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  1. TrM5

    Horn push earth ?

    Ps obviously the new push button doesnt fit the original hub ring....
  2. TrM5

    Horn push earth ?

    Hi guys, so i am in the process of changing over the horn push on a momo steering wheel. The original push has an earth connector on the hub ring (2nd pic) but the new push doesnt? So how do i earth the new push? Or do i even need to? The hub adapter has an earth wire fitted as per original fitment. thanks for helping a somewhat basic task!!!
  3. TrM5

    Under bonnet sound proofing

    nice work - !! on my to do list also....
  4. TrM5

    Boot Seal Question

    new seal now in situ. next job - replace the broken electric aerial.
  5. TrM5

    Boot Seal Question

    Ps mick i have some of that auto glym gel and use it on my window seals. Good stuff it is
  6. TrM5

    Boot Seal Question

    Thanks Mick - all read and understood! I have just bought one from linwar. £25 cheaper than the very expensive £95. Bmw price. Agreed Duncan! The day i say “its a stick shift” shoot me!!!
  7. TrM5

    E28 Boot Seal

    Hi, would you be able to supply me a new rubber boot lid seal? The part number is 51711889473, or so a previous thread suggests? - thanks
  8. TrM5

    Boot Seal Question

    Hence my question - wondered if anyone else had successfully used a different seal....? Cutting isnt the way is it. I think the seal is compressed against the lid yes. I was assuming NLA just because of age???.....maybe I'll put a call in.
  9. TrM5

    How many different interiors has your e28 had?

    complete with pioneer 'dual cone' parcel shelf speakers - the audio quality when playing cassette is awe inspiring!
  10. TrM5

    How many different interiors has your e28 had?

    my e28 has had one interior! - is exactly as it left the factory
  11. TrM5

    Boot Seal Question

    Hi Guys, I need a new boot seal. Not around every corner for an E28. So - Q: would generic seal cut to size do the job well? or even something available like E39, cut to size? Or would they just leak due to the cuts? Thanks!
  12. TrM5

    Factory short shift gearlever £25

    I,ll take it thanks.
  13. TrM5

    Factory short shift gearlever £25

    Hi, will it fit e28 without modification? Thanks
  14. TrM5

    Looking for foglight

    ....hi guys.... i am looking for a left hand side front fog. I need the whole unit incl bracket. Please let me know if you have one… cheers
  15. TrM5


    ...love E28s! #that is all.