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  1. minicooper172

    Top Gear

    The first one was utter pants. What a hateful gobshite Chris Evans is - he clearly cannot drive, either. Utter, utter waste of skin. I thoroughly enjoyed the second episode last night, though. I put in quite a bit of effort to ignore absolutely everything that Evans said and did and held down the fast forward button for the boring snoozefest in the middle. Matt LeBlanc should be the front man, I think he's brilliant!
  2. minicooper172

    Wired home network help

    Potentially, yes, as you will broadcast all of the data packets you send and receive. It's not so much a security risk, more a bloody nuisance for other people. When you use WiFi in your house, your router and your phone or whatever are communicating with each other by transmitting signals on various, but strictly controlled frequencies, at strictly controlled power levels and radiation patterns. They're strictly controlled so that the people using parts of the spectrum either side can use their bit of spectrum and not affect you, and so that you don't drive them nuts by transmitting your stuff all over their bit of spectrum. When the internet comes to your house it comes on a heavily shielded transmission line in the form of coaxial cable. This "internet signal" is a very wide band signal which can range from 5 MHz all the way up to around 1200 MHz (at the time of writing). The upper limit (the larger number of the two) is getting higher and higher as bandwidth demands keep going the way they are. It's mostly the heavy shielding around your coaxial cables that stop this signal urinating all over the spectrum. Your mains wiring around your house is not shielded at all and works like an antenna quite nicely, on lots of the spectrum. Not really a problem for you as you're nice and cosy with your thick copper wires conveniently taking power and internet to your devices, lovely, but not for other people using that absolutely massive chunk of spectrum you've just wiped out. A chunk of spectrum that Ofcom could sell for billions.
  3. minicooper172

    Wired home network help

    That Powerline abortion is utterly horrible and causes an absolute mess over the band. It turns all of your mains wiring into a rather large antenna, which will both radiate and receive most of the spectrum. Not good.
  4. minicooper172

    Totally random, can anyone mp3 vinyl for me?

    Duncan, I'll do it for you. You can have it MP3, FLAC, WAV, anything you want. Let me know what the record is and I'll order it from Discogs.
  5. minicooper172

    Trolley Jack

    +1 for the aluminium "racing" jacks. I've got one and it's superb - most importantly, it has a nice, large diameter lifting cup made of thick material so it doesn't punch holes in things.
  6. minicooper172

    Air Impact Guns recommendations please.

    230 ft lb is pretty low for a 1/2" impact gun. I've got a Blue Point one which is rated at 550 ft lb - it will undo wheel bolts without much trouble. Is it really worth the hassle of putting the compressor on, getting the hose out, and all of that rubbish when you could just get a breaker bar out? You'll need a torque wrench to put the wheels back on anyway.
  7. minicooper172

    FS: E34 Front Number Plate Replacement Strip

    Sold chaps.
  8. I've got a number plate replacement strip for an E34. It's a clip-in panel that replaces the number plate holder for shows, or if you think it looks good driving around with your number plate on your dash. It's brand new, unopened in original packaging. Part number is 51 11 2 232 451. £20 posted to the UK.
  9. minicooper172

    Car Modifying Rules

    What about if it's a debadged-from-factory M5 and you want a badge on there?
  10. minicooper172

    RIP Donut

    Absolutely terrible news. RIP Donut.
  11. minicooper172

    Nostalgic about cars you used to own

    Just look at that ground clearance!
  12. minicooper172

    Accident questions

    I'm not sorry that this is completely off-topic. That E39 is lovely. It sits well.
  13. minicooper172

    EU Membership

    I think this is quite a good point. I am worried about the younger generation of this country and their attitudes and choices, and I'm "only" 26. I'd vote out, by the way. No, as with everything else the useless, overpaid, unemployable, question-dodging knob jockey "promised". DC couldn't negotiate his way out of bed. It'll be more a case of the EU kind of agreeing with one particular item on his agenda, taken well out of context. This will be ill-reported and might briefly raise morale in a few circles, given that The Daily Mail headline will read something along the lines of "VICTORY FOR GOOD OLD WHITE BRITANNIA", whilst The Guardian will read "HUMAN RIGHTS IN JEOPARDY" and that'll probably be the end of it. What referendum? Referendumgate - you heard it here first.
  14. minicooper172

    ive just won an e28 on ebay!

    Fair enough. I erroneously assumed it was dropped outside your house, hence the question after seeing a multi-storey type establishment. Looks nice in post #80 - decent paint.
  15. minicooper172

    ive just won an e28 on ebay!

    I don't understand. Are you driving it about with a mashed up front end?