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    Breaking E53 X5 4.6IS '02 Estoril Blue

    Hi, Do you still have this car/parts from it? If so how much for the titan shadow interior trim including 4 door handles and rear cup holder facia etc. Many thanks

    Project Remain Parts

    Hi, What would you be look for the yellow foglamps with shipping? Thanks

    What Size Tyres on 14"

    Evening guys, So I've just bought some 14" 6J ET22 original BMW alloys, the ones that look like Alpina wheels. Basically they are a stand in while I save some dollar to have my split rims refurbished. I believe the correct tyre size is 195/70/14, but all the tyres available in that size are made for comfort or efficiency etc. I want a good grippy tyre in dry and wet, not worried too much about noise or wear rate. So question is anyone advise a good tyre in that size or is anybody running a different size tyre on that alloy which offers better performance tyre choice? Thanks in advance Adam

    E28 on M2

    Anyone on here heading Maston bound on M2 in an e28 complete with family? Had a guy in a new mini beep and thumbs up.
  5. 1. Shaz - Details of the meet on page 1, first post 2. Staff 3. Splondike 4. Blobby 5. IanW 6. Lufbramatt 7. Oxo 8. M3Matt (will be in either my 525 or M3 evo) 9. Simonc 10. Andy Ran 11. Mikem 12. Jam172 13. Bmwdan528i 14. BMWLOVER 15. WillIAm4 16. Bungles27 17. B10WGB 18. Twiglet 19. 530dE60 (Andy) 20. LBTaylor1984 21. babzy 22. theguv 23. Brian 24. RumRunner - as long as the car is ready by then 25. Yellowgixxer 26. onks 27. ROBZILLA 28. DMW (Micky) 29. Romes 30. M5 Russ 31. Mit_p 32. Luton e34 man 33. Luton e34 man 2 34. Jut 535i 35. Supertramp101 36. Bmpaul 37. Jholzherr (James e39 M5) 38. Stevenc3828 39. Alpinewhite525 40. Uber Tramp 41. Mastacrx 42. ROB163 43. Bumbaclut 44. Klaxhu (Andy) 45. YNP 46. longman h 47. Jags53 48. george e24 635 49. jones73 50. Brad 51. Brad's +1 52. dpbayly 53. Loadmaster 54. Monkey27 55. bon 56. Elizabeth 57. RichieR 58. Kevin (e46) 59. leew88 60. Chippy 61. Samuk 62. Jamworth 63. amand 64. Adrian85 65. Tom (Jamworth #2) 66. TwoZeroAlpha 67. Kris Silver 68. 711jrp (Pete) 69. Tej 70. Urquattro 71. Bennybear 72. Tonemapper 73. Geez e28 74. Readie 75. Johnspin 76. Barney 77. Nigel E31 (BMWLOVER +1) 78. Raiyan E38/Z3 (BMWLOVER +2) 79. 80.
  6. Shaz, Any issues inviting a couple of friends, Ones got an E31 850i and the other will either be in a E38 or Z3.........
  7. Defo in, Wouldn't mind driving down from Medway area etc with anyone else from this part.
  8. Wouldn't mind being part of this, it would be nice to meet more of you guys in person, only personally met Splondike back in February when he popped down to Fast Road Conversions while I was having my exhaust built. Hopefully maybe some regular can be arranged Adam
  9. Anyone on here with a shiny sliver e28 M5 on the M25 going clockwise at about 6:40am going past Swanley/Brands Hatch exit? Got over taken by a red 525e.....


    Photos of the lady

    New Suspension

    @ATOHT - thanks for your comments and feedback. Are the e32 740i brakes same as the e34 540i brakes? When you say you notice an overall difference over standard, do you have better feel through the pedal? Feel more confident on the brakes? I know the brake set up is different anyway between a 535i and 525e but I wouldnt say the brakes were terrible on my car but the pedal genrally feels 'dead' and doesnt leave me with much confidence! I do know who ever owned it before put new pads on waffer thin discs so they have to go haha! @alan1272 - in my mind thats how I picture I wanted my car to sit so extremely happy with the out come. Would recommend all day long just steap in price! But you get what you pay for. @Goldsoul - honestly dont know, ive never heard of having to do this before...... I can see where your coming from to prevent corrosion etc but mine were definitely not filled, might of had 50-100ml in them and it smelt like leaking shock! Would be interesting if someone else also knows of this.....

    New Suspension

    Morning All, So after having my exhaust done back in January I thought the next thing on the list for the 28 was to do the shock absorbers and springs. Bar having a pair of rear shocks in 2000 the suspension damping was original from what I could make out. I wanted a firmer ride with a slight drop in ride height, I didnt want an useable car. After many hours of reading various threads on here with what you guys had tried it would seem bilstien b6 were a common choice dispite being steep in price! Eibach no longer produce springs for the 28 so next best was H&R. Also after having a chat with Splondike when he paid me a vist down at Fast Road Conversions made my mind up. Cheapest place I could find the shocks from was Demon Tweeks Direct eBay site, free postage compared to there website which wanted a lot due to the weight of 4 shocks. The springs I ordered through Amazon for about £80 cheaper than anywhere else, this including coming from Germany! The springs arrived in under a week after giving an estimated arrive time over 3 weeks so very impressed with that and the shocks arrived within the week so all ready for the weekend Couldn't wait so attacked the car on Friday 28th March! The front came apart easily except having to heat the top retaining thread that holds the shock in. The shocks that came out were knackered! The shocks must have been leaking for years, I could pour the fluid out of the strut. The bilstien front insterts came with new threaded locks and protection tubes. The rear shocks had circlip height adjustment in 3 levels but the instructions recommend level 2 for e28's I also replaced all the top mounts and rear protection tubes with genuine parts. Initially couldnt see a difference in height but after a short drive to settle everything down I think it sits at a perfect height for me. At the moment the 17" BBS are off in pieces being referbed slowly so ive borrowed my dads TRXs from his e34 tourer. The overall drive of the car now is incredible! The ride is very similar to my dads e61 m sport, firm but not a killer. Big potholes need to be avoided too! The car doesnt wonder anymore either and I have much more confidence in pushing it. The front is firmer than the rear so you have alot more grip before the back steps out but it can still be encouraged with a heavy foot I would recommend to anyone looking for a firmer ride and a much more direct and poised car but still retaining the comfort. Next on the list is unrated brakes, im after 4 pot 8 series brembos but seems to be rare as hens teeth! How do people find single piston E34 M5 calipers or 8 series single piston? Also anyone down south east way (im Rochester, Kent) fancy meeting up? Still need to meet you guys and see your fine machines! before after Thanks for reading!


    The old shot system removed and in pieces. I didn't get a picture of the new system as just wanted to hear it and after a long day get home haha but those are the pipes, looks good if I say so myself


    Hi Mark, Likewise meeting you. Excellent shot! Love to make it down to Brooklands at some point this year! Well finally finished it at 4:15 Initially starting it up was the glorious sound of silence haha! Then settles down to a deep burble. Fairly quiet inside but 65mph and below in top gear has fairly loud drone to it but this maybe where the interior insulation and boot lining is out etc. So ill get all that back in and see how it is. Under full throttle fairly quiet, good 6 cylinder rasp but with my friend following last night in his Z3 said it sounded great! Overall job is a piece of artwork. The chap Matt who built the exhaust worked 8:45 - 4:15 solid on it and it looks great. I asked to have twin exit like a 535i which they happily did with slash pipes. Im thinking it might need more angle on the slash though. Time will let my mind decide. Ill get some pictures at some point during the week and load them up. Thanks again for stopping by and introducing yourself.