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  1. AT15H

    TV from when you were younger

    any1 remeber what that 1 was called with the little bears and they drink that potion that make them bounce around and gives them super power ..... was it "ewoks" or "Gummy bears"?? then i always loved the mutant ninja turtles and the killer tomatoes !!
  2. AT15H

    how to tell propshaft coupling is gone

    did'nt notice mine until i heard a grinding noise coming from the center armrest ...gear changes were find ....just went i put my foot down i heard that grinding noise ....again at low speeds was ok .....guessing because the prop shaft was not rotating as fast at slower speeds
  3. AT15H

    Birmingham Balti

    I think it depends on what you are looking for !! If you wanna be treated like GOD then go to your local If you want to be seen or show the miss'is how much you care .....then go to an expensive place ...but dont expect to be treated like Persephone !! ... Thing is with the expensive or (well established places)..... you are treated as a 'single' customer ... if your not happy then they dont give a Shi*t there is 2 more standing at the door waiting for Your table ... then also some places have nice stuff and Shi*t stuff ..... take for example Domino's pizza ... the only pizza i have is the pepperoni passion ...other than that I wudnt eat at Donimos So at Al Faisals ...you shud of had the Tak Tak dishes because they are Brill !!... but thats my choice ..... and the Pops are free ... I've ate all over Bham .... from Greek to Indian ..... If you want good food as-in Tasty food and dont mind paying for it then there is...... Itihass (right below the BT tower) then Lasan ( off St pauls Square) .... Dont forget these are expensive joints and have obviously been watching Kitchen Nightmares ...ie: very stylish ...to me and You thats " small portions" for a Shi*t load of ££££ .... I went to 1 in the mailbox the other day ....crystals ...its called inside its full of swarokski crystals ..anyway me and the miss'is are looking at the menu Outside!!! ...they have the starters on display ...around £5 a pop .....fair play we go in ...... when given the menu .... the mains are £16 each .......Fuk that !!! we pay for our drinks ......and make up our grandma is ill and walk straight out ....we go over to the ultimate burger place and have a wild whore burger .....WHICH was £9 each ....not including chips .... and the dips are £1.50 each ???? I think what it is .... is that we associate Indian / Balti food to be cheap .... with a smiling guy who know's.... No English handing it over and treating us like Kings .... Soon these little restaurants will die as more and more turn over to being Bling ....with that comes overhead's ..... meaning Less staff .. less quality of service and more expensive prices .... Oh and Sheer Khan ...was owned by a friends Dad ....who cudnt afford to keep up with the rent and so closed down ....but he also simultaneoulsy ran ..lahore kebab on the ladypool road and that's a different story ! Al faisals have opened up and Italian restaurant on ladypool road also .... Its like a pizza express .... again you wont be happy with the prices Around that area ... i go to ( forgoten ) what its called but its on ladypool road right at the top ... next door to a buffet restaurant lahore kharai and oppoosite what used to be a petty station but now is a car wash ...... if you go there have the Griled massala fish !!! In London i go to the Brilliant restaurant ...western Road Southall ......and if i'm in the centre then it has to be La Porte Blue elephant on Marble Arch after a few drinks in the salt bar on edgware road !! Oh and if you fancy a donner kebab but with out the bacteria , feet and ears try a Sharwma from Cafe Henlens on Edgeware Road trust me ..... we drive down to edware road almost every month just to have a sharwma from helens ..you will noty be dissapointed ... If any1's intrested let me know ... i have 4 seats in the 530 ??
  4. AT15H


    and a New gear box fitted .......soon i'l have a brand new E39 !!!
  5. V Nice !!! The blue dials ..is the OEM ?? its sets it off !!
  6. AT15H

    E39 Spare Wheel

    Mine came with a steel wheel (matt' black) but i guess thats because the 18" wont fit in there, but i swapped it over for a 17" , B4 i let the old car go .....
  7. AT15H

    Carbon badges

    I have them on mine ...... not quite sure about them though !! and the steering wheel 1 was a B***h to get off
  8. AT15H

    E39 Champagne II Edition (updated 21st April)

    Sorry..... but i wud have to say keep the M Parra's
  9. AT15H

    Did i make a mistake..........

    I reccomend good year eagle F1's i've had them for some time and tried many others (BUT they are expensive) the old tread was good (GSD3) ...15k from the rear ...20k from the front ...... but they stopped doing them in that size but the new F1's are even better !! but i had a look the other day and they will not last as long .... i wud say 13k from the front and 18 from the rear !! this set cost me £520 but my rears are 265/35/18 M-parra's .... top of the range similar price range for top of the range conti's, pirreli, a bit more for michi then you can go for the mid' range pirelli p6000-8000 something like that a bit cheaper but not much ...then ..... If you dnt wanna spend that much money ...then it doesnt matter what tyre you get ...mostly all the same Go to black circle .com i think or google it ....the best online !! If you live near bromsgrove (M5 Jct 5 or M42 Jct 2/1) then my mate owns a tyre garage ....that wud probably save you £50-80 (depending on tyre) so if you live around £20 away then let me know i will get you prices and reccomend you
  10. ^^^^^ Hats Off to the R34 >> still one of the best and they still fetch ££££
  11. AT15H

    airbags deployed after washing

    Does this mean it cud happen to any 1 of us .....and its our job to find out if our car is afected ?? Normally you get a letter from the car maker ...requesting you take it into BMW to fix the fault but in this case it seems they are not acknowledging it in the UK
  12. AT15H

    airbags deployed after washing

    "Sufferin' succotash!!!! If the insurance company says 'No' then its a defo NO from them !! Your only other option is turn to BMW ........ go into a dealers and threaten not to leave until you get some answers !! Obviously its a fault with the car, unless you reversed into the garage wall ? (i'm not a tech ...so dnt knw.. but there maybe some info on the car as to why the air bags poped out) 2 of my Uncles had Volvo V70's (brand new on 51's) ...... the 1 got a fault with his car 5 years dwn the line .....On a full lock to the right the car would switch off !! He took it to volvo and got pushed under the mat !! The other then got the same fault ...... He stood his ground and got them to repair the fault at no cost !! I think later it was noted as a Manufacturing fault and they did them under warranty. Go to the dealers and block the entrance with your car !!
  13. AT15H

    My OLD Car !!!

    some of you may have already seen the link, but i've now taken it off for some reason i just dnt feel right about it, my brother sooo wants to email the guy telling him the truth about his motor, but i'm saying No. I know for a fact that the seller on ebay has noo clue whatsoever that the car has been clocked, nor did the owner before him ..... If we tell the seller, then he can not sell the car without mentioning the fact that it has been clocked ...so he looses out. Am I aslo commiting a crime ??? By not telling him ....ummm Well anyway ...sent him a question Q: Hi can u give me the service details, i.e. at what miles, dates and where it was serviced thanks. 01-Mar-09 A: hi yes they are as follows: 12/10/99 - 800 - prophets of gerrards cross bmw 14/4/00 - 8,132 - prophets of gerrards cross bmw 21/11/00 - 17,418 - Almondbury bmw 6/10/01 - 25,913 - Almondbury bmw 16/10/02 - 34,671 - prophets of gerrards cross 11/11/03 - 44,832 - Almonbury bmw 22/09/04 - 56,621 - Almondbury bmw 14/10/05 - 65,815 - Almondbury bmw 10/09/06 - 77,141 - Almondbury bmw 29/09/07 - 92,277 - Fairview auto repairs kent 21/10/08 - 104,348 - ARC Auto's repair & service hope this will help!! thanks Tom It seems what the clocker has done is invented a whole new history for the car, becauz i've ...let alone never seen... never heard of an Almondbury !!!
  14. compared to the 535i ...whats it like Sometimes i have a blast in my car... then wonder ...how much faster can an M5 really be ??