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  1. Anyone here a PayPal expert? We have a business PayPal account, which is all set up and seems to be working fine. We want to set up a couple of additional users, so they can download the PayPal Business app, and create and send invoices on the move. We have managed to set up two additional users, and they are verified. So far, so good. HOWEVER When they have downloaded the PayPal Business App and gone to log in, it asks for an email address and password - NOT the user name and password set up when we added the users to the account. No matter what combination they try, they can not log in unless they use the user name and password for the main account - which sort of defeats the purpose. SO - my question is - how does an additional user log in to the app?
  2. Calypso-E34

    Bluetooth speaker - alternative to Bose?

    So in the end, I stuck with Bose - the brand I was most familiar with. I almost went for one of the Marshall ones, but it had no remote. I got this one - the Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III.
  3. Calypso-E34

    Bluetooth speaker - alternative to Bose?

    Okay! I bought a Bose Soundtouch 20. I’ll see how I get on!
  4. Calypso-E34

    Bluetooth speaker - alternative to Bose?

    I have something like that, and it works fine enough. I just fancy something newer!
  5. Ok, I know a few audiophiles on here, and I know they wouldn’t be into this, but I’m looking for a bit of advice about Bluetooth speakers. I have an old Bose Sound dock II portable (!) currently. It has the mounting for the old style 30 pin iPods, so very old - and it isn’t Bluetooth, although I did get a little gadget to convert it. Id like to replace it with something more modern. I’ve looked at the Bose Home Speaker 500 and the Apple HomePod, but they seem expensive. Can anyone recommend anything else that would be at least as good? I don’t need Alexa or Google assistant, and I’d prefer a proper remote control to an app.
  6. Calypso-E34

    New 520i

    Not going to lie - This view looks good to me.
  7. Calypso-E34

    New 520i

    Thats a different thing altogether. That’s the iDrive system, not the instruments. I think the new digital instrument layout is referred to as ‘Operating System 7’. But I could be wrong!!
  8. Calypso-E34

    New 520i

    It is sad - very sad. If only it could be customised for individual taste. I really don't think it would have taken much effort to do that. I wonder how the majority of 5 Series buyers will view this change? Does anyone know if these hateful instruments will be making their way into the Seven Series? *Actually....... I have just paid a visit to the BMW web site - and in particular the 5 Series part ( https://www.bmw.co.uk/en/all-models/5-series/saloon/2019/at-a-glance.html ). Some pictures show the car with the 1 / 3 series style dash, and others show the more traditional style instruments. I wonder why that is?
  9. Calypso-E34

    Isn't this a 4 Series?

    It looks like a crashed Honda Civic.
  10. Calypso-E34

    BMW Car Magazine

    I was down to 2 - BMW Car and Modern Classics, Plus the BMWCC mag. Just BMW Car mag now having opted not to renew my club membership. That said, I might not renew BMWCM next time and go back to Modern Classics. Shot quality paper too, but more variety.
  11. Calypso-E34

    BMW Car Magazine

    I think I expressed an opinion on this forum before regarding BMW Car Magazine, and how the front cover had started to look la bit like one of the various TV magazines. It would seem that this this has been toned down a bit now thankfully, however I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but it would seem that the paper upon which it is printed is of poor quality. Pages curl up easily making it hard to read comfortably. It’s as if the ink is too heavy for the paper or something. I think the magazine had a quality feel to it when Unity published it. Its a shame to see quality levels falling - but I guess that’s the way of things now - as it has been with some BMW cars of recent years.
  12. Calypso-E34

    Is Audi overtaking BMW?

    To be honest, I've seen the latest Skoda Superb, and while not a patch on my current BMW, it's not bad.......
  13. Calypso-E34

    Is Audi overtaking BMW?

    Not my thing really - an A8 would be nice - I could possibly live with that!
  14. Calypso-E34

    Is Audi overtaking BMW?

    I spent a bit of time at out local main dealer not long ago - and when the time comes to replace my F10 525d, I’ll be looking for a G30 Five, or even a last generation Seven. Im not mad about the styling of Mercs, and I prefer the BMW interior to that of the A6. Once all the BMWs have that shitty all digital dash like the new 1 series though, it’ll be a different story for me. I like that in the same way as I’d like a dose of Ebola. Compare these two, and tell me that digital mess belongs anywhere near a 5 or 7 series.