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  1. MM85

    BMW E34 - SE to Sport Suspension HELP

    Thanks! What all parts are required to make the change? Do BMW stock them or it an order and wait? Thanks
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know all the suspension parts needed to make and SE model E34 into a Sport? Do BMW also still supply all the original parts? Thanks
  3. MM85

    Wanted BMW E34 Sport Interior

    I am looking for a Full Interior, Sports Seats, Dashboard, Door Cards, Centre Console in Light Silver Grey Leather. Condition doesn't matter. If anyone knows of anyone selling I would appreciate to hear from you. Thanks Morgan
  4. MM85

    E34 Sport, Parts Required

    Hi All, Looking to see if anyone has the following parts or knows of anyone that has; - Front and Rear E34 Sport Bumpers - Full Light Silver Grey Leather, Preferably Sport Seats, Door Cards, Dash Let me know if anyone has or knows of any. Thanks MM85
  5. MM85

    MASSIVE front end vibration

    Could be binding brakes?? Happend to me and felt like a wheel was coming off, If it happens again get out and see if any alloys are abnormally hot.
  6. Hi, Does anyone know of and Sport fornt seats in Light Silver Grey? Cheers
  7. When I am driving on the motorway, car seems to be fine till I hit 80mph then the whole car judders, Not coming through the steering wheel seems hard to detect where? has anyone got any ideas? Shocks seem ok, could it be balljoint's? Anti roll bars? Cheers, M
  8. Thinking about selling my, E34 525i sport, 95 N reg, Avus Blue, Light Sive grey leather, Auto, Aircon, Sunroof. Full BMW Service History to 105000miles, just had insp11 @ 136000 miles. Still drives brilliant, 1 small rust spot but other than that it's in good condition for age. 4 brand New continental tyres. How much should I be asking? Cheers Morgan
  9. How much should I expect to pay for an Insp 2 Service @ BMW??
  10. MM85

    E34 Brakes - Not Very Responsive

    It's a 1995 525i Sport, Cheers,
  11. Hi, My 1995 E34 brakes dont seem to respond well, the pedal seems stiff and not much movement, apart from Dics and Pads have you any idea what might be causing the problem? Cheers
  12. Hi, Does anyone know if an E36 3 spoke steering wheel will replace an E34 3 spoke steering wheel? They look the same but need a second opinion! Cheers