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    2002 525d Manual SE TitanGrau.

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  1. SplitBusVanatic

    Car and Classic E39 write up

    Cool read. Thanks for sharing.
  2. SplitBusVanatic

    Adam's E39 Touring Project

    14 x e39’s. That’s a slice of heaven right there.
  3. SplitBusVanatic

    530d inline fuel pump

    Interested to see how you get on. Report back of you can.
  4. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 to E60 Towbar conversion. Rough guide, lots of pics

    Cool. Well done.
  5. SplitBusVanatic

    530d inline fuel pump

    Same issue with mine. Have not changed inline pump yet.
  6. Looks good. A lot of kit there. These are only getting rarer. GLWS.
  7. SplitBusVanatic

    Modified M1 for auction interesting!

    Be nice to see it back in good shape. As a redone M1. I bet there are fellow m1 owners who would assist in the re making of panels or sourcing of bits through measuring up their own cars to aid in the rebirth of another neglected brother. The cars are so thing that should be restored and I hope to see it done. The auto gas land speed thing was a daft concept in my eyes and they ruined the car’s looks and weight etc. whoever heard of ADDING a sound system to a race car. Thanks for sharing the story. It’s interesting.
  8. SplitBusVanatic

    Gin's trial & tribulations of a 530D - run on a shoestring

    Yay. I actually love this guy. Subscribed.
  9. SplitBusVanatic

    High obc retrofit for 2019

    So to update this. I haven’t actually got an update. Looking at the list of jobs that need doing on the car to pass a test. It’s long and expensive. That would be fine. But the road tax is also a bummer here in Ireland. €305 for 3 months. €1080 for 12 months. Killer. So I’m totally up what I might make on the car if I were to break it. Sell it in bits. Interior is nice and I’d like to get my money back on it. Steering wheel is nice and worth a few quid as it’s a sport one. Also have a genuine m5 gear knob and gaitor. All one piece. Also the wheels if I painted them up would be a good winter set for someone. Albeit tyres are not great now. I’ll start doing my sums and clean up the interior and maybe start a for sale thread. Aargh The only way way I can justify another e39 is if I buy a ‘99 and get a classic Insurance policy on it as it’s 20 years old. It might offset the expensive tax. Why oh why am I obsessed with e39 cars. ?
  10. SplitBusVanatic

    High obc retrofit for 2019

    I think I was out of diesel. HaHa.
  11. SplitBusVanatic


    Pm on its way to you Conway. Yes i I re-pinned my eBay high obc connectors with my existing low obc wiring. Due to the impossibility of finding a retrofit loom. The power drain is likely a switched live connected to continuous live or something like that. Couple of German guys were helping me out over FB etc. I have a separate thread in e39 section somewhere. My eBay mid is bad in the pixel dept. but it was only ever a cheap stop gap until I got a eonon or xtrons unit to fill the gap along with the ibus app modification. My radio was originally a two piece. Radio and single cd. And the high obc from eBay plugged straight in. And everything worked, that is, After BMW scanner coding. Tamper dot was gone. Obviously mileage couldn’t be changed in the newer e39 with the chip. Then I went about zcs expert and coded the high obc cluster (eBay) from being an auto diesel x5 e53 to suit my manual diesel e39. The Speedo was way off and I had no reverse lights until this was done. Im kinda happy. But a bit disappointed in having to find the battery drain. Maybe it’s because I detest wiring. I’ve no patience for it.
  12. SplitBusVanatic


    My car didn’t have mid. But strangely the plug just fits. And everything works after fitting a cheap missing pixels eBay mid. (€10). Well happy. Except that I have a serious power drain with clocks plugged in. I indeed did code theclocks with ZCS expert and
  13. SplitBusVanatic

    Folding mirrors, switch & control module

    The mirrors that fold are all memory equipped. I’d be nearly certain of that.
  14. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 M5 Extended Caramel Heritage Leather, complete

    Due to multiple pm’s about this. I’ve Normal spec m5 caramel heritage leather interior here. Non split folding. Chrome rings around speaker grilles on the two tone door cards. Not full leather like above. I’m gonna take a few pictures one of the days. The car is off the road now and will be broken and sold in bits. So I’ll clean up the leather and snap a few nice shots. There is no leather centre console or leather armrest. Standard e39 centre console etc. I’ll start a new thread as soon as possible. Cheers guys.
  15. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 M5 Extended Caramel Heritage Leather, complete

    I have caramel heritage seats and door cards here in my car. I’m in two minds whether I’d sell it or not.