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  1. V8Warrior

    All sold now.

    It was sold last year, apologies.
  2. V8Warrior

    Breaking E39 1998 540 touring, M62TUB44

    Bit of a long shot, do you still have the flex plate (auto flywheel) still?
  3. V8Warrior

    All sold now.

    Gearbox sold pending cleared payment. Other parts still available
  4. V8Warrior

    All sold now.

    Maybe It started as a bit of an “is it possible?” idea that snowballed to a lockdown project. But here’s a video of the first outing on track last year at Donington.
  5. V8Warrior

    All sold now.

    Due to fitting my M5 with a 7 speed DCT gearbox, I now have for sale my original 6 speed manual 420g gearbox and associated parts. 131k miles on the gearbox when removed and zero issues with no crunching, whines or graunching. Nice smooth changes when hot and cold and yearly oil changes regardless of mileage in my 8 years of ownership. Does not come with shift arm cradle as that was used on a separate project. £1300ovno E39 M5 LUK dual mass flywheel with clutch and cover. Only covered 10k miles since fitting and in perfect condition with approx 15mm of backlash rotation of the DMW (which is the same as new). £300ovno E39 M5 prop shaft. No rotational play in the lobro joint and the central UJ and support bearing is fine too. £300ovno Coolerworx short shifter. Mounts to the trans tunnel and ensures a crisp rifle bolt like gear change. 1 year old and in as-new condition. £300ovno Postage available on smaller items at buyers expense. Collection on larger items from near Leeds, West Yorkshire, or arrange your own palletised transport. Photos will be added shortly
  6. V8Warrior

    M62/M62TU 4.4 V8 crankshaft

    Wanted. Crankshaft from an M62 or M62TU 4.4. Not bothered about condition of bearings or journals providing the unit isn’t bent. Only required for use as a mandrel to balance a flywheel. Cheers
  7. V8Warrior

    Breaking E39 1998 540 touring, M62TUB44

    No longer require prop. Obtained elsewhere. Cheers though.
  8. V8Warrior

    Breaking E39 1998 540 touring, M62TUB44

    Yup. Providing it’s the larger CV joint (94mm between bolt centres iirc).
  9. V8Warrior

    Breaking E39 1998 540 touring, M62TUB44

    Do you still have the prop available please? I need the rear half (with the CV/Lobro joint) and a good 18” of tube. Cheers
  10. V8Warrior

    OEM E39 M5 Style 65 wheels with almost new tyres

    BTTT - Price reduced to £800 as I'm needing the space in the workshop! Gram a bargain as rear wheels are NLA from BMW!!!
  11. V8Warrior

    E39 M5

    Some old knacker...
  12. Due to converting the M5 to a dedicated track car, I have my "as-new" OEM 6 speed illuminated shift knob/gaiter for sale. This was fitted a year ago to the car and was bought brand new from BMW at considerable cost! Looking for £100 delivered with fully insured delivery.
  13. FOEM BMW E39 M5 style 65 alloys. No cracks, no welds, no buckles. 3 of them (both rears, 1 front) are in immaculate condition. 1 front has slight scuffing where a ham fisted tyre fitter was rushing and scraped the lip with the tyre machine. This scrape has been touched in with paint to protect the powder coating from lifting (it was done 2 years ago). All wheels have almost new Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 tyres with reinforced sidewalls. They have covered around 2000 miles since fitting and are all above 7mm tread depth with even wear. Correct size tyres are fitted. 275/35/18 rear and 245/40/18 front. Located near Wakefield. Buyer to collect or I can meet up to 50 miles radius from Wakefield. Knackered sets with no tyres are going for 5-600 with no tyres which require full refurbishment. Grab yourself a bargain! £900 ovno.