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  1. red35

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    Worth a call to find out how much VMTP charge for the 8HP service, but its a long run down to Staffordshire to get it done.
  2. red35

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    Not at all. It was £380 all in.
  3. red35

    Automatic gearbox issues

    They test drove it before and after to make sure it was all good too.
  4. red35

    Gearbox service completed at Mackies Glasgow

    I had mine done at VMTP in Norton Canes last month. They know their stuff and are a ZF agent. Took approx. 4 hours.
  5. red35

    6 Appreciation thread!

    Thought I'd boost the 6er population up a bit more. Here's a couple of pics of my '04 645ci with Black sports seats and shadowline trim. The V8 noise is extremely addictive!
  6. red35

    Buying used/Not Local...

    I wanted a grey one as its a lovely colour but couldn't find one with a black/sport interior at the time. Sorry for the thread hijack Vishal
  7. red35

    Buying used/Not Local...

    Lovely cars aren't they! I find it attracts quite a lot of attention driving through town a bit like my old 850i did. Good that its got 19's on as I think the 18's look a bit small on them and I think they need a little boot spoiler too, which I'm working on.... Any pics?
  8. red35

    Automatic gearbox issues

    I've just had the oil, sump and wiring sleeve changed on my 645 at VMTP Midlands in Norton Canes (Staffordshire) They are a ZF agent and both guys I spoke to knew their stuff. I took it in at 9am and was driving it home at 1pm with a lovely smooth gear change Cost was £380 all in.
  9. red35

    Buying used/Not Local...

    How are you finding your new 6 Mick?
  10. Wow. That's errr.... expensive for a rotten Alpina!
  11. Would need to be sensible money as it failed its MOT in February this year with lots of rot
  12. red35


    Parking on the pavement is fine if its done sensibly. I live in a narrow street and park with just the width of my wheels on the pavement which still allows a wheelchair/double buggy to pass and gives more room in the road for larger vehicles to get by. Sadly most people seem to abandon their cars at a stupid angle blocking the whole path!
  13. red35

    Goodbye my friend.

    Glad everyone was ok but what sort of cockwomble stops in the outside lane because of low sun?! Slow down yes, but don't stop ffs!
  14. red35

    Parts price

    Hi, Could I have a price for a rear bearing bolt and nut please. Part numbers: 33306793897 and 33326760383 Cheers, Daz.
  15. red35

    Champagne II on AT

    That looks a very nice car and I quite like the wheels but at that money it would need to be super low mileage and properly mint. They would need to get the drivers seat bolster and front door handles sorted for a start off.