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    nakedness, Stella, MINIS!! (REAL mini's that is) mountaineering, boobies..
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  1. AustinPowered

    washer pump issues...

    indeed.. there was no mould in the tank - just slime. I think this has been building up long before I picked the car up..
  2. AustinPowered

    washer pump issues...

    morning Dakota, I think the filter mesh is too fine for some screen washes, so it filters out some of its content. the blue slime smelt like screen wash, but not the halfords stuff I've been using for years. the nearest BMW stealer is well out of my way and when I'm getting the halfords stuff at £2 or £3 trade price, I'll stick to that.. I have a feeling the blue wash is from the previous owner.
  3. AustinPowered

    washer pump issues...

    hi, I've had my battle tank (called so, as it's a similar size to a light battle tank) for 18 months or so, and just recently I've fallen foul to the filter in the bottom of the washer bottle being blocked... I knew I had two real options. Cyphen(sp?) the washer bottle or remove it. for the cost of a meter of tubing, it was worth the effort! all be it wasted.. before cyphening I did disconnect the washer jets and blow back the fluid until I heard bubbles in the tank. raise the front drivers side and whip the wheel off, arch out - completely (really easy to do.. about 10 8mm screws and 2 or 3 press festeners holding it in) and 1 10mm screw (holding be bottle in), you can manipulate the bottle out. once it's free, disconnect the pumps.. fiddle it out a bit more and disconnect the low level sensor. it should wiggle free now. you can then see the filters. remove them. clean the crap off. clean the bottle.... reassembly is the reverse of the removal (except you swear in different places). I'm handy with a set of spanners, but not familiar with modern cars (helicopers/aircraft/real minis - yes!) and I managed all this in an hour. including a brew - meaning I saved me monies at BMW stealer . easy! pictures will hopefully attach..
  4. AustinPowered


    Hey, This app came up in my you tube feed - makes a refreshing change from Peppa frikin' pig! Has anyone used it? It's on both iPad and Android from the relevant stores from what I can see..
  5. AustinPowered

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Dont know.. Unless it was slipping and the ECU picked up the increase in RPM v's the wheels rotation speed?.. I'm not going to argue - the whole car feels loads better. Much less wobble now..
  6. AustinPowered

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Got mine back! only had it for a few weeks, but it went into limp mode.. Turns out it needed a new clutch! Thankfully, done under warranty...... By BMW
  7. AustinPowered

    Speed camera detector

    I'm sure I've still got my old snooper somewhere. It lights up, no idea if it still works on kit these days.. Laser detector definitely worked - thankfully.. I was doing less than 65 on the m5 when I found that one out..
  8. AustinPowered

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Drive from Oxfordshire to Portsmouth, Portsmouth to Leyland, Leyland back to Oxfordshire. In less than a tank. i never thought I'd say this, but it's good to be back in a diesel!
  9. AustinPowered

    Manchester Arena blast reports

    Interesting thread. As someone new (ok - returning) to the forum, its interesting to read an emotive thread as personalities come out more. I woke up to this on Tuesday, as many others did. A serving military man, I was shocked to see kids directly targeted like this - but it isn't new. Da'esh have been doing this "on their turf" as long as they have been rattling their sabres. its just not widely reported in the media.. I have seen things like this first hand in foreign countries far away, but now I'm a dad. This upset me a lot on Tuesday - the nursery drop was slightly harder. Some one called those responsible for this "cunts". No, even cunts have a use.
  10. AustinPowered

    Retrofits carried out?

    As the title suggests really, what (if any) retrofits have been carried out by forum members?.. I appreciate there is a plethora of info in Google, but I'm interested to see what you guys have done.. I've only had my car about ten days, but I am contemplating some form of rear entertainment system (might keep the sequel and her mother quiet on longer trips), and I am going to investigate installing the load rails to the boot. I've seen a few threads about rear cameras, but I'm not looking to waste my money. I had a look through (some of) the "what have you done to your F-series" thread, but there isn't a lot in there re retrofits. AP
  11. AustinPowered

    Going to Europe F11

    Where abouts in Europe are you heading? Different parts have different laws. It's been a while, but IIRC, most of Europe, you need to have a high vis vest and a fuel can in the car (as well as your factory fitted warning triangle and first aid kit). As well as the beam deflectors you mention. in France, you also need a small breathalyser in the car (worth having two for the cost of them). Even if you don't drink, have one. money. Fines are on the spot, so have a few hundred Euros in your pocket. i think that's it of the top of my head. Don't stop near Calais - they may have levelled the camp, but you will still need to be vigilant. Whilst you won't have people trying to get in your boot, if you have a caravan (or other trailer), they may well hang off the back of it. Plus if you have kids in the car, they won't want to be exposed to what has happened around there..
  12. AustinPowered

    Active pedestrian protection

    Hmm. Sounds gimmicky - like they have invested in research, so they'll damn well use the tech.. thanks!
  13. AustinPowered

    Active pedestrian protection

    Ok, I'm starting to get annoyed with how many options on the car that I don't understand. I get its not the cars fault.. i digress; what the hell is "active pedestrian protection"?! What does it mean, what does it do? cheers again, AP
  14. AustinPowered

    USB connectivity

    Yes - There were four options (including just charging) I tried them all.. No idea?.. I have professional nav and looking at the options listing (generated from the last 7 of the vin) I have teleservices, usb/audio interface, prep for mobile - business, voice control, BMW online (im picking the options I think are relevant in no particular order....) AP
  15. AustinPowered

    USB connectivity

    Hi, sorry - I thought it was in my info.. 12 plate f11.. I have a USB in the arm rest and glove box. Didn't try the glove box as I thought that went straight into the hard drive.. AP