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  1. Hahah i know its fat spec cos its my old drivers seat, made for the larger gentleman.
  2. Thanks guys. James we are making some changes to the track start ing on monday which should make it a bit better for super cars Scott you need to come up and get a passenger ride in this thing. I even have a fat man spec passenger bucket seat you might fit in.
  3. Hi, I used to be a trader on here when i broke E39s for a living and had a heavily modified E39 540 drift car The arse fell out the e39 parts market and i moved on to other things. Im now the owner of DriftlandUK www.driftlanduk.com I sold the 540, then bought it back and painted it yellow, hated it and sold it again. Thanksfully the current owner painted it grey again. I tried loads of other chassis as drift cars and none of them felt right to me, none of the nissans or toyotas could take my heavy right foot and love of clutch kicks. So i ended up back in a 5 series but this one is a bit of a mongrel . I cant take credit for building it , it was build by Jankes who is on here i think. Its an E34 running E39 M5 5.0 v8, it runs a full nissan S14 front end set up and is incredibly light coming in at 1150kg with fluids. I run 17x10 5x114.3 et10 7twenty style 49s up front and i have 8x 18x10.5 5x120 et 15 rears with 265/35 tyres check out 7twentys wheels for some great spec 5 series wheels some pics Recently got to do some night demos at Angelsey in Wales , terrifying. 120mph 4 gear sideways in the dark is a scary experience. Big plans styling wise over the winter, im not a fan of the look at all just now I have a sport rear bumper and skirts to go on. front bumper with ZENDER splitter, more arch work so it can go much much lower then a full respray in Driftland team colours which is Laguna Seca Blue. So yeah HI. Whos got any cool stuff for e34s or E39 m5 engines for sale?
  4. jeek

    Show me your lowered e39....

    Jerry i can supply BCs for a better price. I can do them for 700 delivered.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/DriftlandScotland
  6. Its going really well. Were are in the process of building Europes FIRST purpose built drift track. Im going to have to pass it on to someone else to save as i just dont have the time.
  7. Well flying banana came up today and never even took me up on the offer of a drive.
  8. Hey chaps, Been a while since iw as on here as iv been really busy at work. I still have the e39 540 driftcar But bought this to use as a fun drift car. However its just too nice for me to kill. I was going to strip the good bits off it and the drift it on a stock car oval but cars dont generally come out of there in one piece so now i dont know what to do with it. Its very high spec originally built in april 89 it has traction control, cruise control, auto dim rear mirror, electric seats. Its done some high miles at 216k but is one of the best i have driven, its up there with my old calypso alpina like some pics So now what do i do with it? It drives much nicer than my 04 skoda superb and has recipets for a paint bill at bmw in 01 for 3.5k. Anyway thought you guys would enjoy seeing such a well spec'd well looked after example. Jeek
  9. jeek

    Scottish Members - Warning

    Sadly it was our whole collection that went missing. No joy on recovery . Ive lost hope now.
  10. jeek

    Brake upgrade, Brembo calipers

    i got some from zack and they didnt fit e39 so i sent them back.
  11. jeek

    Scottish meet? fife. 22nd sept

    Check out the footage from our first drift event at thunder valley raceway in fife. JUMNAJI-NIGHTS -DORI LABS- Welcome to Thunder Valley on Vimeo video from http://www.facebook.com/DoriLabs Details of the next one here Improve Your Experience | Facebook
  12. Hey guys though i might try this again but with more notice this time. Chizfab are holding another drift event in lochgelly fife and its a perfect place for a club meet and watch some drifting and wall taps at the same time Saturday, September 22, 2012 12:00pm until 8:00pm Spedeworth Thunderdrome, KY5 9HQ Lochgelly, Fife After the success of our first event, we have decided to do it all over again! The date for the next event is the 22nd of September 2012. The track action will be live from 12-8pm and once again we will have a show car section with trophies. Sign on for drivers will be limited to 30. The cost is £30 payable by PAYPAL GIFT. To jumanji-nights@hotmail.co.uk. Early payment will close on the 15th sept. Payment on the day (if there are any spaces left) will be £40. If we reach our Limit of 30 drivers a reserve list will be put in place. The reserves will get first refusal on pull outs as well as being invited to bring their cars along on the day. Then if someones car is out for the rest of the day the 1st reserve will get the opportunity to pay on. Entry for spectators will be £5 We will have limited free trade stands available so please get in touch to book. Anyone interested in a club stand please PM the page for more details. Please share this event There will be twinning and car trains happening throughout the day all DAY! some info from our first event http://www.driftworks.com/2012/07/jumanji-nights/ facebook page http://www.facebook.com/JumanjiNights
  13. a little incar footage from the taxi rides at the scottish car show at ingleston last weekend. after seeing that i need an engine mount and i need to work out why both my rear calipers are sticking on sometimes. Fun day though doing a mixture of drift and rally.