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    2002 525d Manual SE TitanGrau.

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  1. I’m in Ireland. So postage would need to be accounted for. How much do you think you’ll need to get for the pair. ?
  2. How much please ? If you still have them ?
  3. SplitBusVanatic

    ttrw2's 2001 Le Mans Blue M5

    Great minds think alike. I too bought an Aldi charger fir it’s trickle feature and I too had a stick on reg. plate on the front of my old 530d. Lovely car and I’m well jealous of your scissors lift.
  4. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 2.5 Diesel cuts out

    Actually found an older thread on this and see where it’s located now. That’s brilliant you got it sorted. Well done for updating with successful outcome. Thanks.
  5. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 2.5 Diesel cuts out

    Which part is fuel regulator? The sensor on top of the fuel filter ?
  6. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 #8, I bought another one

    Got the drivers wing on and rattle canned it for the time being. Good ol’ halfrauds. Came out ok. Might get the front end sprayed eventually. A lot of scratches on the bonnet and bumper. And it looks like the passenger wing is in need of replacing too.
  7. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 #8, I bought another one

    HaHa. No. I have had 8 since 2006. Every time I sell one. A couple of months later. I say. Wait. I miss my e39. And I buy another. The only reason I sell them is because of the road tax here in Ireland. €1080 for 12 months on a 2.5litre. And a massive €1494 for 12 months for a 3.0litre.
  8. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 M5 touring build

    Great intro. I’ll be following.
  9. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 #8, I bought another one

    So I picked up a free e39 drivers wing. And inner arch liner. needs a little rust remedy and obviously respraying black. Hopefully not too much fettling the inner wing to make it fit nicely.
  10. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 #8, I bought another one

    •manual 525d se. •2002. •schwarz II I think this is aka “Jet Black 668” •cloth interior. •digital climate control •cruise control •mfsw •pdc •mouse droppings in glove box need two front wings replacing. also rust bubbles around boot keyhole. plans are to get it back to looking like a fresh black cruiser. not sure if I’ll bother with Msport bumpers or not. It’s been done to death. Maybe. We’ll see. Don’t want to spend too much money on it.
  11. SplitBusVanatic

    Strong money - E39 M5

    Be alright at 3500. Could be a restoration project.
  12. SplitBusVanatic

    E39 540i / 6

    https://www.ebay.ie/itm/324355681282 anyone this car ? looks nice.
  13. SplitBusVanatic

    Towing Electrics Charge Connector DIY

    That’s a cool little mod. Well done.