looking for a complete black interior for our 03 530se saloon currently has beige or tobacco stain yellow which is horrid. Semi electric, heated is bare minimum preferably leccy heated sport but not that fussy. Need door cards, roof, pillar trims, visors, carpets and seats so ideally anyone breaking a complete car with a complete interior let me know how many earth pounds you require for it.
  8. I've been running it with the maf disconnected and watching live data on my snap on scanner. the maf being disconnected makes little to no difference to normal running (runs smooth pretty much all the time) BUT it does boost much stronger with it disconnected so it shows theres an issue there. live data is showing that when the "no power" issue appears that the charge air pressure sticks at 900mbar no matter how hard your accelerating (usually on tickover its around the 1031mbar and under load whilst boosting it peaks at 2300mbar) live data also shows the coolant temp never goes above 73c reoccurring fault codes are 4bc2 air mass flow sensor 3f01 charge air pressure sensor signal 4bc7 intake air temp sensor 4ba0 intake air temp sensor I'm going to try a new maf this week just to rule it out but I'm not convinced its the whole of the problem.
  9. Been a while since my last visit but seeing as I was daft enough to buy a 2003 530d Im guessing il be lurking around again. So... The problem.... Occasional complete power loss (no audible turbo sound) sluggish off the line until 2500rpm and then off she goes just feels generally laggy and sluggish and almost as if the power drops off dramatically higher in the rev range. Sometimes sounds like the turbo is leaking but still boosts well. So far New Bosch injectors new cast exhaust manifold new swirl flap free inlet manifold new vacuum hoses new turbo and actuator egr bypass (re fitted original to stop warning light) all sensors appear to be working and give readings within allowed parameters and no fault codes are being thrown up. Having spent eleventy million hours reading hundreds of posts on the internet about the same or very similar issues (some dating back to early 2004 when these cars were new) I'm beginning to wonder if it's just the nature of the beast as there seem to be very few solutions published on these threads.
  10. If it's any use we have an 11 acre small holding big enough for 2 or 3 hundred cars about 20 miles outside of brighton. We are allowed to host 12 events per year so there's no issue legally. It might be too far for some to travel but I thought I'd put it out there.
  11. If it was later in the year you could have used my outlaws 11acre field but it's a bit damp at the mo. Would be fine come May June July.
  12. Shaz 2. Staff 3. Splondike 4. Blobby 5. IanW 6. Lufbramatt 7. Oxo 8. M3Matt (will be in either my 525 or M3 evo) 9. Simonc 10. Andy Ran - allowed 11. Mikem 12. Jam172. 13. Bmwdan528i 14. BMWLOVER 15. WillIAm4 16. Bungles27 17. B10WGB 18. Twiglet 19. 530dE60 20. LBTaylor1984 21. babzy 22. theguv 23. Brian 24. RumRunner - as long as the car is ready by then 25. Yellowgixxer 26. onks 27. ROBZILLA 28. DMW (Micky) 29. Romes 30. M5 Russ 31. Mit_p 32. Luton e34 man 33. Luton e34 man 2 34. Jut 535i 35. Supertramp101 36. Bmpaul 37. Jholzherr (James e39 M5) 38. Stevenc3828 39. Alpinewhite525 40.Uber Tramp 41. Mastacrx 42. ROB163 43. Bumbaclut - i can only do the 29th myself 44. Klaxhu (Andy - I am definitely in either dates, UNLESS something else comes on) 45. YNP 46. longman h (if it's the 22nd) 47. Jags53 48.george e24 635 49. jones73 50. Brad +1
  13. I would but I'm lacking a 5 series, only got the x5 now. Have you advertised this on the e39 owners page on FB I know a few peeps on there fairly local that might not be on here.
  14. brad

    advice on this paint flaking...

    I believe its a form of verdigris (aluminium rust/rot) the only way to stop it from happening again is to strip it , polish it and have it powder coated . You could sand it back to metal and blow it in with normal paint but it won't last as long.
  15. brad

    Looks like we're getting an EVO?

    We have looked at two evo's local to me this week as it was one of my options for a toy and the demon in me was determined to get a look in. The first was an fq300 which all looked very nice but drove like an absolute pig, and genuinely did not feel as quick as i was expecting, interior looked and felt very worn for a 65k mile car so i walked away as something wasnt right. The second was an immaculate blue evo 6 on a set of rotors which really looked the bollocks!! and it felt very fast, it had a lovely set of defi guages on the top of the dash etc etc i totally fell in love with it. It was only when i was going through the paperwork that i noticed it failed its mot last year on RUST in two places near the rear suspension mounts. Its a 1999-2000 car and when i went out to have a look at the underneath , it really didnt look good!!. It appears that its a common problem on these cars so look very closely before you buy. It has certainly put me off