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  1. vhan96


    Thanks it was the heater hose to the drivers side matrix £27.00 and job done. Ian.
  2. vhan96


    Help 1999 535i water leek back of engine rubber pipe split wot is this part connected to . Thanks Ian . //
  3. vhan96

    Push Fan (aircon part)

    Hello and good morning I need a new or second hand part (1999 535i) ware can I gat one from? Thanks Ian.
  4. vhan96

    Where should I go.

    You can try Forest Motors in Lincoln BMW independent behind Wiks on Outer Circle Road.
  5. vhan96

    Anyone on here in Boston? (The English one)

    Hi I'm in Lincoln wots up. Ian
  6. vhan96

    anyone watching Lemans?

    I'm watching on QUEST tv live on free view sofar its been good info
  7. vhan96

    Merry Christmas one and all!

    And a happy new year to you all
  8. vhan96

    Coil spring

    Thank you RichE39 will have a go at the weekend when i have the parts . B M W parts [2 coilsprings £156.68 ball joint £33.56 interg.link £39.26 all plus VAT . Ian in Lincoln.
  9. vhan96

    Coil spring

    Just faild M O T broken rear coil spring [how do i replace it] all so bottom ball joint/intergral link back near side . 1999 535i thanks ian
  10. vhan96

    Anyone into Thai cooking?

    sorry but all her recipes are secret and from north Thailand but thay all tast good
  11. vhan96

    Anyone into Thai cooking?

    Hi my brother and his Thai wife own and run the Thai Chang Mia restarent in Lincoln
  12. Hi will be leaving lincoln in half hour will have a strole round Calver/Cubar/Buxton then meet up with you lott at the Lamb at 1ish. Ian
  13. My 535i had the same probelm it was the mass air flow meater
  14. Hi hope to make this meet been to the last 3 at the cat&fidd hope its warmer down in the vally . Ian in LINCOLN.