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  1. Thanks Dennis Yep rears are 275 35 19 When I say cruise about in no miss daisy but equally I'm no boy race although the V8 noise can be a bad influence. But I do understand these wheels have a negative effect on performance but with such a torquey V8 I haven't noticed in everyday situations it effecting acceleration so it's likely only negligeble the effect in the everyday road driving. I will deffinitly keep you in mind when making purchases. Darren
  2. Thanks They do weigh a lot but I have to say I haven't noticed any negatives from running them I'm not a speed freak I'm a cruiser so maybe that is why. They were not my first choice of wheel but they came up at such a good price I really couldn't say no, that and I had searched 121's on e39s before committing and they definitely grew on me and now there fitted I do like them especially from specific angles showing there deep centers. As for the front tyres I wrote the wrong fitted size the tyres currently on the front are 235/30 19 and it is a step up to the 35 that I want as they look odd next to the rear tyre wall height . Other plans are little things really like the exterior door handle lights, wiring the rings to activate when unlocking, M5 mirrors and a few other finishing touches
  3. Hi all, I've been a member here since 2008 (I think) when I bought my first 540ia, I'm now on my 4th 540i this time a manual which is what I've always wanted in a 540. as with all my previous I set about making it my own in the 4 weeks I've had it, I bought it off a customer of mine I run a garage and I have looked after this motor for about 6 years ever since my customer managed to talk his father into giving him the car, in all between him and his father they have owned it for 20 years since it was years old ad it has had a well looked after life. I managed to talk my customer into parting with it after I found he had just bought a newer 550i to replace it as it had developed some slight running issues, so after picking it up at a good price I set about sorting the issues, this was done by replacing all 8 ignition coils and a new Bosch air flow meter it now runs great. After sorting that I set about buying new parts for it, this took longer than anticipated due to everything moving slower since Covid, here's my list of parts - Replacement pre face lift clear repeater headlights -Facelift rear lights (with loom) -Smoked side repeaters -M style boot lip spoiler -Replacement boot (correct colour) due to the only rust on the car around the lock -Exhaust pipe, tail pipe and a silencer -Genuine Alpina front lip -Replica AC skirts -Black facelift front grills -8000K HID kit -SMD LED rings -LED number plate light units -Style 121 19" 6 series wheels -New HSD coilovers (these are amazing and ride so well) A few other bits I carried out or had done -Window tints -Paintless dent repair (all little dings around the entire car) -Machine polish 22year old paint (looks amazing for 22 years old) -Refurbed the style 121 wheels, came to me in gunmetal grey and I went with a coarse flake silver -Painted the the new lip, skirts and spoiler -Dismantled the headlights to fit the SMD rings and medium smoke the internal light lenses cutting out a circle around the headlight projector, the tints were mainly to hide the new SMD rings so hey can't be seen when not switched on -Fabricate a replacment exhaust (getting good at these being the 4th one I have done this way) -I have a machine shop at my garage so we milled out the centre bores of the style 121 wheels to fit the E39 hubs without adapters -Fitted my private plate -Dechrome I'm sure I've missed a few bits but you get the idea it's been a busy few weeks. Here's a few pictures I took the day I picked it up: Here's a few pics during the transformation Here's how it looks now 4 weeks later (would have been 2 weeks if everything arrived when it should have......) https://i.imgur.com/eG1AICo.jpg[/imfr A few more jobs still to do such as front wheel spacers possible rears too if I decide to roll the arches, possibly play with the height a bit more as it is literally as I set it the day I fitted the HSD coilovers change the front tyres as I don't like the 35 profile I'll switch them out for a 40 profile, I might if I can find them fit the sport bumpers. Then I should be where I want it to be.
  4. dpbayly

    To all you V8 owners, Evans waterless coolant

    When carrying out the live data runs the temp was very solid around 106-107 I think the vast volume needed in the m62 cooling system is an advantage here enabling the cooling efficiency to remain the same where as smaller cooling systems with less volume can't shift the heat as well that's only my opinion. As for cost it was about £70 for 2x 5ltr it prep fluid and £120 for 2x5ltr and 1x 2ltr of Evans power cool 180, the 2ltr was bought for topping up if it ever needed it as you can't as water at all, that said I was given the full 2ltrs with the car when I bought it last week and he confirmed he'd never needed to top it up since we carried out the work of swapping him over to Evans.
  5. Hi all, I'm happy to say I'm back in another 540i this being my 4th and first manual. Any way back to the point, in all my previous 540's I always wanted to try the Evans waterless coolant but I never could commit to the expense, but my latest 540i purchase was from one of my long time customers of my garage and of which 4 years ago when he had in quick succession serval coolant leak issues we discussed the advantages of Evans and so he gave me the go agreed to give it a go, first I throughly drained the system before adding the Evans prep fluid ran it up then throughly drained it again before adding the Evans Power Cool 180 coolant and that was 4 years and 20k ago and to this day its never needed a top up and as you can see in the video after a 20 mile run showing it at running temp and while still running I pop the bonnet and take the expansion cap off with barely a hiss showcasing the advantages of this great product no pressure so no risk of sudden and dramatic failure of cooling system components. In a previous 540 my first one in fact about 11yrs ago I'll never forget travelling down the motorway at 70 when with a bang one of the hoses down the back of the engine let go without warning in a cloud of stream leaving me stranded at the side of a motorway. It's exactly that reason why this is the way to go as the cooling system in the V8's runs at over 100 degrees the only way it can do this without it boiling in the engine is to run under pressure which in turn increases the boiling temp until it bursts and it boils off instantly, anyway this Evans coolant dose not boil until 180 degrees so as it never gets close to that temp there is no expansion so in turn no pressure. There are other advantages to which I won't get into but check it out on the Evans site, for me the main advantages is longevity and safe running off the cooling system and to all those who say because they read it CAN not DOSE on some systems causes it to run hotter when it was first added we carried out before and after live data runs with the Bosch diagnostics hooked up and there was no difference of the running temp at all. http://www.evanscoolants.co.uk/Coolants/Performance/power_cool_180 It runs perfect and has done for the 4yrs and 20k it's been used and with freezing protection for life it never needs changing https://youtu.be/lXUBzkWlgy4
  6. dpbayly

    Alpina B10 V8 suspension

    Are these still available?
  7. Well I'm a mechanic so for me it was dead easy, any garage can carry this mod out easily in less then 45mins I reckon.
  8. dpbayly

    Opinions on K Sport Caliper Colour

    I like the red K sport calipers, I fitted a set to my 3.0 V6 A4 Avant a couple of years back along with 2 piece 256mm discs. Was a bit of a mission as the kit came off my brother-in-laws focus ST before he sold it so he had to machine the bells to fit and knock me up some adapter brackets but they looked great and worked even better:
  9. Sounds good to me only 20 miles up the road from me count me in as a regular
  10. dpbayly

    540 Auto transmission remap?

    Ok thanks for the heads up
  11. dpbayly

    540 Auto transmission remap?

    Thanks I'll look into that.
  12. dpbayly

    540 Auto transmission remap?

    Does this exist and has anyone any experience i'm looking at something to speed up/sharpening up the gears changes?
  13. Couldn't resist in one last play with the exhaust and I've ended up going back to a straight pipe..... new better videos and my explanation of why I did this can be found in post 21 along with some new videos of setting off and a fly by that sounds amazing http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/106978-a-video-showing-my-exhaust-mod-540-v8-new-better-videos-added-post-21/?p=1146694
  14. well I did too and I liked it so much and missed that epic sound that I decided the drone was a side effect that I can live with after all so yesterday went back into work and changed my exhaust for a 4th time!!!!!!!!! I had tried to keep the sound but lose the drone with several attempts but never really achieving what I wanted, here's my post of how i had it before going back to a straight pipe: http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/107887-540-exhaust-modification-take-3/ So I',m now back the the original sound in my first video and after driving it about yesterday I cant stop smiling again so the drone is something I will be living with as a trade off to the EPIC EPIC noise of planting the throttle. A couple of pics from yesterday up on the ramp yet again getting the exhaust chopped about: box removed and straight pipe tacked in position: dropped off the car to weld up nicely: and back on all done: A couple of videos I made yesterday better than the first video if you have good speakers or use head phones then turn it up Starting and revving: Driving off, foot planted but not in sport: Drive by in sport mode sounds crazy and listen carefully after I pass the camera you'll hear it touch the rev limiter just as it changes gear sounds mad with the exhaust like this:
  15. dpbayly

    E39 530d transmission failsafe mode help!

    I'd advise a fluid and filter change if it's never been done.