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  1. Slooby

    E39 530dA M Sport Touring - niggles

    Interesting Looked into uprated clutches yet? I had to put a new clutch in Becca's 330d a month back after it expired suddenly...the coverplate failed the day after she had tried to follow me away from a set of lights...can't think why What's with the E60 sensors?
  2. Slooby

    E39 530dA M Sport Touring - niggles

    Oooh manual conversion completed!
  3. Slooby

    E39 530dA M Sport Touring - niggles

    Hang on, what?!?! I thought you were just having issues with your catch tank not blown up the engine!
  4. Slooby

    E39 530dA M Sport Touring - niggles

    Did you get the clock ring with the wheel? You'll need it to get the extra outputs from the shifter switches to centre console gear shift
  5. Slooby

    52 plate 535 sport

    Possibly a daft question, but does it have an MoT or anything obviously needed to get one?
  6. Slooby

    E39 530dA M Sport Touring - niggles

    Umm...is it safe to use with a leaking pump dumping fuel into the oil?
  7. Slooby

    E39 530dA M Sport Touring - niggles

    Is the actuator still moving freely? Could it be related to the vacuum reservoir problem? If not, check the intercooler pipes, after all I had to get creative with the turbo to intercooler hard pipe, the intercooler and the inlet manifold for damage, including the swirl flap deletes (as in are all those cap head bolts that I put in to the shaft holes that I tapped and then rtv'd in place still holding?
  8. Slooby

    E39 530dA M Sport Touring - niggles

    Has something died on my creation then?
  9. Slooby

    E39 530dA M Sport Touring - niggles

    The DVD drive and Nav system wakes up the moment you unlock the doors, in preparation for you asking it to do something. Hence the reason for removing the Nav system fuse when you need to disconnect the battery or jumpstart the engine. I learnt that the hard way when I fried the original CD based Mk3 drive jump starting the car.
  10. Slooby

    E39 530dA M Sport Touring - niggles

    I did change the ignition switch at one point, hoping to cure any drain, as the battery could go flat in winter if the car was left unused for over a week. It didn't make a difference at the time, but they are known to be problematic.
  11. Filters certainly weren't part of the kits back when I got mine. We certainly didn't map for it, but at the time it was only in there to aid the oe top mounted intercooler, when I switched to a front mount I added a boss to the hard pipe near the throttle body but never drilled or tapped it to take the WI injector.
  12. I ran an Acquamist for a time on my Impreza back in the early 00's but gave up on it when I got bored with the nozzles clogging, despite only running de-mineralised water with about 10% methanol in as antifreeze/biocide. I had a custom 25 litre aluminium tank for it the boot, that's probably still in the car now...never got round to trying one of their controllers for it. As you can probably guess from running a highly tuned Impreza (500 of each on forged 2.5 with a hybrid GT30/40 turbo on 1.5 bar boost using 95 octane) I was a touch obsessed with det, and avoiding it!
  13. I was of course forgetting that the supercharger is a little bit easier to contend with than say a brace of turbos! After my own experiences with WI from back in the day I really would have wanted to ensure there was some way of retarding the ignition should there be a flow issue if you are using WI to allow you more advance.
  14. Good to hear it is back in the hands of someone who can give it the care and attention it deserves, plus that you got it back for a sensible price. Just a thought here, but have you considered fitting a fully mapable aftermarket ECU with the capability of displaying all of the information from the myriad of gauges? If I had had a lottery win I would have snapped the car up back in December and would now be in the process of changing the interior (sorry), going through all the neglected bits and deep in conversation with my old friends Pat and Charlie at Syvecs about what we could be doing about the ECU...
  15. I hope he got it back for sensible money...as in closer to 7.5k and not the 15k being asked!