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  1. velvetmonkey

    Boot lid open and rattle

    As before, your latch needs adjusting, read the tis for instructions
  2. velvetmonkey

    Facelift vs prefeaclift srs system advice

    It really depends on when your car was made. The change over date was 3/99. So facelift parts will work on late pre facelift cars. the srs system after this date is totally different, and non of the parts are interchangeable. If the seatbelt pretensioner connectors are the same, that suggests to me you have a newer style srs system. The facelift steering wheel might well bolt into an early e39, but if the airbag is incompatible you’ll get a warning light and fail the MOT.
  3. velvetmonkey

    Air conditioning stopped working

    You learn something new every day
  4. velvetmonkey

    Air conditioning stopped working

    Hey Andrew, When you turn the ac on, so you hear the compressor engaging? The revs may drop a little when it turns on too. Alternatively, It could be as simple as it needing a top up, or could be a leak. Get it recharged and make sure they add a uv dye to the refrigerant. That way, if it stops working again, you can use a UV torch to find a leak. There’s usually good offers for AC recharging on groupon. hope this helps, Simon
  5. velvetmonkey

    Wet Floor Back Foot well

    Also worth checking are the drains under the brake booster and the control unit box. There’s a compartment on each side that can flood if the drains are blocked, and water will come in through the front bulkhead
  6. velvetmonkey

    E39 Seat Transplant Question

    The wiring won’t be present for power or heated seats. Check out Raymond’s thread on retrofitting The seats, it’s in the pinned thread at the top. I’ve got to ask though, whats the point of electric seats if the memory function isn’t wired to function?
  7. velvetmonkey

    jacking point + sill + floor repair panels

    Looking on realoem, I don’t think there are any repair sections for the floor. It’ll probably be fairly straightforward for them to fabricate what they need.
  8. velvetmonkey

    air bag red icon warning light

    It could be absolutely anything, you need to read the codes to find out what it is
  9. velvetmonkey

    Jump start through bonnet

    covering an exposed rod with a condom before it gets hot and heavy under the bonnet? these threads are comedy gold, please don’t torch your car, it’d be sad to have your questions stop
  10. velvetmonkey

    523i ecu

    You’re spot on, Dave. the TU in the engine code stands for Technische Überarbeitung, which translates as technica revision. TU engines are usually more similar to the next version to come out. Hence an M54 manifold fits on a M52TU Simon
  11. velvetmonkey

    523i ecu

    You’re right, the official figure for a M52TUB25 is 170 bhp, in real life it’s around 185
  12. velvetmonkey

    523i ecu

    The throttle body from the 525 is fly by wire, the throttle body you’ve got now is ‘semi fly by wire’. sadly your ecu won’t be able to operate the later throttle
  13. velvetmonkey

    523i ecu

    Dave, Fitting the intake manifold from an M54B25 seems to be much talked about amongst E46 owners. You’d need an adapter plate for your throttle body, and be prepared to grind off part of the throttle. the ecu you’ve got will adapt to the increased airflow over the first 100 miles or so after the swap. im pretty curious as to how this turns out, often thinking about doing it to my 528i. Let us know how you get on. Simon
  14. velvetmonkey

    highbeam on/off in reverse

    Easy to reprogram a used lcm with bmw scanner
  15. velvetmonkey

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Mainly just emptying water from the car. Cleared the drain holes under the ecu box, most of water was coming from there! Then redid my vapour seals for the fifth time