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  1. bm530

    The E55k so far......

    I'm a big AMG fan. I love mine glad your enjoying it.
  2. bm530

    Ticket from Smart Parking?

  3. Yup very similar to midnight purple from Nissan. Love that colour.
  4. Someone went to town and ordered it pretty well specced. Interiors lovely exterior no thanks, it would have to be Singapore grey or azurite black with that interior.
  5. I seen one of them yesterday and I didn't even look twice at it. I have heard alot of people raving about them though.
  6. bm530

    What options do you actually need?

    For me it would be Comfort access Active cruise control HUD B+O surround sound Heated and cooled massage seats Sat Nav with HDD for storing music, DAB, Bluetooth. LSD Competion Pack Auto Auto boot 360 surround cameras Alacantara headlining Cup holders Parking sensors LED active headlights Dimming mirrors Heated steering wheel 4 zone climate control. Rear entertainment pack So pretty much everything that's avail on the options list
  7. I've been keeping an eye on it, imo it's not worth £60k maybe £50k but he's not willing to budge. Oh well.
  8. bm530

    Who here has got the man flu?

    Lol dispersible 30/500 codines are pretty decent. Take 2 and they knock me out cold.
  9. San marino Blue is the colour you want for an M6GC preferably with the competition pack like this one. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201604303503357?quicksearch=true&postcode=g11yu&page=1&sort=atcustom&search-target=usedcars&radius=1500&onesearchad=used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew&model=m6_gran_coupe&make=bmw&logcode=p
  10. This would be my shortlist M6 GC RS6 63 AMG 5.5 Biturbo of some sort Fully agree with teh interiors being abit well shit, The BMW interiors are lovely, had a look around a 750bhp RS6 that had just been remapped and some exhaust work . The interior on that was ok better than the Merc's but not as nice as the BM's
  11. Get an E63 or any 63 5.5l Biturbo and get some weistec goodies on it. 750bhp comfort and the noise
  12. bm530

    The 760LI

    Yeh it was one of the cars I never wanted to move on but knew I'd have to. It's happened now at least I've been there done that. Gone for a face-lift Biturbo. This one's here to stay. I popped in to see a mate on the way home and heard they can give 750bhp
  13. bm530

    The 760LI

    Hasn't Merc been around longer than BMW anyway
  14. bm530

    The 760LI

    Thanks for the replys guys I've had my fair share of AMG's and M cars and can honestly say theres not that much in them, I would happily have either but the smile the AMG puts on your face the M's can only match with an aftermarket exhaust. I have to keep this one a little longer due to a change in circumstances, so it's here to stay for the now.
  15. bm530

    The 760LI

    Been replaced by an E63 AMG Not a patch on the 760 but its been done now. Got a few plans up ma sleeve though. Rise of the machines is coming along good, I'll be back on it Monday hopefully.