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  1. red35

    First service for my 545i

    I have a 645ci which has been run on 5w-30 for the last few years and has always dropped a spot of of oil overnight after a long journey. Switched over to 5w-40 last year and no more leak when hot Most people seem to recommend 5w-30 though and yes it will take 8 litres to fill it. It gets serviced at mot time every year with oil and filter, air filter and pollen filter. Not done the fuel filter yet but I suppose it can't hurt. Mine is on it's original waterpump but I changed the belt last year for peace of mind.
  2. Those coupes are a very under rated car. Great fun to drive and not many people know what they are
  3. red35

    E32 B12 Alpina

    Crap advert! No pics of the dash plaque and incorrect steering wheel too.
  4. red35

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Not the best pictures but this CSL sounded fantastic at Donington on Sunday. Ex Steve Soper M3 was mixing it with the RS500's too.
  5. red35

    M30 Rocker Cover

    I think I have one somewhere. I'll check my stash and get back to you.
  6. red35

    E39 530i Sport purchase - pics :)

    I still miss that 7 but I'm enjoying the V8 noises from my 6er which eases the pain! I know what you mean about lack of time. Had to let my Supra go last year as it was just rotting away on the drive. Good luck with the sale mate.
  7. red35

    E39 530i Sport purchase - pics :)

    Sorry mate. Couldn't resist. Funny enough there is an E32 in manual flavour on ebay at the mo. Not struck on the colour... Brown! This is the one to have though: Pina This is in your neck of the woods: 740
  8. red35

    E39 530i Sport purchase - pics :)

    Didn't realise you like the E39's that much Scott
  9. red35

    Nice, if You Like lots of Red!

    I'd want better tyres and no ripped door seal for that money!
  10. red35

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    Worth a call to find out how much VMTP charge for the 8HP service, but its a long run down to Staffordshire to get it done.
  11. red35

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    Not at all. It was £380 all in.
  12. red35

    Automatic gearbox issues

    They test drove it before and after to make sure it was all good too.
  13. red35

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    I had mine done at VMTP in Norton Canes last month. They know their stuff and are a ZF agent. Took approx. 4 hours.
  14. red35

    6 Appreciation thread!

    Thought I'd boost the 6er population up a bit more. Here's a couple of pics of my '04 645ci with Black sports seats and shadowline trim. The V8 noise is extremely addictive!
  15. red35

    Buying used/Not Local...

    I wanted a grey one as its a lovely colour but couldn't find one with a black/sport interior at the time. Sorry for the thread hijack Vishal