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  1. jerry528

    London Members (Welling) favour Required

    It's a scam, he replied saying he is currently working in Scotland and the car is there, what he didn't realise is I'm 15 miles from where he said he is working Viewing or pick up is not an option at the moment, this is the main reason that I want to do it with eBay&PayPal, I am offering free delivery and a full inspection prior to the payment. Thanks for offering to go and veiw mate
  2. jerry528

    London Members (Welling) favour Required

    Honestly mate that would be so good of you
  3. jerry528

    London Members (Welling) favour Required

    If your passing or around that area and could give it a once over it would be much appreciated
  4. jerry528

    London Members (Welling) favour Required

    That's what I'm thinking but you never know
  5. jerry528

    London Members (Welling) favour Required

    Do you recognise the car or know anything about it mate ?
  6. Evening guys , I've not been on in a while after selling my 528i Sport and ending up with a Civic !! I'm after a favour if anyone is local to Welling in London (excuse my geography of London it's terrible) My wife is looking for an X5 and spotted this on gumtree http://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/2004-bmw-x5-3.0d-auto-sport-sat-nav/1124243105 Now it's the colour she wants and "looks" good in the pictures but being just outside edinburgh it's not exactly local !! Would anyone who might be close be willing to take a look at this for me ? Cheers guys
  7. jerry528

    My E39 528 Sport - Car Now Sold

    Yep 5 years mate!!! Yeah saving for a house so every little helps
  8. jerry528

    My E39 528 Sport - Car Now Sold

    Well they say all good things come to an end and tonight they have... Sold the car after 5 happy years, best car I've ever owned but running costs were just getting too much The new owner has been pointed in the forums direction so hopefully it will still be around Will still be on the forum cos IMO it's the best forum around and lots of good guys on it Next car is looking like honda Civic 2.2 cdti which I'm getting for free so hard to turn down but you never know I could be back on a 5 sometime soon First time ever someone has driven my car and the sight of it going away was gutting!!!
  9. jerry528

    E39 Nav Knob Upgrade

    Cheers Fish
  10. jerry528

    E39 Nav Knob Upgrade

    Barry are these the Storm motorwerks ones ?
  11. jerry528

    E39 Nav Knob Upgrade

    I would take a set of the 1 Series knobs too if we go for a group buy
  12. Can see eBay getting searched tonight...
  13. jerry528

    Crap plastic corners on sport bumper

  14. What front splitter is that mate ? Liking that a lot