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  1. tonybmw

    E12 E28 sunroof panel, no rot, £30.

    I'm having a clear out of E12 bits, let me know what you want
  2. tonybmw

    possible starter motor issue

    Check the earth strap from the engine to the chassis, and clean the contact areas as needed if that's ok then yes I'd suspect the starter
  3. tonybmw

    Cold start/tick over problem

    Sounds like the cold start valve to me
  4. tonybmw


    Just looked back at the pictures and Id forgotten how much work went into getting this car back on the road
  5. tonybmw

    e12 528i Build - Pic heavy!

    Wheels look great, this has always been one my favourite E12's, great colour/ wheel / stance combo
  6. tonybmw


    Was my Pleasure Mark, great to get another car back on the road, and I know that you intend to keep it for some time More pics here on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.343233955804421.1073741827.343230849138065&type=3 or here https://www.facebook.com/tonybmwuk
  7. tonybmw

    BMW torch battery

    Good question, as none of mine work anymore
  8. tonybmw

    BBS RS tidy up

    I like that light gold I have to say
  9. tonybmw

    Intermittent poor idle when cold.

    Sounds like cold start injector to me The E12 doesn't have the same idle control system as the E28
  10. tonybmw

    Mileometer broken

    I certainly have spare clocks aswell, if Tim doesn't
  11. tonybmw

    Where does this go?

    That certainly is an odd one, I must have broken or crawled under, over a dozen cars at least and never yet once have I seen one of those I guess it must be one of those parts that gets thrown away at the first exhaust change Tony
  12. tonybmw

    Leaking sunroof switch?

    Yes as Ian says likely to be blocked drain tubes, however I did have one where the drain tube had rotted through just behind the headlining, so when water was poured down the drain tube, it went away, but the reality was it was still leaking into the car
  13. As long as its not a later M30 from an E28, as they are different to the Earlier M90's fitted to the E12 M535, then it will be ok, and the fact you suggest that it came from a 535 auto suggests that perhaps it is an E28 engine as long as its the earlier engine, then You'll need to swap the flywheel over from the manual car, but other than that should be very straight forward
  14. tonybmw

    M535 E12 1/18 scale. (Arrived)

    nice, will definitely get one of those
  15. tonybmw

    Help with e12 front wings

    As Duncan says, its Normal I'm sure Sikaflex do a similar product