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  1. So few on the market it’s hard to judge..... 3.8 6 Speed, 141k on the clock, history and mots and service book. Blue with light grey leather. Nurburgring suspension. Original sills. Solid. Mint bodywork...it’s had paint in the past but quality job. No accident repairs. 6 owners. Last one 11 years. Interior is mint. No fancy options. Id value any honest opinions? Thanks
  2. TrM5

    Headlight Module PN Problem

    Update - part fitted and everything fully functional - however, the beam height adjuster failure message will not reset. The adjuster is working because its been checked. The guys who fitted have run the scanner on it twice and updated it without success. Anyone had similar? any solutions?
  3. TrM5

    Headlight Module PN Problem

    Thanks Yeah I already tried that - Real OEM says the part number doesn't exist that is printed on the back of mine! Its weird. I've taken a punt on a £40 unit from ebay…..
  4. Hi Guys My F07 passenger headlight module has failed. The label on it shows the part number(s) - I don't want to be fleeced by BMW - happy to get a copy part but no-one supplying those can match my part numbers.....I would have imagined this was a standard part? It is labelled: BMW 7262949 02 532384807 04 0157 142 LEAR TMS 94451 BIX/TFL Confused of Colchester..... ??
  5. Thank you Matthew - I appreciate that. I've had no luck finding an Indie - (apart from one quoting me £270) - I'm in East Sussex. I certainly wont be going DIY.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. I see loads of online routes to maps and codes but none to firmware upgrades....I'm pretty certain I need that. Hoping to avoid BMW prices for that.....
  7. Brand new boxed - Delphi LL41201 £19 posted -
  8. Hi I have a 2010 530 GT with CIC : ECE BMW 1.5.20 Road Map Europe Premium 2009-2 I am reading that a firmware upgrade is needed before I can upgrade to the latest maps and full postcode navigation?? I've done a search on here but the guy who seemed to know all about it is no longer active. Can anyone give me any pointers please? Thanks!
  9. yes - have done that. I was wondering if there was some setting hidden in amongst the many on the idrive......guess not! Perhaps I need a new condenser also.....
  10. yeah I did that - still didnt really do the business......
  11. Recently purchased - LOVE the car - enormous space and fantastic ride - classic 3.0 litre D engine..... BUT Is it me or are the climate control fans/aircon systems on these cars weak? Ive had the aircon system pressure checked and regassed. The fans dont seem to blow strong, and the air is 'cool' but I wouldnt trust it to keep the cabin chilled when its 25 degrees or more outside..... Is there something in the settings that needs to be adjusted? Are they generally just not that great? Current performance is not a patch on my old E39......
  12. TrM5

    F12 6 Series 2012 Parts Please

    thanks. Paid by paypal just now.
  13. TrM5

    E28 Door Mirrors

    in Alpine White....pair. Came off a low mileage car. Electric and fully working. £60 posted. (ebay listed also - pics online)
  14. TrM5

    F12 6 Series 2012 Parts Please

    Yes that’s the little cover I need. thanks