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  1. Tommo

    What oil are people using in their V8s

    2nd Hand Millers Nanodrive, 5w40 By second hand i mean its already had about 10-15 hours of running.
  2. Sweet, I'll just disconnect those then and wip the exhsust off!
  3. That was my thought TheEnd, just remove the exhaust after the manifold and see what it drives like. Every body loves a noisy V8 Is there any sensors after the manifolds that could account for n e thing? It does sound like the exhaust is blowing a bit, not rattly though. I'll try that on the maf front tomoz easy one to check.
  4. No abs issues, no light and it's not removed. Is there any way of checking for blocked cats?
  5. As the title really, it started out as what seemed to be a flat spot above 4000 under hard aceleration, then developed into what felt like traction control kicking in type flat spot. Now if i go over 2000rpm car goes from running fine to really rough, bit of missfire, virtually no power, reves rise really slow even with foot to the floor, sounds awful & lumpy. I've removed maf cleaned sensor and refitted, thats all i've tried so far, will get the codes read tonight. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. Tommo

    2014 BMWRDC Kumho BMW Championship

    The final update of this years race season: Pembrey. Race 1: Qualified 4th (1st in class C) on a drying track, finished 2nd (1st in class) on a dry track with a new lap record for my class! Race 2: After some good battling for 1st, (1st in class)I came home 1st after a damp start but drying throughout. My first ever out right win and my third class win of the season. Overall in the championship I finished up 2nd in class, so unfortunately didn't manage to retain the class title, but roll on next year. And a successful season in terms of limited car damage and no personal injuries.
  7. Tommo

    2014 BMWRDC Kumho BMW Championship

    Bit slow on the updates but more vids: A very wet Donington Qualified 8th (2nd in class) Race 1: Finished 6th (2nd in class) Race 2: Finished 3rd (2nd in class) A personal best overall finish todate! And Croft: We were racing all together again with the class A chaps for this meeting Qualified in the damp, 8th (2nd in class) Race 1: Finished 11th (2nd in class) Race 2: Finished 8th (2nd in class, despite leading for alot of the race Red E36 was the class winner!)
  8. Tommo

    2014 BMWRDC Kumho BMW Championship

    Brands Hatch A very hot weekend, had my first win of the season in Race 1 And some great battling in Race 2, unfortunately I didn't have my rear view camera working https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSdVg4Es6o
  9. Tommo

    My workshop

    A workshop is well equipped when there are to many tools & kit in it to get in there and work!
  10. Tommo

    2014 BMWRDC Kumho BMW Championship

    Sorry for the slow update, the vids take time being edited Silverstone: Wet qually and 2 dry races Race 1 - Started 3 in class 13 overall, finished 2 in class 11 overall Race 2 - Finished 3 in class 12 overall. Got into first but spun after contact Had 4 separate 'incidents / taps' over the 2 races, which left the car looking abit sorry for itself. Let me know what you think, were they legitimate gaps? Over ambitious moves? Should I have been given racing room or were they racing incidents? And a token one from the BMW rallycross entrant! Race 1 Race 2
  11. Tommo

    2014 BMWRDC Kumho BMW Championship

    Snettertons race weekend, Wet Qually, Dry Race 1, Torrential Race 2 Race 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcvgnx13btc Race 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HbUvXHC5-I
  12. Tommo

    2014 BMWRDC Kumho BMW Championship

    Havent seen that! link? Cams an option as with lightweigh flywheel, & underdrive pulleys. but bang for buck they are pretty poor. m50 manifold, bbtb and remap all done for under £500 and they probs give me 20 - 30 bhp so when its £500 plus work to get an extra 5 out, or take the gear box off to fit a leight weight fly, its not high on my list atm! Thanks for the info on the cams though
  13. Tommo

    E36 Compact track toy

    How this coming on then?
  14. Tommo

    2014 BMWRDC Kumho BMW Championship

    Turbo / charger would put me up a class! All the double skinned interior panels have already been drilled or removed. And doors are gutted, just outer skin left! Lightweight race battery fitted, I've got a grp seat atm the carbon fiber ones are well over double the price. My target is 185bhp / tonne (max for my class, power measured at the wheels) I'm currently at 188 bhp and 1167kgs (with driver and feul) which puts me at 161 bhp / tonne
  15. Tommo

    2014 BMWRDC Kumho BMW Championship

    Perspex already fitted, team dynamics pro race 1.2 on order, so wheels covered. M50 manifold bbtb fitted & remap in progress. Fairly shit but free flowing exhaust from manifold back. Cams not touched. That's the problem all the non structural stuff has already been removed. The main weight save left is a set of ally doors but they are upwards of £300 plus paint! So it's down to the hunt for cheap power!