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  1. Ooh, just popped back in here after a prolonged leave of absence after recently pining for my old E34 tourer and this has just got me really missing the old girl...
  2. Smiler

    BMW 540i vs BMW M5

    I haven't read all the replies as I'm off out in a minute but has anyone give any thought to the handling? Does the V8 weigh much more than the six? I know that when I upgraded from a 518 to a 525i cornering felt very wallowy in comparison.
  3. Smiler

    e34 owners are you keeping for ever....?

    Mine would have been a keeper if it had lasted long enough. Sadly terminal rear sill rot put paid to that.
  4. Smiler

    End of another 525 TDS Tourer

    I do still have the car but currently have two people after the rear wiper mechanism complete, though I think one of them (Piper) might be about to drop out. I'll let you know what happens. Piper, the car is an E34 model (hence this being in the E34 section). It is a 1994 model E34 525 TDS Tourer in silver with black interior.
  5. Smiler

    I need to bleed my 525 TDS

    oh yeah, three year old diesel might not be too clever.
  6. Smiler

    I need to bleed my 525 TDS

    These engines should be self bleeding and it should just be a case of cranking (and cranking) the engine over until it fires.
  7. Smiler

    End of another 525 TDS Tourer

    I removed the tow bar assembly today ready for ebay. I was really impressed at how the rear bumper nuts all undid with no more than a crack with the breaker bar. I was equally impressed with just how sturdy the bracket assembly is. Also with how easily the six brakect mounting bolts unwound with no sawing or grinding. What I wasn't so impressed with however was how the original installer saw fit to weld the bracket in place at two of the mounting tangs to the rear cross member! The assembly is now off but with bits of rear cross-member still attached (grinding off tomorrow) and a couple of nasty holes left behind in the shell. Not that it matters but felt a bit like vandalism cutting her like that.
  8. That install in the picture looks to me as though it would be ideal if the car was centre steer and you were sat in the middle of the rear bench seat. But sound does strange things and it's not often so obvious. I haven't try'd the processor route but can see how that would have a great improvement (for the driver at least).
  9. That sounds pretty much as my new car is set up and it deffinately pulls compared to the dash top mounted tweeters of the E34. In fact, I fitted a pair of tweeters to the dash top of my mk3 Escort many moons ago with good results (relatively) to the sound stage. Unless of course it is, as you say, just down to my personal taste. But I do have a rather nice seperates Hi-Fi system at home that has excellent imagery.
  10. Tweeters in door posts? Are you sure that's a good idea? That usualy pulls the sound imaging to the side horrendously. My new car has them mounted by the door mirrors and the sound stage is terrible compared to that in the E34 with the standard setup.
  11. Smiler

    End of another 525 TDS Tourer

    Well a few other E34s have benefited from my cars demise. So far the leather seats have gone to a 518 tourer in Wales, The lift sensor injector and inlet manifold have gone off to Ireland and the centre console rear vents system and 'spot-lamps' interior light have gone to two locations in England. Still a few more bits to liberate before the poor girls final journey. Still feeling gutted about it despite driving its much younger replacement for a couple of weeks now.
  12. Smiler

    Where have all the E34 M5's gone?

    As said, it's not just the M5 E34 that's getting scarce. My daily smoker 525 TDS Tourer recently passed away and so I hit eBay and autotrader to find another. Not a single TDS Tourer nationawide (when I bought the car two years ago there were a few around) and little by way of any other E34. I'd love an M5 but with my budget I ended up with a Rover 75! Still, better than the other competition for the money (other than perhaps a tired E36). Smiler.
  13. Smiler

    End of another 525 TDS Tourer

    Piper - do you still require those items? I have had someone else asking me about the rear wiper. Please PM me. Cheers.
  14. Smiler

    End of another 525 TDS Tourer

    The boot trim is all servicable and in good order (though 17 years old so not showroom fresh). The tailgate trim toolbox hinges have all snapped though. The door cards are pretty good but the leather seats are currently on ebay with the option of the doorcards for the winning bidder. I am located near Andover.
  15. Smiler

    End of another 525 TDS Tourer

    Thanks for the replies, I feel sad every morning when I see it sat there covered in frost whilst I get into its replacement parked next to it. I should be able to help with some parts. The bootlid toolbox I'm afraid is shot as the hinges have all snapped. The tailgate glass section gas struts are also limp I'm afraid (I have the lumps and scars on top of my cranium to prove!) One front fog is ok but the other has broken mountings. I think it's the nearside that is the good one. Tailgate seal is good. Rear wiper motor good. Where abouts are you? I'm in Hampshire. Oh, I also have lots of alloy wheels. Six Original and a set of four E39 type. Cheers, Smiler. Numberplate lamps good. Window switch pack good.