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  1. kobayashi

    Number Plates

    Yes, just standard legal plates. I’d really like some replicas of the original Sytner plates but I’m not sure that anyone does anything like that.
  2. kobayashi

    Number Plates

    Who makes decent number plates? I need to replace the ones on my E34 as they are delaminating. Thanks.
  3. kobayashi

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Put the amber lenses back on and fitted a new washer fluid level sensor. I’ve also managed to get a set of early mats in the correct colour, only taken about 12 years of searching!
  4. kobayashi

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Thank you. Yes. It’s an early 3.6 - March 1990. I’ve had it for the last 14 years. Love it.
  5. kobayashi

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Gave it a quick clean. Will be using it as a daily driver for a while.
  6. kobayashi


    Unfortunately herd immunity requires a large percentage of the population to get the virus and recover from it. If 50million people in the country get the virus, about 5% will require intensive care treatment, that is 250,000 people. Before this crisis we had around 5000 intensive care beds. Most hospitals have managed to triple this capacity at a push with having to use staff that are not intensive care trained. If you need ventilation then most patients that survive need about two weeks on a ventilator. Trying to get 250,000 people through 15-20,000 beds is not possible in any reasonable time frame, especially if the infection rate doesn’t slow significantly. Please. Stay at home.
  7. kobayashi


    We have had a lot of young people without any underlying health conditions seriously ill, requiring intensive care and ventilation. I’m talking about people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. It is not true that it just affects the old and the vulnerable. No one is immune from getting seriously ill. Mortality is about 50% for ventilated patients. On a positive note, we have successfully treated and discharged over 50 people who were in need of hospital treatment. I know it’s hard to keep to the rules but it really is essential in order to slow down the transmission of this dreadful disease and allow the NHS to be able to cope. We are fearful of having to make terrible decisions about who and who doesn’t get full treatment. Please. Stay at home.
  8. kobayashi


    As someone working in a hospital helping to provide critical care I can assure you that it is very serious indeed. Please stick to the advice the government has issued and try to keep as many people safe as possible.
  9. kobayashi

    F10 vs F90 M5

    I’ve had an F10 M5 for the last 7 years and love it. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with one. I’m sure the F90 would be much the same.
  10. kobayashi

    Welding in Herts

    Tony Fowkes autos are in Park Royal so not too far away from Herts. Great service and excellent work.
  11. kobayashi

    Bristol to ban diesel cars 2021?

    As much as this is bad news for us lovers of older cars we simply can’t keep running them as everyday transport. The air quality in city centres is appalling and we need to minimise the use of fossil fuels going forward.
  12. kobayashi

    Car part suppliers - Autodoc and others.

    I bought loads of stuff from Autodoc when I overhauled my E36. Had no problems at all but it did take a while to get the parts. I've had far more trouble with ECP, several times they have sent the incorrect parts and have been a pain in the arse about getting the correct replacements. No one is perfect when it comes to parts in my experience.
  13. kobayashi

    Discs and pads for 1M coupe.

    Hi, could you give me a quote for front and rear discs and pads for my 1M coupe? Chassis number VS71844. Thanks.
  14. kobayashi

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    You've just got a bigger gator in the swamp now. How do you think he’s any different from the rest of the self serving shitheads? He’s pulled the wool over the eyes of many Americans by telling them what they want to hear regardless of whether it can be achieved or if he has any intention of delivering. A bit like Farage.
  15. kobayashi

    Air Con - Quality Enhancement

    It just means they’d like you to get them to service your air con. Does it work ok?