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  1. pauliexjr

    Dewalt Impact Driver - cheap as chips on eBay

    Yes, once they set up the fake account they can transfer funds from PayPal as soon as the buyer pays and the funds are cleared. It's a numbers game, say 250 people worldwide click to buy and send money via PayPal, the scammers know they have a good few weeks before people start to complain about non-receipt of goods, by which time the money is flushed through the PayPal account, into another fake account then that is emptied and closed and PayPal have no way of getting it back. We got caught with a 'too-good-to-be-true'' ironing machine scam. £299 retail advertised for £99, the missus paid up, 6 weeks later we hadn't heard anything so went to PayPal for resolution, site had closed down and we got our money back.
  2. pauliexjr

    Tailgating, is it just me?

    Agreed Johnny, I too am not exactly in my first flush of youth (63) and have been driving since I was 17 and I am never in such a hurry as to try and outrun these dickwads, but when you are on a normal suburban street with cars parked either side it is difficult, if not sometimes impossible to find somewhere to pull over to let them past! I had another incident yesterday, 30 mph zone and I was doing just on or above that and a guy in a Mazda who was so close he could have reached in and changed the radio channels followed me for the length of the road, I could only see the top of his bonnet and windscreen, I slowed to around 20 to let him past, instead he just leaned on his horn and kept dropping back then speeding up again as if he was going to ram me! I am not a weekend or pipe and slippers driver, I average 25 - 30k a year and I tend to travel at or slightly above the speed limit, but I have never experienced the levels of aggression I am currently seeing!
  3. pauliexjr

    Tailgating, is it just me?

    AN apparent strange side effect of the Covid 19 lockdown Is that braking distances seem to have been drastically reduced, let me explain.... I am not a slow driver, indeed in my youth I had a particularly heavy right foot, these days I have mellowed somewhat but still drive at the speed limit around town, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for the large number of drivers I am meeting these days. It seems no sooner do I see a vehicle in my rear-view mirror than they are so close to my rear end I can only see their bonnet and windscreen! I seem to be tailgated by everyone from white van men and boy racers to mums (particularly Asian mums) in huge 4x4s and SUVs. I even had one particular ‘lady’ in a Range Rover Sport flashing and honking her horn behind me whilst I was doing 45 in 40mph zone, we came to a roundabout and I took the near side lane as I was going straight over, she took the outside lane and blasted past me, taking the same exit as I was aiming for. I have lost count of the number of times I have tapped my brakes to give the asshole behind the hint to back off, only to find them back up my chuff 60 seconds later. so, is it just me, or is anyone else seeing/experiencing this?
  4. pauliexjr

    New-ish car crap!!

    When I was looking to change and the dealer refused a PX I wnt to We steal any car who offered me £325 for my 2005 Jeep Cherokee CRD Sport with 95k on the clock. Then knocked another £100 off as it had a crack in the bumper. I took it home and considered breaking it, but I pulled the bumper off and repaired it, gave the whole thing a good valet and polish and sold it privately for £1500, happy days!
  5. pauliexjr

    Coil Spring Compressors (Yoke type)

    I've always used the screw type, but like you the thought of all that pent-up tension scares the bejeyzus out of me, so I use 4 compressors instead of two. A bit of a squeeze to get them in and quite a chore to tighten each in turn, but better safe than sorry!
  6. pauliexjr

    Lockdown Project Disappointment

    I've lost faith in plastic piping since my brother-in-law's ceiling collapsed just before Easter. Close inspection showed that mice had chewed through the plastic water pipe in his loft and the subsequent leak had saturated the ceiling in the spare room causing it to collapse. The real irony is he owns a plumbing company!
  7. pauliexjr

    Rattle can spraying body panels/parts

    Personally I would use wet and dry sheets rather than Scotch Pads. Flat the factory primer with 1200 wet ‘n dry, 3 or 4 light coats of colour, ensuring you leave a good couple of hours between coats and flat them with 2000 grit or finer between coats then 3 coats of lacquer, again a couple of hours drying and light sanding between coats (except the last one!) Do this off the car and in a warm, well ventilated area.
  8. pauliexjr

    Used car sale question

    Cheers guys, I thought that was the case and as I say, it had been garaged since November and SORN'd in January so apart from starting it occasionally it hasn't turned a wheel in anger in over six months and I told him that when he came to view it!
  9. Two things here, my brother-in-law runs his own business with a 'fleet' of 4 vans. He's been approached by a fuel card company who have said if he signs up with them he iwll pay on average 89.9p litre for diesel providing he buys it a Shell service station, as he can also claim the VAT back on the he will actually be paying around 65p litre if he goes down that route. The card company are saying he will be told on a weekly basis just how much his fuel will cost per litre for that week. On another note, as the government need to save money how about scrapping some of the ludicrous vanity projects currently on the go, HS2 and another runway at Heathrow immediately spring to mind. With the worldwide reduction in air travel (which some experts say is unlikely to ever get back to pre-pandemic levels) does London actually need the extra runway? As for the white elephant that is HS2 they could clear a huge chunk off the forthcoming national debt purely by scrapping that hideous money pit!
  10. pauliexjr

    Used car sale question

    I recently sold my Jeep CRD which I bought last year for £1995 to tow our caravan, the trusty E39 having failed it's MOT in spectacular style. The Jeep was in good nick, no rust, starts first time and despite only having down some 1300 miles in it I put new pads and discs all round and a new battery in it before garaging it up over the winter. It had become surplus to requirements so I dug it out of the garage, washed and polished it and advertised it for £1400. A guy duly came to see it, haggled the price down to £1250 and handed over sufficient pound notes for me to let him take it. That was last Thursday, today he called to say the car has an indeterminate electrical problem which means it keeps blowing a fuse and he wants his money back. Normally I would have given him a receipt stating 'sold as seen, no warranty implied' etc. but because of the lock down he was eager to get away and said he didn't want a receipt, just give him the V5 and he'd be on his way. So, where do I stand as he is getting quite abusive saying I sold him a pup and I must have known there was a problem. I explained the car hadn't turned a wheel since being put in the garage last November, but he's having none of it. Any thoughts or advice most welcome.
  11. pauliexjr


    The rationale behind unnecessary journeys is to keep down the number of RTAs thus freeing up essential workers I.e. blue light services for people who actually need them rather than selfish buggers with too much time on their hands!
  12. pauliexjr


    It's a no from me, my Great Danes would trash that in a heartbeat!
  13. pauliexjr

    Who's on Instagram

    Dumped FB as I was getting fed up with the inane postings, I do LinkedIn but in a small way as I'm no longer involved in B2B sales or interaction, never Tweeted or Twittered and I don't do Instagram as I don't know anyone else who does. I have a family Whatsapp and a work related one, but that's the lot.
  14. pauliexjr


    Ok, this piece of mis-information takes the absolute biscuit: My sister, who lives in Southport has just rung. She informs me she is not even going out in her garden as her best friend has told her the virus is airborn and being brought in by the winds from America. Then to compound this load of old bollocks she tells me the Government are commandeering local parks in preperation to dig mass graves as the estimates and forcasts for mortality is running into millions! If I lived closer I'd confiscate her phone and laptop, as it is I could only tell her to grow up and start using the brain that got her a bloody doctorate
  15. pauliexjr


    I would echo the sentiments of deepest sorrow for anyone suffering bereavement due to this horrible disease, but equally fed up with people moaning about being 'stuck' indoors, try thinking of it as being 'SAFE' indoors and that might change a few perspectives? I live in a small village on the outskirts of a big town, my road is a no-through road that leads to a playing field with some kiddies play equipment and a small wooded area with a pond. Normally I can work in my front garden and not see a soul for hours at a time, but now it's like fucking Piccadilly Circus going past our front door! We have walkers, joggers, cyclists, families with push chairs and on Tuesday the police turned up and questioned the owners of around 20 cars parked by the side of the road who had driven here to walk their dogs or 'take the fresh air'. Do these morons not understand 'social isolating'? It's not the act of driving or walking or cycling, it's the outcome if they are involved in an accident, or stranded because their car breaks down, get a bloody grip and STAY AT HOME! Oh, and one more rant, I started up as self employed at the beginning of February, my job involved going into peoples houses, that is now on hold for the foreseeable future. I have very little in the way of savings and the government measures for self employed don't cover me so it's universal credit or starve. After registering online it took two days to get through to the UC people to arrange an initial telephone interview, I have been given an appointment for 18th April and can expect no financial help before then