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  1. neetin

    F10 535d

    HAHAHA here comes the BANTS!!!
  2. neetin

    F10 535d

    yeh i aint had a chance to do my pics yet but this is the car that i bought
  3. neetin

    F10 535d

    shocking comments @sams255 @535i Andrew LOL i try take some over the weekend
  4. neetin

    F10 535d

    SMILING :) this car absolute BEAST love the power!!! took Delviery today had a quick burst on the dual carriageway amazing sooo smooth. Thank you every one for your help
  5. neetin

    F10 535d

    Any one tried Evovle Map they meant to be really good
  6. neetin

    F10 535d

    seems everyone happy with there 535d.. i just hoping i have the similar experience that you all having. I let you all know how i get on. Thank you all for your input again its much appreciated. thanks Neetin
  7. neetin

    F10 535d

    Great to hear so many good reviews about the 535d. I spoke to my guy at BMW he saying the car should be ready on friday soo hopefully should have a new car this week
  8. neetin

    F10 535d

    jannism the message yeh the 530d are amazing but the 535 is something else
  9. neetin

    F10 535d

    thanks guys for you help.. i be going to have a look this week
  10. neetin

    F10 535d

    Hi All, Thinking of buying a bmw 535d M sport F10. Going back to a 5 series since my last e39 10 years ago. Just wanted to know anything that i should be looking out for before i buy the car . I am aware of the leaking foot wells that lot of people have mentioned. I had the same issue on my e39 530d m sport surprised to hear that they having the same issue on the F10. Any advice or suggestion would be much appreciated. thanks Neetin
  11. neetin

    To all the newbies :-)

    hey all, I am returning member, i used to own e39 Aeagean blue Edition 530d m sport, Which i sold 2 years ago currently have an e92 335d, Wanting to get a 535d fully loaded with all extra comfort seats and HUD etc.. just wanted to say hi thanks Neetin
  12. neetin

    BMW coupe 335d

    hi guys, wondering if anyone knows if the 335d coupe plays mp3 throught the CD player?
  13. neetin

    335d coupe

    hi guys i thinking of buying a 335d coupe. Any one had any problems with the engine or in general? any help would be much appreciated prior to purchase. Thanks Neetin
  14. neetin


    Snipez how was ur test drive at BMW