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  1. kevinfox

    What was your 1st car?

    Mine was a boring ol' 1.4 civic . i'm so jealous of ye havin mk1 escorts and the likes as yere first cars . ye were privelaged to have such historic cars
  2. kevinfox

    Howdy dowdy

    Just a little update i brought demonbikers car after . this is my first time on the net since movin over . i've had the car 2 weeks now and i love it .
  3. kevinfox

    Howdy dowdy

    more My security system . Bet nobody else here has one that shits golf balls
  4. kevinfox

    Howdy dowdy

  5. kevinfox

    Howdy dowdy

    @ andyb : he's a sheep in wolves clothing ! it'd be better guarded by a mouse @ individual5 : That sounds exactly what i'd like . I'm more than likely going to view demonbikers m5 rep at the weekend what are your views on it ? any advice appreciated More pictures as requested
  6. kevinfox

    Howdy dowdy

    Thanks for all the welcomes . i'm after a nice 525 sport e34 model
  7. kevinfox

    Howdy dowdy

    Hi all i'm new on here . i'm from a small town in the west of ireland called galway but am moving over to southampton with my work for a few months . i'm looking to buy a nice 5 as my daily when i get over . i've an e30 318is here hopfully the pic will load up