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  1. Calypso-E34

    Porsche 911 book - any recommendations?

    Thanks lads. Has anyone read 'The Complete Book of Porsche 911: Every Model Since 1964' by Randy Leffingwell at all? I guess it's going to be from an American perspective, but lots of pages and pictures.
  2. I am hoping to buy a book which gives an illustrated history of the Porsche 911, from the first ones right up to date. Can anyone recommend a good one? Possibly best to ask on a Porsche forum right enough, but I am not a member of any of them. looking for lots of good pictures, and lots of facts - although it doesn’t need to be too technical.
  3. Calypso-E34

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    I think that if you ARE a nice guy, high politics will not be an easy career, People in high office have to try and please everyone to a certain extent - it's a balancing act. I think if you can demonstrate that you are working in the best interests of your country and those who live there, and that you do care about what happens in the rest of the world and can work with other countries, than that's the main bases covered. I'm no expert of course, but to me, Joe Biden seems like a half decent human being. I did not think the same about Mr. Trump. I think Donald has been an embarassment to America. That said, he did mostly put America first, although I'm not sure that really got him very far.
  4. Calypso-E34

    Ford Kuga - Gone.

    For sure. We never buy cars new - we take them at 4 - 6 years old, after they have perhaps had their first wave of replacement parts. I’m not sure I would want to buy an electric at that age, unless the batteries had been replaced. that said, the technology is moving pretty quickly, so perhaps this will be addressed.
  5. Calypso-E34

    Ford Kuga - Gone.

    No Rupert, front wheel drive only. 4x4 not really worth the penalty you pay in weight, fuel economy and specialist parts. Although we live near Inverness, we have never not been able to move around because of snow. We found when we had our E46 on winter tyres, that it was better than a lot of 4x4s on normal ones.
  6. Calypso-E34

    Ford Kuga - Gone.

    So - Mrs Calypso’s 2010 Ford Kuga recently passed its MOT, but with an advisory due to a small leak of exhaust gases from the flexi pipe. Apparently - according to anyone I took the car for a quote - this is a labour intensive thing to replace. Subframe down etc. To add to the pain, the rest of the exhaust, while gas tight, is pretty rusty and needs replacing - so all in, about £1300. It’s also needing some bushes at the rear, a timing belt replaced, and within a couple of thousand miles, front brakes. Easy £2500 all in. The car is worth £2700. SO We traded it in for this - a 2015 Hyundai ix35. We got a great deal, it costs buttons per month, it’s cheaper to tax, insure etc. Some nice features too - heated front AND rear seats anyone? the Koreans really seem to have their act together! FSH, full major service just done, and nothing obvious needing attention for a long time.
  7. Calypso-E34

    Petrol or Diesel ?

    Great choice - I very much doubt that you’ll regret it. Much better bet in terms of reliability than any elderly post 2000 BMW.
  8. Calypso-E34

    Most reliable luxury car, F10

    I tend to be a bit picky about where I park if I’m at a supermarket alright, but it’s not been a major issue. Tell you what though - for such a big car, space in the back is tight - and the boot isn’t that big. A Mondeo would run rings around it in this respect. Seats don’t fold down either, unless it was optioned when new.
  9. Calypso-E34

    Most reliable luxury car, F10

    Steve - do yourself a favour and try one. It is a big car - I had a Volvo V70 before which I thought was big - and the F10 is bigger. I got used to it pretty quickly though, and have no problem with it. Mine is a silver 525d 3.0l, and will be 10 years old in January - still not a rattle or a squeak out of it anywhere.
  10. Calypso-E34

    Most reliable luxury car, F10

    I’ve had my early 2011 F10 525d Six for over 3 years now. I’ve had to replace all four coil springs in that time (2 under warranty), a window switch pack (also under warranty), front and rear discs and pads, and 2 tyres. The other two will need replacing soon too. I’ve done about 30k in that time, total mileage is 82k now, and the car feels fit and well. Not too bad I guess, and a lot less than the E39 530i I had a few years ago. I was thinking about changing it soon, but not sure for what. I don’t want a 4 cylinder Five. Have been thinking about a Passat, but haven’t looked at any. might just hang on to this for another year. Job isn’t looking as rock solid secure as it was.
  11. Calypso-E34

    VW Passat - a bit BMW like?

    That's where I am on the subject of which wheels are driven too to be honest. I've had both front and rear drive cars, and neither would be a deal maker or breaker necessarily. I think a decent spec Passat would be a nice enough thing, but I would have to sit in it, drive it, knock on the interior plastics etc before I would consider buying. There would be a few advantages for me to having one of these too. For example, we have a very decent Vw / Audi specialist in Inverness, who is handy to get to, knowledgeable and not expensive. I suspect the car would have all the same sort of equipment level I have in the F10, and maybe come with one or two things I don't have. I suspect - but don't know for sure - that it would be cheaper to run. I would miss the BMW 6 cylinder engine though - and the nice warm orange glow of the dash.
  12. Calypso-E34

    A nice surprise from an eBay seller

    I’m up to 327 now!!
  13. I bought an early E23 7 series brochure on eBay the other day. When I opened it, I found these unusual transparencies inside. They look great with a bit of light behind them. I wonder what they were used for? i might see if my talented Wife can make something I can use to display them. I’d love to find some for an E32!
  14. Calypso-E34

    VW Passat - a bit BMW like?

    I was sitting in the car waiting for my Daughter to finish her shopping today, and a Passat pulled up beside me. I thought it looked a little bit like the 5 Series in profile. Has anyone had one? I’ve had the F10 3 years now, and I’ll soon be thinking about replacement. I wonder if the Passat should be on my radar? Apologies for the rubbish pics!
  15. 2.0 140 bhp Ford Duratorq.