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  1. JOhnKE39530d

    Weekly Detail Complete.

    Very nice - mines the same except 530d. Whats the spec? What products or detailing methods did you use. I need to invest in a polisher and some products but not sure where to start. ....
  2. JOhnKE39530d

    Service Logbook

    All paperless now , stored on the key, but you can order a paper traditional service book from BMW dealer to record services - I do that for interim oil changes etc
  3. JOhnKE39530d

    Buying an e39 M5.

    that said , at this money they are competing with newer machinery like F10 M5s.....
  4. JOhnKE39530d

    Buying an e39 M5.

    Nice one for sale at Old Colonel Cars ( £30k) https://oldcolonelcars.co.uk/listing/bmw-e39-5-series-m5/. Nick Johnson has a few also around mid 20ks like good E46M3s - very very few real quality examples for sale. People are holding onto good ones
  5. JOhnKE39530d

    Sunroof slide opening

    I was referring to the glass.... ok that makes sense then . Thanks for the reply. I can sleep at night now
  6. JOhnKE39530d

    Sunroof slide opening

    Ok, so back from hols, tried flicking the switch but it doesn't slide fully back - stops about 3 " short. - @larriebeeam I missing something? Actually if you look at the sunroof and measure it im not sure it can go fully back as the roof slopes ( under the shark fin ariel) ?? can anyone confirm ? Thanks
  7. JOhnKE39530d

    530i, 540i or 530d

    530d MSport+ here - over ~ 3000 miles getting 42-43 mpg mixed driving. ... about 6-7 mpg better than my F10 530d. very refined, smooth etc. It'll only get better with age performance and economy wise as it gets 'ran-in' - reportedly after about 16k miles they get better. I was after some spec items that my F10 didn't have that suit my needs, specifically MSPort+ like the 20", larger brakes Visibility pack - like the adaptive lights which are great Spit rear seats - makes it very versatile eg picking up the kid with their bike..... Comfort access - didnt really want this but its grown on me Sunroof - will definitely use this more and more Good luck. I got Black and black interior. ( which is nice with proper contrast stitch and piping and sunroof) Bluestone is probably joint best colour IMO
  8. JOhnKE39530d

    Sunroof slide opening

    LOL. I was planning my conversation with the dealer already... ! Im away on hols but this has made my holiday .... had visions of sunroof trays coming out and all sorts to fix it !
  9. JOhnKE39530d

    Sunroof slide opening

    thanks !
  10. JOhnKE39530d

    Sunroof slide opening

    Havn't used the sunroof much but I noticed when sliding open last week it stops about 3 inches short of fully open. I can't remember if it opened full before - can anyone confirm if it does or if this is normal ? Thanks !
  11. JOhnKE39530d

    Road noise

    I have P Zeros on 20's s - seems fine to me. not sure what the db rating is relative to GoodYears etc
  12. JOhnKE39530d

    Over-tightened Wheel Bolts

    I've had those Flower shaped bolts over a few cars and dont like them - had similar issues and ended up with several sets. Aside from torque they are susceptible to damage if the breaker bar isn't square on. Prefer the Splined versions. As someone else said they should never see and air gun .... some folks are lazy.... I never leave anyone alone to change wheels for this reason.
  13. JOhnKE39530d

    Too much oil?

    fair point too - i hadn't considered that - another reason not to leave it overfilled....
  14. JOhnKE39530d

    Too much oil?

    overfilling simply means that under pressure it'll put additional pressure on seals and components and it'll want to" find a leak " to equalize the pressure. Should a 2 min job for your mechanic to take out say 50 ml and get them to check it properly using dipstick and idrive
  15. JOhnKE39530d

    Too much oil?

    exact same here. most specs are totally wrong about oil capacities that I've see eg for F10 and G30 530d even the castrol site say 6.5l for an oil change - I can tell you that wont even register on the dipstick..... I generally get it to the min on the dipstick and progressively top up and measure - and use the idrive oil measurement in parallel to get it as close as possible