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    2001 e39 525i sport
  1. hoody

    E39 front drivers speaker cuts out

    Thanks for that link,not sure what to do,was thinking android to update the look but repair is a good option too,thanks for the reply
  2. hoody

    E39 front drivers speaker cuts out

    Thanks Dennis,much appreciated,I had the door card off today and when first switched on the sound is there but after a few seconds it fades away rather than cuts out which I believe to be a fault in the head unit
  3. Hi,when I start the car all speakers working fine,10 seconds later the drivers side fronts cut out(rear still works),it does this every time so not sure if it's the head unit(basic looking business unit) or a wiring fault at the front door,just seeing if anybody has had similar before pulling stuff apart.
  4. hoody

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Oil filter housing gasket,idler pulley,air filter housing,and replacement radiator shroud and intake boot on resonator box...too old for all this
  5. hoody

    E39 radiator shroud and fixings

    Now sorted
  6. hoody

    E39 radiator shroud and fixings

    Need the radiator /fan shroud for my 525i(petrol)2001.thanks in Glasgow area ,but willing to pay postage