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  1. Synth1983

    New E39 540i Owner

    Sorry guys I'll sort out some photos soon! I felt really guilty taking it off him, it is such an unbelieveable amount of car for the money. I used to own a very rare Vauxhall Carlton 3.0i 24v Estate which I loved but felt it was time for a change. I've always wanted a BMW and always hankered after a V8 too so I guess I've killed two birds with one stone buying the 540. It's the first auto I've owned too and I'm slowly realising how good they are, especially in traffic. Everyone I've showed the car off to has said they can't believe it's 11 years old. Anyway, photos soon I promise!
  2. Synth1983

    New E39 540i Owner

    Hi everyone, I've been 'ghosting' on this forum for several months now as I was in search of an E39 Touring. Well I finally bought one just a few days ago, Retset's immaculate 540i. I have only owned the car three days but I am absolutely in love with it, it has so much power yet is also incredibly comfortable and effortless to drive. All credit to Retset who has been meticulous in his maintenance and cleaning. I hope to carry on this approach! This will hopefully be the first of many posts, this seems to be a very friendly and helpful forum from what I've seen so far! Cheers, Jamie