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  1. SplitBusVanatic

    Folding mirrors, switch & control module

    The mirrors that fold are all memory equipped. I’d be nearly certain of that.
  2. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 M5 Extended Caramel Heritage Leather, complete

    Due to multiple pm’s about this. I’ve Normal spec m5 caramel heritage leather interior here. Non split folding. Chrome rings around speaker grilles on the two tone door cards. Not full leather like above. I’m gonna take a few pictures one of the days. The car is off the road now and will be broken and sold in bits. So I’ll clean up the leather and snap a few nice shots. There is no leather centre console or leather armrest. Standard e39 centre console etc. I’ll start a new thread as soon as possible. Cheers guys.
  3. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 M5 Extended Caramel Heritage Leather, complete

    I have caramel heritage seats and door cards here in my car. I’m in two minds whether I’d sell it or not.
  4. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 M5 Extended Caramel Heritage Leather, complete

    HaHa. My old interior. I Should’ve kept it. It being so hard to get full leather nowadays. But I couldn’t turn down the cash money at the time. Lovely condition too it was.
  5. SplitBusVanatic

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Gave the old 5 a quick wash.
  6. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/20190305556602 Split fold seats. Sat nav./high obc. Heated seats. Mfsw. Isofix. Tyre pressure monitoring. PDC. Not everyones cup of tea. But it’s a nice change to see those bits on a 2.5 manual diesel.
  7. SplitBusVanatic

    High obc retrofit for 2019

    I had thought of underseat pump. But getting the EWS fault code worries me.
  8. SplitBusVanatic

    High obc retrofit for 2019

    Yeah have them connected to earth alright. But. More worrying. I got a couple of ews codes appear on me after a couple of non starting episodes. Cranking but no start. Eventually starting after the obligatory prayer. This happened BEFORE final coding with ncs. Dammit. Is it related to the retrofit.? Kind of a coincidence don’t ya think. Car will be going off the road very in next while. As it’s out of tax soon. Out of test soon and needs a load of suspension work. And still not solved a frequent limp mode after a short dab on the accelerator under load. Injectors or one of the three pumps or rail pressure sensor. Going on 14 months now. But still drives so well if driven conservatively and if I don’t need to be dropping the shoe to overtake trucks etc. on lesser roads. I’ll figure it out. Anyway. Here’s a pic of the my 7th e39 diesel.
  9. SplitBusVanatic

    High obc retrofit for 2019

    Sorry. To add. Using ncs expert. Here’s what I changed the ZCS checksum to tell the car that it’s now high cluster. GM 5E921200 SA 200000800C04C484 VN 1010003883 then recode cluster with job SG CODIEREN Then write job ZCS CODIEREN
  10. SplitBusVanatic

    High obc retrofit for 2019

    Ok. Thanks for the advice. Update: I have the high obc working. With all the check messages appearing as they should. All the functions are working 100% and it delighted with it. I haven’t connected the coolant level sensor yet (don’t have one, and need to make up a little loom also for it.). But I will. The mid I used (ebay) didn’t need any extra loom or extra coding. As I originally had the single CD player with the info display below it having 1 long line of buttons. No BC though. Curiously, I was all set to buy the retrofit loom as well, but when I plugged in the ebay mid with BC button. The plug was the same. So when I finally managed to code the high obc cluster using ncs expert to my car. The mid was coded as well. The cluster now realizes that it’s in a manual e39 and has adjusted the fuel tank level, the Speedo is now correct and I have my reversing lights back. So happy days. Now the not so good news. I still have to pull the handbrake up one click to actually have everything working on the clocks. When I let it off completely. The cluster dies. So I’m thinking my earths are not correct. I need to solve that problem. Obviously. Also. And this is a strange one. There always has been a 60mph limit gong that goes off once I go past that speed. I cannot for the life of me, get rid of it. Despite setting the speed limit to 199mph or whatever using BC on mid. Weird one. I’m saving fuel though. HaHa. Ill keep this thread updated with any more news on this. Thanks again for help guys. Dan.
  11. SplitBusVanatic

    My 530D sport project

    Aha. Brilliant. I wondered had you still got this. Then a load of notification emails popped into my inbox this morning. The e39’s are a labour of love these days. I still have mine. A 2002 525d manual. It’s titan grey and really close to your own chosen color. Have about 250k on mine and it is nearly rust free. I’m in Ireland of course. My car came from UK in 2006 so it didnt get exposed to as much salt as you guys heap onto the roads over there. Youre a mighty man to keep with the e39. It takes a certain type not to go off and get a loan and go up the years. But then there’s no fun in that. Keep it up. Love the updates. Dan.
  12. SplitBusVanatic

    Folding mirror owners

    E38 folding units are a direct fit. have done a few. Driver’s Switch pack and pass. door module needed
  13. SplitBusVanatic

    High obc retrofit for 2019

    Ok. I Have fished out the Solitary i-bus wire going into the connector behind glove box with all the k-bus wires. Extracted it and joined it with the i-bus wire coming out of the connector for the high obc. This has given me total miles on odometer and distance travelled (trip) and outside temperature. . So coding the cluster with bmw scanner 1.3.6. (I had to go searching in the garage for it. It’s years since I seen it.) Used it to change the vin number on the x5 cluster to match my car. It has gotten rid of the tamper dot on the mileage. But. The PRND is still on the cluster and the fuel tank is reading empty with the fuel light on. Also I have no reversing lights. Additionally the mph is too high. It’s reading 70mph when I’m traveling at 60mph (gps on phone, verifies this).
  14. SplitBusVanatic

    High obc retrofit for 2019

    Ok cool. Might need coding to tell this cluster that it’s now in a manual car. Or would the matching up of chassis numbers take care of that.? My ‘no reversing light’ issue is I think, because the cluster came out of an auto vehicle.
  15. SplitBusVanatic

    High obc retrofit for 2019

    So apart from removing tamper dot. What does coding achieve ? is it necessary to tell the ecu that now you are using high obc cluster ?