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  1. fatdaddy

    auto box :(

    Thanks The visit to Bristol resulted in them having a drive and diag. They reckon only a rebuild will cure it. Didn't want me to waste money on oil/filter. Strange thing is that the 100m motorway journey there (done at max 50 cos I was worried) and back (done 60/70 to "see what would happen" was flawless and round town driving since has had no issues !
  2. fatdaddy

    auto box :(

    thanks. Pretty much what I've done and got mixed responses. Can't find a local Indy who has done an oil change bit did find one who uses Bristol Transmissions. Yesterday (when cold) the box worked perfectly and did for a gentle 30 mile drive around.................. So I have booked in on Thursday, a £200 gamble I guess so fingers crossed !
  3. fatdaddy

    Auto oil change?

    Has anyone got a copy of the BMWland guide Rob mentions above ? (I just found a copy of the write-up on Pistonheads https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=72&t=694428)
  4. fatdaddy

    auto box :(

    had to call recovery today ............ I noticed a few instances over the last few days when it hesitated to shift on a light throttle on an incline. Today 100 miles into a journey it decided to not shift above 3rd, then a few miles later got stuck at 2nd. No noise or judder. AA diag showed code 40 (pressure valve on trans). SO ............... will an oil and filter change fix this or do I need to get the valve sorted as well ? Sept '01 540i touring Auto. 162,000 miles.
  5. fatdaddy

    Sterrinf squeak 540i

    Thanks My ear homed in on that ! Not a bit I have replaced yet (most have been). Knowing it could be due anyway I pocked a hole in the gaiters and filled them with spray grease as a check ............. not driven again yet.
  6. fatdaddy

    Sterrinf squeak 540i

    The recording is with weight off the wheels and engine not running. Weight on and engine running noise is exactly the same. (yes, it is me turning the wheel , slightly moving it to be more accurate) No suspension noise when pushing.
  7. fatdaddy

    Sterrinf squeak 540i

    Does anyone recognise this noise (.m4a attached) before I start stripping my steering one bit at a time ! (540i Touring) starts after about 20mins travel. Feels like it is in the steering somewhere rather than the strut mounts. I have squirted what I can get at to no avail ................. Thanks Voice 016.m4a
  8. fatdaddy

    A different wiper problem!

    Thanks Stew ................... will this be the brown relay I see mentioned with "wipers" ?
  9. fatdaddy

    A different wiper problem!

    My wipers and washers work.. sort of ! The stalk turns them on to wipe and to wash and to "flick wipe" if I push the stalk down. BUT I only have one wipe speed and none of the intermittent or rain sensing works. Checked fuses to no avail. any suggestions ? (and a Happy Xmas to all )
  10. fatdaddy

    Dash warnings. ABS ? Brake wear ?

    My lights are now staying out At one time I started getting the engine check light coming in, accompanied by multiple misfires. Code from that (apart from the cylinder misfire codes )gave "141 DSC intervention" and "106 Brake switch signal" The fluid level switch seemed to work according to my test meter so I went back to the wear sensor cables. The rear junction plug behind the splash panel was shitty so I cut it off and soldered the loom side wires together. Sort drive and no light ........ until almost back home Check the front one and did the same thing............... no change. Earthed out the level switch feed wire (grn/y/br I think) and no light Still no light after a day. SO it was the level switch but an intermittent break somewhere in the plug/socket or cap. Trip to the breaker now for some wear sensor sockets and get new sensors and fluid cap. At least I have learned more about INPA and WDS ! Thanks 530D and Supertramp
  11. fatdaddy

    Dash warnings. ABS ? Brake wear ?

    Thanks. What version of Java are you using with that ? [edit : the latest version but I had to reinstall Firefox to get it working] Can't get the hyperlinks within the diagrams to work though ?
  12. fatdaddy

    Dash warnings. ABS ? Brake wear ?

    Thanks........ is WDS still available anywhere ?
  13. I am getting the "check brake linings" message on my dash display AND the "red brake shoe with exclamation mark".All pads are good and fluid is correct level. Brakes work as they should. No speedo issue or gear changing issue.I joined the wear pads wires last week just to rule them out. (no change)When driving I will see the linings warning AND the red warning flash up together, never noticed it happening when braking. This will happen dozens of times and eventually the red light will stay on.... then the lining warning stops (until ignition is turned off).INPA shows all speed sensors working and tracking the speed together when driving.The red light gives a 151 error (canbus brake system).I did get a brake light switch code (6) but changing that has made no difference.I will trace the wear sensor wires back to see if there is a break anywhere BUTdoes anyone know if the red light SHOULD come on with the pad wear sensor ? I have seen a low voltage error logged with the canbus 151. Battery tests good and charging is good. Left in on a trickle charge overnight to see if that changes anything ?(I have added an image (not my dash) indicating the red light (shown orange in the pic) showing.) getting confused !
  14. fatdaddy

    Brake problem ?

    Reading you post again 535iAR.............. I remembered last week a couple of times thinking "oo.. should have changed up by now" . All the pads are checked and good. I have shorted together the wear sensor wires (will replace them later and both are old ) and cleared errors. Now to see what happens........
  15. fatdaddy

    Brake problem ?

    Pads are all OK. (first thing I checked ) So INPA would detect a duff wheel sensor ? (in which case I can rule them out) If it is a wear sensor would that trigger the 151 error as well ?