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  1. bulletproofbomb

    Wanted: Style 4 wheel for an e34 (15")

    Think maybe I have been left holding the last three! Cheers, might have a look around, though it's not urgent.
  2. bulletproofbomb

    Wanted: Style 4 wheel for an e34 (15")

    Hey Duncan, sorry, missed your reply until just now...oh right...got three here...just my luck! hah-ha!
  3. bulletproofbomb

    Wanted: Style 4 wheel for an e34 (15")

    Some random sorting out in the shed, and found I have three wheels, when it would be nice to have four... Anyone got a Style 4 wheel in 15" et20 oem number is 1180306 originally for 7 series I think, but fit e34s Not urgent at all, but just wondering if I can get a set of four together for some random point in the future...
  4. bulletproofbomb

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    Yes, though need to start the project first! Cheers Time flies these days but be good to catch up some time...
  5. bulletproofbomb

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    Cheers Duncan. Never going to put my name a timescale when it comes to cars... I'd like to try and make some progress next year, even if only getting things to move under their own power again- bit of a sorry state at the moment, and not likely to be on the road for a while as ££ a bit of an issue.
  6. bulletproofbomb

    The " Golden Nugget " BMW E34 540i/6T BH15021

    Just noticed this...Gold 540iT6 I like my blue one, but can't beat a bit of gold (whatever the car companies call it...)
  7. bulletproofbomb

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    Flat stars are great - easy to clean, and look great, particularly on a V8, where they belong. Stuck sunroof not an issue for mine thankfully (as it doesn't have one...), though I am sure there'll be plenty of other jobs required to put her back on the road again...
  8. bulletproofbomb

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    Ah okay, thanks. Might see how you get on, though tempting to get some lined up for the future anyway...Thanks.
  9. bulletproofbomb

    '94 540i Touring 6spd - The Money Pit!

    Hi Mazz, Where did you get the sill panels? Nnot had my covers off yet, but don't expect I'll be lucky enough to find them rust-free when I do...
  10. bulletproofbomb

    North London/Herts Meet - 1st Wed of every month

    The Date: First Wednesday of the month as a regular slot. (with a reminder to see if it will be a mega-meet or a maybe-next-time.) The Place: The Crooked Chimney (Cromer Hyde Lane, Lemsford, Welwyn Garden City AL8 7XE) The time: about 7.30pm, though there's nothing formal about it, and people arrive at a selection of times, especially when their navigation is as bad as mine... That makes the next meeting 1st April- and I am on holiday! Surely I can make it in May, but no promises...
  11. bulletproofbomb

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Tried to start one of the "lurkers" but all of the various batteries I had were too lame, and jump-start off a tractor didn't have enough poke either The clutch had seized too, so I cleaned off the cobwebs, evicted the field vole than was living in a plastic tub in the boot, and put on a proper car cover in place of the tarpaulin, and did something else! (e34 535i by the way). What I should have done is found the parts and put my passenger window back on its rails in the e34 525i Touring, but where's the fun in doing the essential jobs! (editied to sort out my hasty...bad...typing...)
  12. bulletproofbomb

    E31 840i gearbox in E34 540I

    I have got an e34 540i engine with box connected to it sitting doing nothing. Never drove the vehicle myself, but the engine came out a functional car that was broken by the previous owner due to unsolved electrical gremlins related to the engine ECU. South of Cambridge, and don't need the auto bits (or any of it if you ask some people!) Need to get decent money for it though, so not a freebie I am afraid, but PM me if you want more info.
  13. bulletproofbomb

    North London/Herts Meet - 1st Wed of every month

    Passion still here, but it's the time that seems to keep disappearing...and a combination of deadlines all within about 3 days of each other, means no wriggle-room on this one, despite saving it in the diary early. Personally I find it easier to do weekday evenings than weekends, but it does make Autumn/Winter meets a bit less appealing, as the only incentive then is the great company , and I do like to see people's cars too! Duncan and I managed to attend one evening within the past year, though it was a bit of an intimate beer-for-two evening... One option is to dispense with arranging a date to suit all, and simply make it a fixed day, such as the 1st/2nd/3rd Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday of the month and the worst case is you go for a drive to a pub with nice food. A quick reminder post on here the week before and give opportunity to confirm if the journey is worthwhile for those with a longer journey. The fixed point in the month means planning is easier, though a few random meets during Summer months would allow for those who can't do the regular meet. "Got to be out tonight dear, as it's that time of the month...forumBMW5 time!" (Maybe monthly is too often all year round) What do you think?
  14. bulletproofbomb

    North London/Herts Meet - 1st Wed of every month

    Sorry, but I will now be at work...
  15. bulletproofbomb

    Anyone seen this type of wiper arm before?

    My 1990 535i SE has that style, as did a later e34 540i. Worm gear drive at the base of the shaft actuates the mechanism.