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  1. Grumpy Old Man

    H&C motors

    Just spotted this 'thread'. Been using H&C in Maidstone since about 2008/9. Very satisfied. Can't fault them so far.
  2. Grumpy Old Man

    New car purchased today!!!

    Oops - need to update 'Garage'!
  3. Grumpy Old Man

    New car purchased today!!!

    Bought my 2013 520d SE Touring from Sytner Cardiff in 2014. Bit of a schlepp for me in Kent but wanted a manual box and not many about. Been a joy for work and play. Pretty reliable and cheap to service (H&C, Maidstone). 94,000 on the clock and runs better than ever. Hope to replace with a 530d or 540 M Sport in '22.
  4. Grumpy Old Man

    Pre Facelifts - Risks - Swirl Flaps & DPF

    Caveat emptor! I bought a 2007 (LCI but 'old' 163hp engine) 520d SE Touringn 16,600 miles from a BMW dealer in Feb 2009. It is comfortable, lovely to drive, quick (for a 4-cylinder/ 2-litre), handles beautifully and has bags of space for the tribe...BUT....since the new car warranty ran out in June 2010 I have had to do the following: 1) Rear air suspension pump failure (on first day of family holiday!) - £775 at indie. 2) Aerial/ antenna/ amp in tailgate failure/ water ingress/ wiring loom bollocksed also (while in the back of nowhere on holiday!!) - £445 at indie. 3) Glass tailgate switch - £180 at indie. 4) New glow plug (having the set!) PLUS getting those pesky swirl flaps removed!!! - in with the indie today! In addition, the car is absolutely hopeless when it snows. I have rarely been so disappointed - and really a bit sad! - with a car, having always wanted a BMW. BMW dealer locally (not the supplier, who was OK) has a shite attitude and so does BMW UK. I am very fortunate that I can afford to 'trade up' this spring and am thinking seriously about a new (and consequently warrantied for up to 5 years!) A6 Avant Quattro.
  5. Grumpy Old Man

    levelling control system failure - it says

    I had this issue last year and ended up paying my indie £700+ for a pump and bits. Warning popped up just as we were loaded up and all set to head to the West Country for a family holiday. Shot into stealer who (as I had a 5 year old car, regarded me as though I was something he'd stepped in outside) simply said - "a day to diagnose, a day to fix". Car still makes a series of odd whining/ whirring noises every time you start/ stop the engine. Not surprisingly we took the wife's about-to-be-part-exchanged Golf and had no probs and a nice holiday - though we did have to unload a fair bit of kit before we left! BMW - The Joy Continues!
  6. Grumpy Old Man

    Does 1 faulty glow plug interrupts the DPF regen ?

    Had my 2007 520d SE Touring into the indie today for frozen/ burst rear washer jet (again!!) plus post-recall diagnostic check [which BMW dealer will not do unless you pay, despite the fact that the reason for the recall can affect various electrical/ electronic systems]. Diagnostics showed fault on glow plug 2. Garage is recommending they change all four and/ or management unit. EDIT: Did also say that with faulty glow plug(s) the DPF won't automatically regenerate. No warning lights so far. The joy continues!
  7. Grumpy Old Man

    *Snow* Tips on driving our Bm's in the snow!

    My 520d SE Touring (manual) is the worst car I've ever had as far as driving on hard packed snow is concerned (leaving aside rear air suspension pump/ rear aerial/ antenna and glass tailgate switch failures!)... Poor in slush, sh*te on ice and on a nicely groomed piste - undriveable! Hence, in 2014, an A6 Quattro and a set of winter tyres in the garage!
  8. Grumpy Old Man

    DPF Regeneration

    My 520d SE Touring (LCI/ 162hp/ 6-speed) does about that - barely 40mpg on mostly short, inefficient journeys, rising to high 40s/ very low 50s on a decent run.. If that's bad (I think I drive reasonably sensibly!) what might improve it? Also, excuse the ignorance, how do I find out what my DPF is doing and when it is regenerating?
  9. Grumpy Old Man

    glass section of tailgate self opens

    Thanks to gridlock on the M20 on Monday missed dealer appointment, so my 2007 520d SE Touring went to the indie for the tailgate issues BEFORE having the recall work. Indie says lots of electrical error codes - he will give me the list - and hopes new switch for tailgate lock will cure at least that. Should really have cancelled the job until recall done - my fault - but indie suggests getting recall done (Jan 4th now..) and taking back to him after about a fortnight to give any issues time to (re-)occur and he'll check there are no new error codes/ faults. I know all manufacturers are having a lot of issues they pretend don't exist but after a £750 rear suspension pump, £450 aerial amp unit - bear in mind those are independent prices! - and now this, I am a most unhappy bunny! Add the nightmare of snow over the next few months and the temptation to check out an Audi quattro grows!
  10. Grumpy Old Man

    glass section of tailgate self opens

    2007 520dSE Touring: My glass tailgate started unlocking itself recently. Also random clock resets required some mornings together with 'increased battery etc, etc'. O/S/R door also won't unlock other than with remote (ie doesn't unlock when removing remote from dash). Now glass tailgate is locked solid although main tailgate fine. Rear washer now seems to be spraying from beneath the spoiler rather than from the jet itself! Into dealer for the battery recall next week then off to my indie for the above!! Having also had the rear suspension pump and the diversity/ aerial/ remote/ tailgate wiring atrocity over the last couple of years, I can safely say this is the worst car I have owned - and I've had Fiats, Fords and Renaults amongst others!!!
  11. Grumpy Old Man

    Run flats going

    Have had RFs (Eagle NCT5s) from new and wear has been excellent and even although when the rears were replaced last year the inner edges were awful..(BMW std rear camber?)
  12. Grumpy Old Man

    E61 Level Control System Failure

    Ha! I have a 2007 520dSE Touring..56K miles...bought from a dealer (loan car) at about 18 mnths old. Had a LCS Failure last year. New pump fitted by H&C Maidstone at £760-ish!!!!! Still whines and moans for an age every time you start the ruddy thing! Now just paying damn near £500 for new amplifier and wiring repairs in tailgate after remotes quit and radio presets disappeared! It will NOT be a BMW next time round! Mr Angry and Very Let Down of Kent...
  13. Grumpy Old Man


    Having owned my first BMW (520d SE Touring '07) for a month now I have been amazed at the bizarre 'homing' instinct that idiots seem to posess. Park in a deserted corner (rare!) of any carpark and when you return some cretin will have parked within six inches of you, ignoring the acres of space elsewhere. Wife has grudgingly accepted that her Golf gets a bit more local use these days!
  14. Grumpy Old Man

    To all the newbies :-)

    Hi Am about to become a BMW owner for the first time. 2007 520d SE Touring, new look but 'old' engine. Hoping all the hype is true! N