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  1. Machinehead

    Bottom pulley vibration

    i wouldn't rust a 2nd hand one anyway tbh. Pulley, tensioner and belt cost me £400 inc fitting when mine went.
  2. Machinehead

    Don't buy an EIS radiator

    in defence of ecp i've never had wrong parts from them, from their Salisbury base. When I did the rad on mine I did buy Hella having read problems with cheaper brands - some times you do get what you pay for....
  3. Machinehead

    Merry Christmas Fivers

    Merry Christmas one and all, and a happy New Year to boot!
  4. Machinehead

    Bottom pulley vibration

    if by bottom pulley you mean the one on the one on the end of the crank thee change it ASAP! If that main pulley falls apart, which they do, you could take out the radiator and/or other bits at the front of the engine. It's got a bit of energy when its spinning at a few 1,000 rpm! The pulley has a rubber anti-vibration part in teh middle that can fail launching the pulley whe it fails - you also loose the alternator, water pump, and PAS at the same time just to sh1t you up a bit more!
  5. Machinehead

    Oil in coolant scammers caught

    good shout - not heard of this before
  6. Machinehead

    What are you listening to?

    got 3 new albums for Xmas so have been listening to the Best of Feeder (42 track double CD), Slash all star collection (songs he's doen with people like Ozzy, Lemmy, Myles Kennedy, Dave Grohl), and most recent All Time Low
  7. Machinehead

    What are you currently drinking...?

    nothing this early in the day but a few Ruddles County last evening
  8. Machinehead

    2000 530i, battery replaced now won't start

    agree with the above, but if all ok it could be the ignition switch failing, also a common problem!
  9. Machinehead

    Japanese Import E39s

    my friend does Jap imports and all clocks/radio are sorted before sale and has never mentioned higher insurances. if it were LHD I'd understand it more but if there is an increase I would think it marginal. The cars he's brought in have been absolutely mint A++ condition and next to no miles and even brought in anything from original type Mini's, Triumph Spitfire rust free from the early 70's (no such animal in the UK unless its has a full body restoration) nicei6 and v8 Jags, Nissan 300ZX t.turbo (my mate had this with <20,00km on the clock-like new it was), and even a couple of Ferrari's! I was weary about the BMW autobox as I had read some have a different box when I was looking 11 years ago and ended up not getting one imported but the E39 I bought here was good and was and was still going strong at >185,000 miles although there always seemed to be something to do on her! The E61 wasn't too lucky and the car we have now isn't mine but when I need to buy another I will be looking at the Jap imports for sure. As long as the importer know their stuff and get good ones (auction reports are sent over so you see photos and reports before bidding) then I'd have no issue getting one.
  10. Machinehead

    New member

    hello and welcome
  11. Machinehead

    What are you currently drinking...?

    nothing at the moment but have for this evening, and beyond, Ruddles County, some Old Speckled Hen (12 for £8 reduced in Tesco as the cardboard box was ripped!), and a small selection from the local Wychwood brewery.
  12. cheap as chips! I had to buy one for my step daughter's Golf and paid about the same price as that one, but it only came with 2 plates, no gloves, or box. A veritable bargain!!
  13. Machinehead

    What brightness of hid

    the condition of the front plastic light units will make a big difference to the light output regardless of the k rating, but 5-6k is best for light as mentioned above. tbh I didn't have a problem with 4300k oem bulbs but they do loose there output over time so even replacing a fully working 4300k with a new one can improve the light output...
  14. Machinehead

    Programming new key fob

    two types - one has solder links and you can copy the original one you have (looks rectangular shape with corner cut off), the other type needs programming. Syncing to the door locks I think can be done but the alarm/immobilizer is the bit that is tricky if it needs coding. Second hand fobs can be bought off ebay and the one pictured below is also used in some older Subaru models too. I found a local independent BMW specialist who could program the fob when I had to get one a few years back. this type needs special programming:
  15. Machinehead

    Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

    Just read the website - sound a great product Back in the day I would take to rotor arm with me! For all the young-un's Google it!! LOL