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  1. V8Warrior

    OEM E39 M5 Style 65 wheels with almost new tyres

    BTTT - Price reduced to £800 as I'm needing the space in the workshop! Gram a bargain as rear wheels are NLA from BMW!!!
  2. V8Warrior

    E39 M5

    Some old knacker...
  3. Due to converting the M5 to a dedicated track car, I have my "as-new" OEM 6 speed illuminated shift knob/gaiter for sale. This was fitted a year ago to the car and was bought brand new from BMW at considerable cost! Looking for £100 delivered with fully insured delivery.
  4. FOEM BMW E39 M5 style 65 alloys. No cracks, no welds, no buckles. 3 of them (both rears, 1 front) are in immaculate condition. 1 front has slight scuffing where a ham fisted tyre fitter was rushing and scraped the lip with the tyre machine. This scrape has been touched in with paint to protect the powder coating from lifting (it was done 2 years ago). All wheels have almost new Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 tyres with reinforced sidewalls. They have covered around 2000 miles since fitting and are all above 7mm tread depth with even wear. Correct size tyres are fitted. 275/35/18 rear and 245/40/18 front. Located near Wakefield. Buyer to collect or I can meet up to 50 miles radius from Wakefield. Knackered sets with no tyres are going for 5-600 with no tyres which require full refurbishment. Grab yourself a bargain! £900 ovno.
  5. V8Warrior

    Upsetting the purists...

    I’ll get some more pictures up soon, just waiting on a new servotronic solenoid as I (like a dick) smashed mine when lowering the subframe :|
  6. The M5 has been under an almost 4 month transformation. The purists are already screaming and shouting. But 1590KG with a full tank of fuel isn't to be sniffed at!
  7. V8Warrior

    Carbon Fibre Roof Pics

    More Details on price and lead time please? I approached CA about one but their mould is damaged so no more from them
  8. V8Warrior

    E39 BM54 Unit

    I have 2. Both round pin, one is standard and fully working. The other is a stage 2 Cartronics modified one and fully working and still under warranty with Cartronics.
  9. Sorry for not getting back on this sooner, had a lot of crap going on lately so I've had to take a backseat from the things I enjoy Ref the radiator - I did a comparison with the Direnza one against the stock BEHR unit - a good amount of testing on the car under all conditions and then a physical side-by-side comparison. Long and short of it, don't waste your money on the Direnza item on an M5. Stick with the OEM BEHR unit but obtain a new one from someone like Simon at C3BMW - He supplies them direct from Hella/BEHR and they are identical to the ones you would buy from the dealership - with the exception of the BMW roundel being filed off. Everything else is there, all BMW part numbers etc etc. To give example of just how good Simon is at C3BMW, I ordered a new radiator from him in the afternoon. It arrived next day direct from Hella/BEHR. It was faulty (No fault of Simon's) and had aquired some "banana" type twisting. Simon immediately dispatched another radiator on next day delivery and arranged for the defective unit to be sent directly back to Hella/BEHR at no extra cost to me. Now that is great service and as such, I'll use Simon for other parts in future! So to sum up, stick with OEM for the radiator - you simply won't find better.
  10. V8Warrior

    E39 M5

    I'd love to know who you came to the diagnosis of worn timing chain - It's not something that you can tell just from looking at it down the oil filler......
  11. V8Warrior

    What Water Pump, Viscous Fan & Thermostat???

    Have a watch of my electric fan fitment video. It's for an M5, but the principle is the same on all other E39's https://youtu.be/gLRR5TKSr0U
  12. V8Warrior

    Sunroofs. Does yours whistle a little bit?

    All 4 seals when I did all them in the video came to about £95 with trade discount, without digging the invoice out, it was something along the lines of £25ish for the sunroof seal
  13. V8Warrior

    What Water Pump, Viscous Fan & Thermostat???

    Simon at C3BMW is superb - I ordered a brand new OEM BEHR radiator for the M5 from him (but shipped directly from Hella/BEHR), it turned up damaged defective - twisted like a banana over the core by about an inch Spoke to him over the phone and without any issue at all had a brand new one dispatched for next day delivery and then had the defective one collected too. That's the sort of service I like, and it's what will keep my custom too. For the "It must be BMW only radiator purists" - the BMW roundel had been clearly ground off, but the rest of the BMW part numbers were in place.