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  1. velvetmonkey

    Viewed a car, DISA rattle?

    Yeah, I did look at the jdm import route and it looks difficult, if not impossible, to prove emissions on them. Which is a shame because I’d happily pay what the going price for one of those is
  2. velvetmonkey

    Viewed a car, DISA rattle?

    That’s right, m54 engined ones are definitely ok. But sadly that isn’t the car I have. I’m still going to keep an eye out for a clean e39. But it’s also likely that living in London I might need to accept that the time I had with my 528i was my last e39 ownership experience
  3. velvetmonkey

    Viewed a car, DISA rattle?

    Yeah, it says euro 3 on the COC. Hmmm, I’ll wait and see what comes back. Fingers crossed
  4. velvetmonkey

    Viewed a car, DISA rattle?

    Yup, it’s depressing, and doesn’t do a great deal about pollution other than move it to the areas around car factories. I’ve recently helped a friend find a new car because her trusty T reg Mercedes isn’t green enough
  5. velvetmonkey

    Viewed a car, DISA rattle?

    That’s great info you’ve added there, I did get a copy of the COC a while ago, but didn’t realise it’d work? I’ve just submitted that to TfL and will see how I get on. I know that lots of the E31 840 crowd have had success with this, so let’s see!
  6. velvetmonkey

    Viewed a car, DISA rattle?

    It’s a real shame that I’m inside the ULEZ area, I still have my 528i touring parked up at my mum’s house. I sorted the rust on that and it’s a good car. Avoiding the temptation to rant about the mayor of london now. Grrrrr
  7. velvetmonkey

    Viewed a car, DISA rattle?

    Cheers for the video Greenelekta. That DISA rattle sounds different. my gut is saying walk away. The other reason is that the MOT has a mention of rust on a sill, then a MOT pass three months later, then he sells the car to a dealer. There’s no receipts or documentation for the repairs, and the history is a bit sketchy. The search continues
  8. velvetmonkey

    Viewed a car, DISA rattle?

    Cheers guys. I’m getting it up on a ramp tomorrow and going to have more of a nose about
  9. velvetmonkey

    Viewed a car, DISA rattle?

    Afternoon, Im just home from taking a look at a 530i, mostly in good order, aside from this rattle from the engine. It doesn’t appear immediately on startup, but starts happening after revving it. My first thought is DISA rattle. Any ideas? IMG_0268.MOV
  10. That information is really helpful, thanks Dan. Another thing I worry about with a Japanese import is the value an insurance company would put on it. Is that something you experienced, and did you get an agreed value policy on it? I’ve seen your touring, and it is like you went back in time to get it. Absolutely stunning
  11. I completely agree with everything you’ve all said, especially the importance of keeping on top of maintenance. In fact, doing my own work on my last E39 was half the fun of it. What’s the general consensus on Japanese import 5ers? They look mint. My main concern is getting the relevant paperwork to prove the emissions are low enough for driving in the London ulez. I know that eu spec fives from after 2001 are compliant, and would assume that a jdm import car will be the same?
  12. So it’s been very nearly two years since I did the ‘sensible’ thing and got myself a newish Mini Cooper S and hung up the keys for my 528i touring. It’s a great little car, drives fantastically and goes like hell - but I don’t feel very much for it. I’m also surprisingly missing the time I spent fixing things. last Monday I went to look at a 2001 530i with my friend, that she was interested in. And it all came back, it just felt satisfying. It wasn’t as fast, or have as many gizmos on, and it may use a bit more fuel - but the way it steered, braked and felt was perfect. I think once the novelty of modern infotainment, and the power of a modern turbo charged engine, wear off, it’s how it makes you feel that matters. I’m starting to seriously think that a late 530i saloon in decent condition is all the car I really need. No mucking about with satnav retrofits etc, but just enjoy the tactile mechanical driving experience, and get back the hobby of wrenching and keeping it tip top.
  13. velvetmonkey

    Thanks everyone and cheerio for now

    Merry Christmas everyone one, i hope you’re all enjoying the festive season! After a bumpy year, I find myself single, and have decided what I really want is a slightly smaller car, that can put an even bigger grin on my face. I’ve sort of kept it in the BMW family... I’ve owned my Dad’s old 528i Touring for 8 years now, and enjoyed every mile I’ve driven. It really has been a jack of all trades, and very good at most of them. I want to say thank you to everyone for all the help I’ve received over the past 13 years of E39 ownership. I’ve made some awesome friends on here! Before I was in this forum I didn’t even know what a socket or ratchet was, but I’ve really enjoyed learning how to keep my E39 in great condition. Happy 2020 everyone, and keep enjoying the ultimate driving machine, Simon
  14. velvetmonkey

    resetting auto gearbox?

    It’s more a placebo effect than anything. the adaptations that are stored long term, in memory, relate to the hydraulic pressures that are applied to the clutch packs to account for friction material wear etc when I swapped my gearbox ecu, I found the gearbox behaved exactly the same
  15. velvetmonkey

    Boot lid open and rattle

    As before, your latch needs adjusting, read the tis for instructions