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  1. MadeinWigan

    E34 540i/6 Touring on eBay

    Cheers Kevin. I love the car but it needs to go to someone who will commit to restoring it. My spare cash is going into track days so I know the 540 will never get to the standard that I’d like it to be unless I win the lottery.
  2. MadeinWigan

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    I’m glad that you held on to them Kevin. I’ve come to appreciate garages, a dry garage is invaluable for keeping a car in good condition. I’ve only got two garage spaces, I should treat the 540 to a space at some point but it doesn’t leak unlike some of the others.
  3. MadeinWigan

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    I’ve been driving mine throughout the year, it’s got the right amount of patina to not worry about it deteriorating. Good to see you still have your E34 Kevin, I do like that car.
  4. MadeinWigan

    E34 540i/6T again

    Suppose I might as well add a pic, had the old girl back for 6 months now. It still needs a fair chunk of work doing to it but I’ve fixed some suspension bits which has tightened it up and treated it to a full set of tyres. I still love the way e34’s feel, there’s nothing quite like them. My son loves it too which is great, he uses it as a den. I do need to update the insurance value though, prices for all classics have gone bananas. It’s great to have the car back, I have 3 V8 cars now but this is my favourite.
  5. MadeinWigan

    BMW 540i 6 Touring (HK32-CODE) Thoughts?

    Modern autos are great, the auto box in the e34 540 ruined the car for me, it was indecisive, slow to react and I wouldn’t even consider one now. Using the manual box isn’t much effort at all, even if stuck in a bit of traffic. I’ll happily use mine as a daily, they’re still reliable if looked after, I don’t do many miles anyway and I can use it to take loads of rubbish to the tip without worrying. That’s what a 540i/6T is to me, a workhorse that can be a bit sporty and has a lovely V8 soundtrack. I’m not bothered about tatty bodywork, the odd electrical glitch and a bit of rust.
  6. MadeinWigan

    BMW 540i 6 Touring (HK32-CODE) Thoughts?

    This! They’re all knackered and very few owners are prepared to sink money into them(myself included). I’ve owned a few of them over the years and they’ve all been high mile, well used workhorses. They’ve all needed welding, paintwork, suspension/steering/ coolant system refresh. All have had dodgy and expensive to repair sls systems, loose steering, broken air con, knackered tailgate wiring. Thing is, I love them and can’t leave them alone. I really liked the combination of manual box with the V8 but know that plenty don’t. For me, the manual box with a shorter diff made it quite a lively car. They sound great, bumble along nicely but can shift along if you want to. They’re just stuck in the middle, they’ll never be worth a fortune because they’re not M5’s and you’ll sink so much money trying to get them up to a decent standard that you’ll never see your money back. Worth it if you intend to keep it for the long term I suppose, with the benefit of hindsight I should have sunk £10k-£15k into my Avus Touring when I first got it.
  7. MadeinWigan

    E34 540i/6T again

    Cheers, that’s the trouble now, it’s so hard to find one that I don’t want to sell it too cheaply as I know if I see one advertised again it will be for way more. How are you getting on with yours?
  8. MadeinWigan

    E34 540i/6T again

    It would be nice but I’d have to sell this one first and it does need a bit of work. I’ve had a go at a couple of jobs today, the passenger front window had come off its runners but whipping off the door panel and popping the window back on the regulator and lubing the runners has fixed it nicely. feeing confident after that success I thought I’d give the sunroof a try. Instantly regretted it as it wouldn’t go back fully. It did however give me access to the workings so I liberally sprayed silicone lube onto the runners and worked the sunroof back and forth a few times. I’m calling it a result as it now fully opens and closes, I got access to the sunroof drains and they are clear so things are looking up. I’m thinking of advertising it as is and see if I get any interest. I may even get brave and take the sill covers off.
  9. MadeinWigan

    E34 540i/6T again

    Don’t forget the first ever 540i/6t I had, a black one. Yes, I’m wondering about the Avus one Duncan.
  10. MadeinWigan

    E34 540i/6T again

    There’s always more out there! Have you still got your 540?
  11. MadeinWigan

    E34 540i/6T again

    First offer to you lovely bunch, I may be getting my old touring back depending on me selling this one. Roll up roll up. £3k and it’s yours. Jobs needed off the top of my head. Service Passenger front window reseating sills patching or replacing Steering idler replacing Brake lines on their last legs Sunroof needs leak fixing, redneck fixed with tape for now. Other than that it’s great, has had lots of new suspension bits, sls works well. New brakes including callipers. Pulls well, sounds great. Bodywork, has a few blemishes and corrosion on the bottom of the doors and bonnet. Interior good condition. Air con not working. I’ll knock a proper advert up soon but thought I’d put it here first.
  12. MadeinWigan

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Some good looking M5’s there and both in fabulous condition. in stark contrast my touring soldiers on and saved my bacon when my removals company pulled out at the last minute and I had to move everything myself. Luckily I was only moving a couple of streets over so the touring took up removals duty. It behaved pretty well but the hazard lights were permanently on, I suspect an alarm issue. Also a brake light burnt out and just as I was moving the last bits and pieces the tailgate refused to open. All fixed now but it will need a good service soon.
  13. MadeinWigan

    E34 540i/6T again

    Nothing wrong with being a nerd. I couldn’t have a General Lee replica now. Like you say, a nice darker colour. With the way prices have gone I don’t think I’ll ever own a muscle car now.
  14. MadeinWigan

    E34 540i/6T again

    It’s a shame how they rot away when left outside. Saw the Charger the other day, always wanted one but still can’t get over how big they are.
  15. MadeinWigan

    E34 540i/6T again

    As far as the 540 goes, it needs quite a bit fixing but is enjoyable as is. The list is long:- steering idler to replace sill patching for now new brake lines heater only blows hot air random weeping gaskets to fix locks are all out of sync Rear wiper inoperative sunroof goosed air con knackered sure there’s a lot more but It still feels great to drive and sounds v8y so all is good.