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  1. jackie_black

    no cabin heat at idle

    Well it's only a maybe at this point, but family shit is clearly going to halt play on all the fun soon!
  2. jackie_black

    no cabin heat at idle

    Well its been a week of 4 miles each way and its still over 20 JUST! 20.1mpg at the moment. Seems to heat up fast and the heaters work, of course the test is a little unfair as the temp outside is now 15 degrees! Still loving the car but may need to sell it this year, boo!
  3. jackie_black

    no cabin heat at idle

    To be honest as long as i get over 20 i'll be happy. For the first time today i got the extra urban figures for the car which the manufacturer claims and now its firing on all cylinders it feels as if the car is making absolutely no effort to move in traffic. Obviously when you bray it (if you can find a private road) it drinks a lot but on a daily basis the chances are few and far between.
  4. jackie_black

    no cabin heat at idle

    UPDATE. Just got the money burner back from the menders. The stat on the 545 has a plug on it for the ECU and was flagging a fault code apparently. Anyway all the plugs now work and the car runs at the correct temperature and has the correct type of coolant in it. So i reset the fuel computer and set off round the doors. First mile or two noticed nothing new, then after a few miles something amazing happened. The MPG went above 20!! I kept driving (heavy traffic for the north anyway) a mile or so of dual carriageway then back roads and residentials. I kept pootling about obviously just traveling with the traffic as it was busy and it climbed all the way to 28mpg wtf!! To counteract this i visited the beehive (lethal country road) and used the car correctly), by the time i got home my mpg was still 25! I see this as an improvement over the usual 18 but my regular commute will reveal the worst case scenario. Car no longer surges now as the plugs all work properly and it ticks over perfectly, doh. Worth the money, especially if i get most of it back from the warranty company!
  5. jackie_black


    Swiftcover were best for me £330 fully comp with me lass added on. Car lives on the street. I'm 34 with full NCB.
  6. jackie_black

    no cabin heat at idle

    Aye I can live with £360 for a new ball joint, parking sensor, fixed idle, Stat and new shiny coolant. But i'd rather the warranty company took the hit! I'll report back if I see an improvement in my MPG round the doors. My 528 gained a few when I fixed it. So if i can get 21-22 i'll be ecstatic.
  7. jackie_black

    no cabin heat at idle

    3 loose coil packs (free) so now have full power all the time and no more misfires. Stat is fully broken so is being replaced and coolant flushed. Parking sensor is broken and needs replaced also ball joint (less than 6 months old) has failed. So thats the thick end of £360 if the warranty company wont pay up, not bad really. I get it back friday, woo hoo.
  8. jackie_black

    no cabin heat at idle

    Quick update, car is currently in the menders hopefully under warranty! They have traced my erratic idle fault to a loose coil pack (cheap), confirmed the stat is probably shot as the car is not getting up to temp (quite cheap) and are now chasing down an erratic fuel/air fault that makes the car rev up and down by about 300 rpm when driving on a constant throttle (oh god that sounds expensive). Hopefully it'll come to under a grand and is covered by the warranty I took out on the car.
  9. jackie_black

    no cabin heat at idle

    Tristan did you get your stats replaced? Mine is going in tomorrow for a multitude of warranty bits and bobs. Creaking steering, stats and parking sensors so far. Does replacing the stats get you more than 18mpg on a really gentle urban run
  10. jackie_black

    no cabin heat at idle

    I'm putting it in for some warranty work soon, suspension bush and possibly the water pump, thermostats and coolant. It's not quite right.
  11. jackie_black

    no cabin heat at idle

    I've been out in mine all day. I noticed i'd set the middle vents to cold again so that may be why its cold then!! Set it to warm and drove a bit and the was warmth but it seemed to fluctuate wildly. I've had to cut my testing short though as it began to snow and this one is worse than the e39 in the slippy stuff. I wish i'd bough winter wheels now as 275's have no grip!!
  12. jackie_black

    no cabin heat at idle

    I suspect my stats are shot or becoming shot as my car only does 18mpg and it used to do 20(or is that cos its a v8? lol). I'd be interested to know what your secret hidden display thingy says the temps are before and after the stat change. I always thought a massive v8 would heat up in about 2 minutes but apparently not! I'm pretty sure mine is running choke a lot at the moment it also seems to be going mental on a constant throttle. I still love it though. Although i Tried to trade recently and its just not worth it!! £1500 and my car for a diesel jetta, no thanks thats a years petrol!!
  13. jackie_black

    no cabin heat at idle

    Tristan my car doesnt put out warm air for ages from start up. Its almost as if it apologetically waits until its up to temperature on the climate dial before letting any warmth into the cabin! Also, the stupid i drive settings for the centre blower give you wither burning hot or icy cold. What was wrong with the dial from the E39!!
  14. jackie_black

    How Fast is yours?

    The 535 is supposed to be really quick, a friend of mine tested one when he had an M3 as his daily driver and said he was very impressed. I actually saw one today when i was out pootling about, it wasn't hanging about!
  15. jackie_black

    re maps

    A bit more oomph low down and some more economy would be great