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  1. polov8

    528i Auto Gearbox Probs NO 4th or 5th

    Lets put a few things straight shall we? When you started the car up, I mentioned to you that the (!) light was on, and that I thought it might be the rear pad wear, as I know the back brakes were looking pretty old, you said that it didn't look like the pad wear light, but you "weren't worried". On road testing the car, I suggested to you that we take it down the bypass, for a more thorough test, but you said you'd seen enough, and we turned back. You knocked me down £100 (£500 down on my original asking price) and we shook on it, you gave me the cash and then proceeded to fill out the V5 in somebody elses name, and forged their signiture. When you left, I posted my part of the V5 to the DVLA, so as not to get umpteen speeding tickets I never earnt. So far, so good........ You texted me that evening and mentioned the gearbox issue, which was news to me, I hadn't driven the car in a while, and last time I had, the gearbox had operated just as it should. I responded: "Could it just need the transmission fluid toppping up? I remember my Dad talking to Quarry motors as he was wanting his fluid and filter changing on his transmission, and the guy there said 9 times out of 10, they get issues with cars that have had the fluid changed, so they recommended just topping it up.his car went through phases of not shifting up, but after a top up, it behaved ok. Worth a try?" The next day, you called me to tell me that you'd topped it up to no avail. I was pretty gutted, but then you proceeded to tell me that any car purchased now is subject to a 3 month warranty!!!!! I told you that there may be some warranty on a car bought from a dealership, but you were adamant that it applied and that you were bringing the car back. I wasn't going to get lumbered with a car that had no V5, and pointed that out to you and that the V5 wasn't even in your name. You started accusing me of being a liar, which fairly pissed me off, and left me seriously dissinclined to offer any kind of reccompense. I should point out that the citizens advice bureau confirmed that a private sale IS sold as seen, and final, unless a deliberate attempt has been made to dupe the buyer has been made. I did no such thing, and if you're attitude had been less accusing, I might have offered at least a partial refund. I didn't know that it was also the transmission light (neither did you and you're some kind of pro, so go figure...). As far as the pad wear sensor wire, about 2 weeks after I got the car, I was trying to get the handbrake to work a little better and noticed one of the 2 wires to the sensor was broken, so soldered and shink sleeved it. If I had bridged it, the light would be permanently on! I'm glad you discovered the fault, and I hope the fact that it's just an ABS sensor (the sensor that always seems to be the source of ANY E39 issue) means you are now happy with your purchase. It was always a good car to me, and if I hadn't required the money, I'd have never put it up for sale. Oh, and no, I never touched the ABS sensor. viewtopic.php?f=11&t=39960 Without your accusations, this whole thing could have been resolved a little more amicably. BTW, you are welcome to the undertrays if you still want them.
  2. polov8

    Converting chrome trim to shadowline

    isn't there some tape you can buy to acheive this? I recall seeing some on ebay a while ago, but not seen any recently.
  3. polov8

    Engine change, DVLA, HPI etc

    I don't know what model you have, but when I changed the engine on my '96 528i, I cocouldn't find an engine number on either the lump that came out, or the one that went back in, so I figure if I can't find it, nor can anyone else. Given the recent balls up of the DVLA, I'm willing to ignore the agro. You now need to have proof of the engines engine number, report from the garage that fitted it, or proof that it's been fitted properly.
  4. polov8

    Front Shocks Bilstein or Sachs???

    Bilsteins all the way, especially at a £2 price difference.
  5. polov8

    Handy hint for those in gloucestershire!!

    Dad's just bought a 530d touring, I'll pass this one on to him.....
  6. polov8

    Wheel Bearing failing

    wheel bearings sound bad for AGES before they fail, unless you do trans-continental driving, you'll be ok for a week, unless it's already at the stage where it's drowning out the stereo!
  7. Been looking around and it seems that all other BMW models are catered for in the scale world, but the E39 is very poorly represented, I'd love a 1:18 E39 to go on my shelf next to the other models (toys according to the other half) I've got. What have you guys found?
  8. polov8

    interior "wood"trim

    I had a painter friend do my old wood trim, and it transformed the interior, it really came out perfect: One thing I'll say, is take time, and care to remove the black inserts on the radio cover, the ashtray lid, and the surround for the hazzard switch. They're stuck in there pretty good but with a selection of blades and a hobby knife, you can pry them out.
  9. polov8


    I'm in exactly the same position, I've just changed the oil filters, plugs etc, and tried the paperclip trick to no avail, what's the secret?
  10. polov8

    e39 engine

    Engine swap is the only way, the blocks on these things are terrible! I bought my '96 528i for cheap with a trashed engine in this same way, and got a replacement from a 328i. Had to swap a few bits, like the sump, but for £250 and some graft, it was a very economical swap.
  11. polov8

    530D SPORT + SNOW

    You aren't going anywhere, I sure as hell ain't! Superb handling, great poise, fantastic steering, perfect weight distribution, shite in the snow!
  12. polov8

    Replacing broken under tray - what do I need?

    You might want to check the direction of rotation on the sidewall of your tyres, I can say for certain that the front wheel in your first pic is on backwards. Might not make alot of difference, but if you have an accident, you can bet your insurance company will notice and void any claim.
  13. polov8

    handbrake not great.........

    I'm definitely trying this at the weekend! I'm sick of that lurch when parking on hills where the car rolls untill the transmission locks! Thank god for "park" that's all I can say!
  14. Short answer: No E38 suspension is all steel where the E39 is all alloy, the design is all different too. I don't know for certain that E39 shocks/springs don't fit an E38, but having looked at a few in breakers side by side, I'd be very surprised.
  15. A while back I swapped the front bearing on my car, and in a moment of ape like ham fistedness, the socket slipped and cracked the wheel speed sensor, causing the infamous ABS/Traction warning lights to brighten my day on every trip! I found a brand new, but none genuine ABS sensor on ebay, and when it arrived, I was impressed by the visible quality, it was EXACTLY the same, but minus the bmw logo and part number. I assumed it was from the same manufacturer, just not to be sold through BMW. Anyway, after fitting, the lights were still on, but I drove it around like that for a few weeks. While I was in the scrappy the other day, getting a front spring to fix my broken one, I got the front sensor off the same car. I had an hour to kill this morning whilst waiting for the carpet fitters, so figured I'd play with the sensor and see what's what. Well, first off, circuit testing revealed the used sensor to 3k ohms and the one on the car to be open loop! Swapped them over. and within 50 feet, the lights on the dash went out, and the ABS is juddering on like a good 'un Lesson? Saving money frequently costs money, so spend money, it might be cheaper...... I think