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  1. andy_ran

    2jz swapped E60

    Weapon! Love it
  2. Well the insurance firm has agreed to repair the car. The estimate is 22k worth of damage!!
  3. More reports surfacing. This one was from the 5th Exactly the same mo Not and f10 this time. Please all be extra vigilant
  4. I have checked with the owner, some are OK, others are not - it seems they too care with the bits that where being removed at the expense of the bits they didn't want Over 30 reported incidents in the last two weeks on Kent now not just f10's but the latest range rovers and anything newish from bmw
  5. They kept the bits they wanted neat and tidy, ripped and cut the car loom to bits sadly
  6. I expect the police will be doing that Apparently they did 3 cars in one night
  7. I think it might be, it's a mega low mileage example so it will be close
  8. andy_ran

    BMWs in Modern Classics mag

    Looking forward to reading this one. Modern classics seems to get better with every issue
  9. Hi Guys Haven't been on for a while but thought I should share this. Very good friend of mine has (had) a Lovely F10 M5 and last night on his drive it got broken in too and had almost all the electronics stolen from it along with interior items It wasn't a have a go hero, it was clearly organised and according to the police they hit 3 F10s last night in his area (Kent) but its a widening issue. First, they covered the movement sensor on the floodlights, then the CCTV camera! Cut a hole in the front bumper and filled the alarm siren with expanding foam, along with cutting the wires to it. They also filled a compartment behind the rear wheel with expanding foam, then drilled into the driver's door and gained access. Once inside they stole all the electronics, screens and M Interior bits. This was done on his driveway, in a built-up neighborhood Forensics where on site within 20 mins as they were taking samples from another car locally.
  10. They have quite the inventory on their main website! http://www.gmscars.co.uk/ BMW L7 750IXL and an ALPINA B12 5.7 eKAT
  11. That's what I thought too! They are not however on closer inspection they are all clearly different cars Prices are keen, not quite 4 Star classics keen mind you.
  12. Why is she going? Looks like a fine example
  13. Eat better and move more as its already been said time over - I walk a lot these days (mostly around a golf course) and the unwanted weight is coming off and my fitness is improving all the time.
  14. andy_ran

    Cordless Power Tools recommendations please!

    For DIY like above anything from the above is fine or better For professional Makita and HILTI are the way forward but if your budget doesn't stretch that far the high-end DeWalt and Bosch are also good
  15. andy_ran

    Which 3 cars - lottery win

    Range Rover for a daily Ferrari 250 Spyder V12 Lamborghini - Aventador Roadster or Merci Roadster or Diablo Roadster