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  1. BSS

    E39 M5 touring build

    After a two week delay due to isolating with covid I got back down the workshop to carry on harvesting the M5 donor of its parts. Complete engine and transmission lowered out of the car with the front subframe and steering. Complete body loom removed which will be picked apart for the relevant wiring and connectors that will be grafted onto the tourings body loom. The end of the road for this M5 as the shell was collected today but not before cutting out the boot floor to unpick the panels required to graft into the touring shell to replace the spare wheel well with the relocated battery compartment so I can fit the M5's quad exhaust system. Now that the M5 is fully stripped and disposed of attention will now turn to going through all of the parts and replacing, repairing and refurbishing where required then starting the process of converting the touring. I have decided on a plan of attack which may change but for now it centres around minimising the tourings time off the road and space taken up in the workshop which is as follows, 1. Strip down M5 donor car (completed) 2. Refurbish and assemble complete hybrid rear axle including front and rear brakes 3. Install rear axle, M5 brakes, front suspension and convert from auto to manual transmission but retaining the 540i engine 4. Replace timing chains, guides and rod bearings on engine as well as replacement of any other parts required 5. Refurbish steering box 6. Send car to bodyshop to have M5 boot floor panels and tackle corrosion on the rear jacking points 7. Build up front subframe with steering and complete engine. 8. Swap out 540i engine to M5 engine by dropping out complete front subframe, steering and engine to replace with previously assembled M5 set up and fit M5 quad exhaust, carry out all wiring alterations, swap over instrument cluster and all relevant electrical parts. This is a simplified break down as there a lots of detail bits and pieces but it should break it down into manageable sections with the only labour doubling up is the removal and refitting of the gearbox which is only a few hours labour but by doing so means keeping the car mobile and out of the workshop as much as possible. There are some cosmetic items such as the M5 mirrors and front bumper grill to be fitted which will go on somewhere along the line of the stages outlined above but it will not get any M5 badging until the complete conversion is done.
  2. BSS

    E39 M5 touring build

    Thanks! My days of scrabbling around under a car on axle stands a long gone. I have read through several E39 M5 touring build threads and that one in the link made a lot of unnecessary work for himself with regards to wiring. The key to simplifying any build of this sort is to start with the correct base car and donor car. By doing so means not having to completely gut a car to swap a body loom.
  3. BSS

    E39 M5 cats and exhaust

    I'm after an E39 M5 exhaust system from the down pipes back to cats, mid section and rear silencers. Ideally a complete OEM system as the one on my donor car has been decatted and straight piped but open to a system missing its rear silencers or fitted with aftermarket ones.
  4. BSS

    E39 M5 touring build

    The following thread will be posted on a few forums so some of the content may be very obvious to some but not to others. Here we are with the beginning of another project one of which I have wanted to do for some time. BMW over the years have teased us with various prototypes and concepts which haven't made production for one reason or another. Concentrating on the E39 M5 touring, BMW had already made and sold an M5 touring with the previous generation E34 all be it in European LHD format with limited production only reaching 891 built. Not long after the E39 M5 saloon was launched BMW built a single M5 touring as pictured above using a 540i as a base which was used by the then head of BMW M, Gerhard Richter. Unfortunately for one reason or another it didn't make it into production and it wasn't until the E61 M5 touring was launched that BMW bothered with an M5 touring again and haven't since with the following two 5 series. Since then there have been several E39 M5 touring builds around the world to varying levels of execution with some being heavily modified and some being as close to OEM as possible so what I am about to undertake will be by no means be a first in any way. My take on it will be as close to what a factory build would have been with the probability of some suspension and brake upgrades at some point. A previous project of mine in a similar vein was an E46 M3 touring build which got as far as a full conversion bar the bodywork. https://forums.m3cutters.co.uk/threads/e46-m3-touring.187616/ With that car sold on a couple of years ago a factory manual E39 540i Sport touring came my way which I started to do some work to and thats when the idea for the M5 build started to take place but being one of 13 UK RHD cars sold it was a bit too rare to mess about with so that was also sold on. Fast forward to October this year and @Piper old Oxford green 540i touring popped up on ebay for a reasonable price and a run round the M25 from Surrey to Essex one eve to quickly view it to make sure it was ok resulted in a deal being done and it coming home with me. This particular car appealed to me for several reasons and a big part of that appeal was Pipers substantial retro fits and maintenance along the way, build thread here. https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/90321-pipers-e39-540i-touring/?tab=comments#comment-951579 For those of you who cant be bothered to trawl through that thread, the crux of it was a fairly basic spec pre facelift 540iSE auto in Oxford green with sand beige leather that ended up facelift sport spec with the following options retro fitted. Complete interior swap from beige to black including headlining Heated electric memory M5 front seats M5 stitched leather centre console M5 door cards with stitched leather door pulls Birch anthracite wood trim Power fold mirrors Wide screen Mk4 Nav DSP HiFi Child booster rear seats Rear door blinds Slide out boot floor Facelift sport bumper Facelift Halo headlights and facelift celis rear lights Eibach front springs 18" BBS style 5 replica wheels Buying this car has given me a massive head start by saving me a lot of time and money in parts bringing a base car up to M5 spec but there is still a lot to do! A couple of weeks ago a suitable donor M5 that had sustained some damage popped up on facebook for a very good price. I had to move quick to secure it as there was naturally a lot of interest in it so the following morning with a bag of tools and a pre arranged recovery truck on standby I headed up to East London to make sure it ran ok and do the deal. Back at the workshop, the following weekend initial assessment and strip down began and its fair to say that this particular M5 was no prize even pre accident condition but the core components I needed such as engine, gearbox, rear axle and electrical components all seemed to be ok. Bent chassis rails as a result of the accident and plenty of underside corrosion made me feel less guilty about chopping up an M5. Interior completely stripped to be sold on and to remove the complete body wring loom so I can harvest it for sections to integrate into the tourings body loom in the same way I did with the previous E46 so various wires unpicked from their terminals, looms unwrapped and rewrapped all to make a custom loom with correct wire colours and terminations with no cutting and soldering. So thats were we are so far. Next stage will be to remove the remaining parts from the donor M5 and start to go through them.
  5. BSS

    Style 65 E39 M5 wheels

    Budget is flexible, ill pay good money for a mint set with quality tyres or i'll buy a set needing a refurb a new Michelins. I c ant find anything other than single wheels or reps in the usual places. Also after a pair of genuine M5 door mirrors as well.
  6. BSS

    Style 65 E39 M5 wheels

    As above, complete set required. Must be genuine.
  7. BSS

    E39 540i Touring for sale

    This now belongs to me, picked it up on Wednesday.
  8. BSS

    E39 M5 2002

    I know two of the guys who have signed it!
  9. Thanks. A local company called YB plating
  10. Thanks guys! Details.... all new petrol flap and filler hardware. Decal is the first of many 1st class reproductions by pukardesigns.com. The best part of six hours work to get the original headlining back in with a result i was happy with. All of the shadow line trim has been painted in the correct satin black, Both doors have been fitted with their trims, complete new rubber seals and original glass.
  11. Inside the rear right wheel arch is the fuel tank breather system which is an area often full of mud, rust and holes. The filler neck blasted and painted, vent tank cleaned, all hoses replaced with new and new electro plated fittings. New Splash guard and a new metal pipe cover fitted (they have now doubled in price!) after being painted and cavity waxed on the inside. Ignore the suspension components as these will be tackled later on but i gave the shock a wipe down for the aid of the pic. Freshly refurbished 16x7.5 Style 5s by Lepsons shod in my favoured Yokohama AD08R rubber Starting to look more like a car now. Bumper foils (black stripes) have been applied and new rear badges with the all important M3 badge fitted millimetre perfect as per BMW fitting instructions.
  12. BSS

    E39 540i/6 Sport touring

    Yes all straightforward stuff although it costs more to upgrade the OEM system instead of buying one of the OEM looking Chinese head units.
  13. BSS

    E39 540i/6 Sport touring

    I dont mind the long throw to be honest but i fitted an E60 545i lever to an E39 M5 for a customer the other day and it was a nice shift so i'll probably go down that route.
  14. BSS

    E39 540i/6 Sport touring

    A lucky ebay find! A pair of contour seats from an E38 seven series with the correct post /9/98 yellow plugs meaning a direct fit and heated to boot! For those familiar with E39/E38 seats and upgrades, heated sport contours seem to be quite thin on the ground so when these pair popped up in reasonable condition they had to be bought. Much better! A heated seat switch panel purchased form ebay is in the post so just the correct wires and pins to ad to the body loom and toasty back and bum will ensue.
  15. For those of you with a good memory, back when i listed the new replacement panels one of them was a sport evo rear spoiler. For those of you not familiar with the Sport evo it was the last homologated version of the E30 M5 which had a 2.5 engine as well as adjustable front and rear spoilers plus many other changes unique to the Sport evo. The spoilers have always been something that owners of non Evo M3's have retro fitted and ive always been a fan of that look (and function!) The correct spacers unique to the Sport evo spoiler were fitted, something often missed out be people retro fitting or fitting a replica. The bolts! These countersunk hex head bolts that hold the adjustable position rear blade to the main spoiler at NLA from BMW. I had a selection of original ones, 6 corroded and 2 new (8 in total needed) and i was going the get the corroded ones blasted and re- chemical blacked to original finish but a trial fit found that the latest batch of Sport evo spoilers made by BMW had the threaded inserts recessed further in so the original bolts were not long enough, Some searching online found the correct countersunk M8x1.25mm hex head bolts in a choice of lengths but in stainless so 5mm longer ones did the trick. A coat of satin black had them looking good and the result..... Very happy with the rear end now! I've now the dilemma as to weather i replace the evo 2 front spoiler with a Sport evo adjustable front to match the rear... What has become quite noticeable now is the left reverse light being duller than the right hand one so a new left lamp unit is now added to the ever growing list of new parts required.