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  1. JOhnKE39530d

    F11 550i M Sport Touring

    a LOT of car for the money. something quite rare and special.... good luck !
  2. JOhnKE39530d

    Nice E39 530i Champagne Low Miles

    That does look very very nice indeed
  3. JOhnKE39530d

    Anyone know this E39 M5

    Thanks - I just dont like Silverstone blue....... Black , Bluewater or Silver , lowish miles and owners, FSH the usual holy grail stuff is what I'm after. thanks !
  4. JOhnKE39530d

    Anyone know this E39 M5

    yes, you'd have thought so....pity, it seemed ok initially If anyone has a clean straight facelift for sale I'm interested. Black, , bluewater or Silver . thanks.
  5. JOhnKE39530d

    Anyone know this E39 M5

    https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202101087781257?make=BMW&postcode=bt71nn&year-to=2002&year-from=2001&sort=relevance&model=M5&advertising-location=at_cars&include-delivery-option=on&radius=1500&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&page=1 Anyone know this car? the ad has changed each week for the past 3 weeks, no reply to contact attempts and pretty sure price has changed...
  6. JOhnKE39530d

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Really interested to see this as I've been considering the MSS or similar set up for my 530d msport. Did you fit spacers also? can you share the cost - dm me if you can please. Lovely car - watching with interest. Thanks for sharing
  7. JOhnKE39530d

    G30 comfort access boot lid.

    Hmm- i wasn't aware the wire ran the length of the bumper - I'll check this out again thanks !
  8. JOhnKE39530d

    G30 comfort access boot lid.

    Good to know .....but ive found it to be most consistent towards RHS. couldn't get it to work otherwise
  9. JOhnKE39530d

    G30 comfort access boot lid.

    Mine is Jan 2018, has comfort access 2 buttons on boot lid , one to close , the other to close and lock everything. A kick under the boot opens and also closes ( together with audible warning siren) Note the kick motion needs to be offset to the rhs of the bumper and you need to withdraw (your foot) quickly
  10. JOhnKE39530d

    Wanted 759is for G30

    Hi All, Im after a second set of 20" MSport Style 759is alloys and tyres if anyone has a set. Thanks John
  11. JOhnKE39530d

    F90 wheels on G30 ?

    Thanks for the replies chaps - might be a bit tricky then.....yeah , I dont know the logic of using the older model F codes for the M5 versopn of the G30......
  12. JOhnKE39530d

    F90 wheels on G30 ?

    Has anyone fitted F90 M5 wheels/tyres to a G30? Thinking of M706 M5 wheels on the 530d and just wondering if they''ll fit. Thanks
  13. JOhnKE39530d

    E39 M5 2002

    Hi Mike, What make/spec tyres are these and also would you know what oil was used at the last service in 2016? Thanks
  14. JOhnKE39530d

    E39, M5's in the Northwest.

    I was there in the early 1990s - just in time for The Stone Roses. Loved my time in Manchester. lived in Withington ( The Red Lion, more accurately). As a side note Im on the lookout for a clean E39 M5 if you become aware of a decent one available ( Black ideally ).... Thanks
  15. JOhnKE39530d

    E39 M5 2002

    It would be interesting to see a detailed service history including the past 4 years. Looks like a nice example.