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  1. Machinehead

    Solar powered battery charger

    I had one like that and it did nothing! the output was so low it just would not put nay charge in to the battery, so if you are getting one get one with the best output you can afford!
  2. Machinehead

    BANG! Front suspension may have let go?!?!?

    I had the ones snap on the E61 I had for a while. It didn't drop enough for anything to rub the wheel arch, but the spring cut in to the side wall of the tyre rendering it unserviceable. I could remove the old spring no trouble as there was no tension but there was no way I could compress the new spring using spring compressors alone, and the amount of tension on there would take your head off if it let go. I removed the whole thing and took it with the new spring and top mount to a local garage that charged me £20 to fit the spring. Make sure you note where all the spacers/washers go when you take it apart too. The shock may have corroded to the lower arm so you may have difficulty removing this with out a lot of effort, WD40, and swearing!!
  3. Machinehead

    Strange ticking, regular, not engine speed related

    regrettably I have not got a fault code atm; its not my car. I guess its not going to be a simple reset that can be done...
  4. Machinehead

    Strange ticking, regular, not engine speed related

    if it was this do you know what the fix would be? New turbo or is it just a sensor telling the ecu where the actuator is?
  5. Machinehead

    Our E28 has been stolen in Bristol can you help?

    Glad you got it back!! usually years back it would be in Hartcliffe, or burnt out on Dundry hill!!
  6. Machinehead

    Disabled Parking

    there's a clue in the title!
  7. Machinehead

    Strange ticking, regular, not engine speed related

    I should also mention that it goes in to limp mode when it hits the boost so wondered if this is something linked to the turbo actuation?
  8. I know this is probably the wrong section to post this but there is only 1 post in the whole 2-series section!!! The m2 motor is probably used elsewhere anyhow... its a 2016 M2. sounds like a solenoid, does not vary with engine speed, and continues for a few seconds when the motor is turned off. Dealer has no idea! It might be something fitted on other engines too but we are stumped! As you can hear it seems quite loud! f52fb630-d2e8-4ae5-ac0c-b24c4ba79707.MP4
  9. Machinehead

    Is my car remapped?

    Probably for insurance reasons too - we cannot handle to power!! LOL
  10. Machinehead

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    those pipes are a nightmare! Rip it all out and replace the whole stinking lot with some flexible tubing!!
  11. Machinehead

    Digital dashboards!

    Motorcycle have used LCD for over 20 years now and it seems reliable. Personally I liked having dials but LCD (or tft) screens that mimic this and can then do more, like navigation, etc, are really good imo. No more accurate as the speedo still have the built in over-reading factor, or at least my bikes and current VW all do when you compare the speed to TomTom or other phone speed/nav apps. The fact that many of these can be customised should mean that you can de-clutter the display and just have what you want, which I also like! Phil20d, loving the TR6 - always been a big Triumph fan (which got me a taste for the straight 6) and even though I'm without atm I am still a member of Club Triumph!
  12. Machinehead

    Happy New Year

    to you and everyone here - Happy New Year!!
  13. Machinehead

    remote central locking module

    if the alarm is the one with the separate remote then they are the same some Subaru alarms not sure about interchangeability of the units though
  14. Machinehead

    Oil cooler woes

    if it's like the 528 one then it's not too bad to get to but likelihood is that it was damaged. It's all ali so whether it's fixable will depend on the damage and it you can find someone that can weld ali. If you are lucky its just a connectors but I wouldn't could on it. a good second hand one would be my options, but if you can do get it pressure tested for leaks before installing - you'll be disappointed when you find it leaks, like the 2nd hand one I got!
  15. Machinehead

    Bottom pulley vibration

    i wouldn't rust a 2nd hand one anyway tbh. Pulley, tensioner and belt cost me £400 inc fitting when mine went.