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  1. pauliexjr

    We buy any car price?

    Went to WBAC with my E61, got offered £6250 on the phone, reduced to £5500 when they saw it as apparently and unbeknownst to me, it had some repair work done in the past (their paint meter showed that up) I said I'd think about it and on a mate's recommendation took it to my local Evans Halshaw, they offered me £6350 on the spot and the money was in my account before I left the dealership. Moral of the story is it pays to shop around.
  2. pauliexjr

    Paint stripper for alloys, any recommendations?

    Found some stuff on EBay called PowerStrip, apparently still contains 1% methylene chloride but doesn't require you to fill in forms or register, it arrives Tuesday so I'll post an update when I've used it.
  3. pauliexjr

    DIY Window Screen Repair Success

    Interesting, do they reckon this workd for scratches as well? My old 520 has a windscreen wiper scrape approximately 18 incehs long where a previous owner had the blade tear away yet continued to use the wiper (how/why the f*ck would you do that??) resulting in the blade holder scoring the screen. You cannot feel the scrape with your fingernail (whcih I believe is a test for it's severity) but it still came up on the fail sheet along wit numerous other issues! I was looking for a good condition s/h screen, but if this would do the job it might well save me a lot of hassle.
  4. I have a set of split rims that are in need of some tlc, but I can't justfy the £85 per corner I've been quoted to sort them. I'm happy to split them, strip them, paint and reassemble, but our local company won't even accept them with the tyres on and our local QF want £25 per wheel to remove and refit the tyres, we're now up ro £110 a corner and frankly, for £550 I'd rather add a few quid and get some aftermarket jobbies. So, to the point of the post, I used to use Nitromores on most paint stripping in the past and it was pretty effective, but recently they seem to have pulled it's teeth and just left the familar smell. All the other paint strippers I've tried seem to comprise a white gloop that you need to cover with clingfilm and leave for about three weeks and when you come to wash it off all that comes off is the stripper (unless you let it dry, then you need more stripper to get it off!). Can anybody recommend anything that works, but doesn't require a full Haz-mat suit and a total shower-down afterwards?
  5. pauliexjr

    Not bloody happy!

    Well pissed off! I got a copy of a ticket in my email from the twat who 'runs' the company vehicles. Turns out I've been caught on camera in a bus lane in Glasgow and I need to cough up £30. Except he sent it to my personal email and it went into spam so i didn't see it in time and the fine is now £90 as I've exceeded the due date. But it gets worse, said twat posted the letter from Glasgow council upside down and whilst I noticed there were two pages I didn't realise i'd been caight in two different streets, so the total fine is now £180!!! And the bit that really pisses me? I was rushing to get my boss to Queen St. Station and she was bending my ear saying "Oh just turn down here, it will be fine" so I didn't notice the effin cameras!
  6. Totally off topic, but don't get me started on the narccisitic, self-centred, arrogant twats that make up a large proportion of the UK cycling fraternity! I followed 5 of the lycra-clad pedal merchants down the A82 alongside Loch Lomond on Tuesday, it was chcuking it down with rain yet these clowns were riding two and three abreast and giving the following traffic no opportunity to overtake. They eventually caught up with another three who were waiting at the side of the road who promptly pulled into the stream of traffic causing lots of people to brake and proceeded to weave in and out of the slow moving cars and vans for about 4 miles! It was only when we got to Tarbert and the road widened appreciably could anyone get past them.
  7. Throw into the mix the fact modern cars are without doubt quicker and more powerful, but driving methods and teaching have hardly changed since the days of the Morris Minor. Granted driving pupils these days get taught how to use a sat-nav and the do some motorway training, but what to do when you skid, awareness of other road users, road conditions etc. don't really come into it. I think all drivers should undergo some motorcycle training, that would certainly instill a level of awareness not engendered by sitting in a car!
  8. pauliexjr


    Another contributing factor has to be the cheap power available in cars these days. When I were a spotty yoof back in the early '70s an affordable car for my peer group would be a 1960's throwback, Minis were popular, but most went for old Fords, or Vauxhalls and the majority would be chucking out double figure BHP. Wheelspins were achievable only in the wet and drifting was something you only saw in American road movies. Now even standard cars are 100+ BHP and modifying and tuning means 150-200bhp from simple cars like Civics and Fiestas without mind bending investment!. I was at Ecotune in Glasgow not so long back and there were a bunch of guys in their early 20s playing with a modified CRX which was showing 288BHP on the dyno.
  9. I was all geared up to get the 2.0 version of this as a company car back in 1982 (the year they stopped making them) after I had written off my MkII Cavalier. I was in hospital for two weeks and on crutches for another six before returning to work to find my brand, spanking new.........Cavalier MkII Turns out our accountant, who organised the company cars, hated Fords and insisted on Vauxhall as he bought the best ones off the company when they came up for sale!
  10. Oddly enough one of my favourites of all my previously owned cars was a 1975 two-door Cortina MkIII 2000GT, white with tobacco vinyl roof, rostyles , four headlights and high-back Recaro seats. It was the first of the 2.0 OHC engines and I thought it was the absolute DBs!!
  11. pauliexjr

    Replacement conservatory roof - advice needed

    Or you can do what we did and have the old conservatory taken down to the dwarf wall then a new set of windows and a solid roof fitted. The heat retaining properties of the new structure are staggering and far exceed those of the house the thing is attached to! We used a company called 'Conservatory Converters' based in Dunfermline, but I do know they travel extensively so manchesetr may not be out of their remit.
  12. pauliexjr

    Mitchell Inglis repair shop in Glasgow?

    Sorry, don't know them, but most body shops work to a standard (unless its's a cheapo, back-street set up) So if the insurers recommend it I woudl say it should be OK,. The other option is if you already have someone you know and trust ask the insurers if you can take it there. Get a comparative quote from your proferred shop and send it to the insurance company to show it will cost them like for like.
  13. pauliexjr

    Charging a new battery

    That sounds like bovine scatology to me. Dash Cameras are designed to run in assorted vehicles with assorted charging systems and certainly should not need any adjustment, they are what is known as plug-and-play. Either way there should be no difference in the power output between your old battery and the new one. Assuming your dash cam was working AOK with the old battery it should not be affected in any way. As for charging, why do you need to do that? The battery should have come with enough charge to start the car and from there the vehicle charging system takes over, just the way it did with your old battery, just take it for a good run and your new battery should be fine (unless you have replaced your old unit with a second-hand battery, never a good idea unless you have provenance that the replacement is sound) Unless you are leaving your car unused for long periods (i.e. months) or laying it up over the Winter a modern battery will hold it's charge for months if not years providing there is no drain on it so you shouldn't need to put it on charge when it's not being used. If your dash cam is playing up I would suspect the problem lies there rather than your new battery, ask your battery supplier has it become disconnected or re-wired whilst you were having the new battery fitted?
  14. Just make sure you look very closely at what is involved in taking a car to Spain and using it over there (unless you already know) A friend recently relocated to Pollensa in Mallorca, he took his elderly Land Rover over, but then had the Devil's own job getting the thing registered and insured as a resident. Fine if you are just a tourist, but once you are there permanently you will need to jump through hoops to be able to use your imported car!
  15. I have a ride-hight warning light up, but my understanding is the 520i doesn't have airbags to adjust the ride hight. There is mention of an electric pump, but the Hyanes manual is bloody useless and only says 'electropnuematic shock absorbers were available as an option'. So where do I start? I can't find a blown fuse and initial rummages under the rear don't evidence any immediate options, so I am at a bit of a loss. Anyone with knowledge of the set up on these please feel free to comment. Please note this is the tourer i.e. an estate, not saloon. Thanks in advance (and hope)