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  1. BSS

    E39 540i Touring for sale

    This now belongs to me, picked it up on Wednesday.
  2. BSS

    E39 M5 2002

    I know two of the guys who have signed it!
  3. Thanks. A local company called YB plating
  4. Thanks guys! Details.... all new petrol flap and filler hardware. Decal is the first of many 1st class reproductions by pukardesigns.com. The best part of six hours work to get the original headlining back in with a result i was happy with. All of the shadow line trim has been painted in the correct satin black, Both doors have been fitted with their trims, complete new rubber seals and original glass.
  5. Inside the rear right wheel arch is the fuel tank breather system which is an area often full of mud, rust and holes. The filler neck blasted and painted, vent tank cleaned, all hoses replaced with new and new electro plated fittings. New Splash guard and a new metal pipe cover fitted (they have now doubled in price!) after being painted and cavity waxed on the inside. Ignore the suspension components as these will be tackled later on but i gave the shock a wipe down for the aid of the pic. Freshly refurbished 16x7.5 Style 5s by Lepsons shod in my favoured Yokohama AD08R rubber Starting to look more like a car now. Bumper foils (black stripes) have been applied and new rear badges with the all important M3 badge fitted millimetre perfect as per BMW fitting instructions.
  6. BSS

    E39 540i/6 Sport touring

    Yes all straightforward stuff although it costs more to upgrade the OEM system instead of buying one of the OEM looking Chinese head units.
  7. BSS

    E39 540i/6 Sport touring

    I dont mind the long throw to be honest but i fitted an E60 545i lever to an E39 M5 for a customer the other day and it was a nice shift so i'll probably go down that route.
  8. BSS

    E39 540i/6 Sport touring

    A lucky ebay find! A pair of contour seats from an E38 seven series with the correct post /9/98 yellow plugs meaning a direct fit and heated to boot! For those familiar with E39/E38 seats and upgrades, heated sport contours seem to be quite thin on the ground so when these pair popped up in reasonable condition they had to be bought. Much better! A heated seat switch panel purchased form ebay is in the post so just the correct wires and pins to ad to the body loom and toasty back and bum will ensue.
  9. For those of you with a good memory, back when i listed the new replacement panels one of them was a sport evo rear spoiler. For those of you not familiar with the Sport evo it was the last homologated version of the E30 M5 which had a 2.5 engine as well as adjustable front and rear spoilers plus many other changes unique to the Sport evo. The spoilers have always been something that owners of non Evo M3's have retro fitted and ive always been a fan of that look (and function!) The correct spacers unique to the Sport evo spoiler were fitted, something often missed out be people retro fitting or fitting a replica. The bolts! These countersunk hex head bolts that hold the adjustable position rear blade to the main spoiler at NLA from BMW. I had a selection of original ones, 6 corroded and 2 new (8 in total needed) and i was going the get the corroded ones blasted and re- chemical blacked to original finish but a trial fit found that the latest batch of Sport evo spoilers made by BMW had the threaded inserts recessed further in so the original bolts were not long enough, Some searching online found the correct countersunk M8x1.25mm hex head bolts in a choice of lengths but in stainless so 5mm longer ones did the trick. A coat of satin black had them looking good and the result..... Very happy with the rear end now! I've now the dilemma as to weather i replace the evo 2 front spoiler with a Sport evo adjustable front to match the rear... What has become quite noticeable now is the left reverse light being duller than the right hand one so a new left lamp unit is now added to the ever growing list of new parts required.
  10. BSS

    E39 540i/6 Sport touring

    The following was all done a few months ago so its a late update so to speak. Rear door blind retro fit carried out after a combination of lucky ebay/facebook/breakers yard purchases meant it didnt cost me great deal and i got the blind specific door cards in black so didnt have to cut and modify my existing ones. The silver gear knob was a little worse for wear and i prefer a leather one so a new all in one illuminated M knob went in. A useful leftover from a previous E39 was this BMW accessory umbrella with pouch so that went in as well. (excuse the debris!) An upgrade from the mk3 CD based sat nav and early menu graphics to the later mk4 DVD based sat nav and later menu graphics. My trusty intravee was also fitted so that means full ipod/iphone control via the screen and steering wheel buttons. And also gives useful info. Around the same time i also carried out a full inspection 2 service as that was due and replacing the MAF with a new Bosch item cured a mid range flat spot and improved the top end. No pictures im afraid but im sure you all know what some service items look like! Other than that its still providing excellent all round daily use.
  11. One of the things that triggered the restoration... for those of you who have read the whole tale will remember the front screen being hit by what felt like a rock during a hot lap of the ring. Replaced with a new genuine BMW top tint screen joined by a new genuine rear screen all fitted with new rubber seals at the front and new clips and trims at the rear. Some new scuttle vent trims and all new wiper linkage mounting hardware on the scuttle finish off that area. New Hirchmann antenna as my original was badly faded. Also my radio reception was never great so hopefully this will improve it. Picked up some freshly vapour blasted parts removed from the engine .
  12. Chipping away at it, Bumper brackets have been blasted and painted, various fittings and brackets re plated in the original zinc passivate finish. New heat shields fitted. Original bumper side mounts cleaned up and refitted with new speed clips and spire bolts in the original finish. Rear lights cleaned up and refitted, new number plate lamps and boot lock fitted.
  13. Small update. Chipping away at refitting it over the Christmas break. Routing the body loom in place and wrapping it using the correct tesa cloth tape. Carpet and HVAC box in place. Both doors have the wiring fitted, complete handle and lock mechs plus window regulators and glass. Main part of the dashboard in place. There are other various clips, bracket and fittings also in place around the car.
  14. The refit starts! All new engine bay bulkhead sound insulation fitted. New interior bulkhead upper sound insulation and replacement stick on sound insulation pads cut and fitted where removed for repairs. complete wiring loom has now been fitted with the engine bay re-wrapped in the correct fabric tape.
  15. Safely delivered back at my workshop today so can press on over the xmas/new year break. Very pleased with how the factory look has turned out. The aim was to replicate what was there before but without the corrosion and flaky sealer. Beige underseal and just the right amount of body colour over spray along with the black inner wheel arches faded in. Every orifice from the inside out has been liberally filled with Bolt Hamber UC cavity wax to keep the rust at bay.