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    New i4

    I find myself looking very seriously at this for my next car. The lease on my Tesla Model 3 Performance expires on 8th December. I know I shouldn't but the M50 variant.... https://www.topgear.com/car-news/electric/bmw-i4-m50-m-divisions-first-electric-car-kinda Thoughts anyone?
  2. I miss my Champers II, but wouldn't pay more than 5-6k for a near perfect one. This price is silly.
  3. rincewind

    E39 Aegean Blue Edition

    That magazine article. The Champagne 1 edition belonged to forum member AnilS. It was a very well loved car and he was proud of it. He sold it a few years ago though.
  4. rincewind

    Silverstone Auction

    From 26 minutes onwards some lovely BMW's. All worth watching though
  5. rincewind

    Lotus Carlton.

    Mine as metallic grey, same wheels. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. How are you sir?
  6. rincewind

    Lotus Carlton.

    I had a GSI 24V for about 9 years. Loved it but it was no Lotus Carlton. It had 207 bhp I think, 7. something to 60. Now got a Tesla Model 3 Performance which is, er, staggering in it's performance levels. I've had it 5 months and the novelty hasn't even slightly worn off.
  7. http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/e39-5-series-96-04/bmw-540i-m-sport-touring-manual-m5-visuals/6463193 74k miles and 24k price tag!
  8. rincewind

    Harrys Garage

    Todays HG - April 1st springs to mind!
  9. rincewind


    Anil, I had my mums funeral last Friday (not covid related, she was 93 and old age got her). Between the virus and regulations, there ended up being only 5 of us there. If the attendees are not living in the same household, they will be asked to sit 2 metres apart. No gathering afterwards either. We're planning on doing a get together after all this blows over.
  10. rincewind


    Oh Anil, so very sorry to hear that.
  11. rincewind

    Harrys Garage

    Massive fan for a couple of years. He's just moved 'garage', got rid of the little alfa - shame, I liked that one. Watching the Espada being put back together is top viewing. Are you watching Tyrrells Classic Workshop too - love it.
  12. rincewind

    Lotus Carlton.

    I had a Carlton 3000 GSI 24 valve for about 9 years, loved it. That said I don't think there was ever a day when everything worked 100%, but it didn't seem to matter too much (I was younger then). Hi Anil - put a cheeky bid in. I may do the same. I'm starting to think about a 'weekend' car that makes good noises as my current wheels don't. I recon 40+k for the Carlton?
  13. rincewind

    Digital dashboards!

    20" wheels and very low profiles. Look wonderful, but good grief I'm Pothole Paranoid.
  14. rincewind

    Digital dashboards!

    Well, it's been a good couple of years since I posted here, but I've still been following some of the threads. Some of you may remember I had (briefly) an E39 Champagne II. I still think they are one of the best looking cars ever made. Hi to AnilS btw. Anyways, to chip in to the digital dash thing. I have left the internal combustion engine fold and now have a two year lease on a Tesla Model 3 Performance. It's like nothing else I've ever driven - until you drive one of these things you will not believe the instant torque that just launches you towards distant horizons, no matter what speed you happen to be doing. It's like your brain is hard wired to the throttle. 0-60 in 3 seconds, 30-70 in 2.8!!!! Almost all controls are managed via the central 15" touchcreen. I find this not to be a problem at all, although it won't be to everyones taste. Speed is on the top right, always in line of sight and very easy to read. The Nav (they use Google maps with Teslas own overlay) is utterly brilliant, and the music and video capabilities are second to none in my view. FM, DAB, TuneIn (internet) radio, Spotify and... USB which has my complete (20,000+ tracks including 300+ FLAC albums) on it. When in Park, it also has YouTube and NetFlix and... access to my Plex home server with nearly 500 movies and almost 100 TV series. All in full screen. Overall, it's utterly fantastic, but I do have a couple of things I would like to see improved: 1. Range. In reality, on a cold day at motorway speeds it's 230-240 miles. Tesla have their own charging network so that's not really a problem. On the plus side, I wake up every morning with a full charge so never, ever think about range when I'm at home tootling about. 2. Road noise. It's a bit louder than it should be, mostly down to 20" wheels and low profile tyres, especially on concrete surfaces, but Tesla really do need to do something about it. Oh, and it's very, very cheap to fuel up. 250 miles costs about £11. Pics attached Cheers all and happy new year Paul
  15. rincewind


  16. Ideas please as I'm curious. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201812113164403?sort=sponsored&make=BMW&model=5 SERIES&price-from=2000&price-to=8000&advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&transmission=Automatic&postcode=cm167rb&fuel-type=Petrol&radius=1500&page=4
  17. rincewind

    530i sport champagne spec 2

    http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/forum/106-bespoke-leathering/ http://www.bespokeleathering.com
  18. rincewind

    530i sport champagne spec 2

    ' cant tune the tv, no channels being picked up, is there something i can do to sort this. ' The reason is that these tuners are analogue, which is no longer broadcast. Digital conversions are available, but expensive I believe. Remaps are generally held to be not worth it from what I've heard. Your mpg is certainly on the rather low side - this can be a number of reasons, but temperature as mentioned is a common one. I got the leather colour from Bespoke Leathering (see home page of this forum). They have the colour match already on file for your car, and it works a treat.
  19. His cars hang around forever, some of these have been for sale for getting on for two years or more. I've had his stock list in my bookmarks for years and take the odd peek, nearly the same stock for ages and ages. https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/dealer/615390
  20. The car in the first post has been advertised for some months now. I first saw it late last year.
  21. No interior pics either. The seats can easily look dirty and a tired on these (I know, I had one which I treated to some decent leather care). It's about £4 - 4.5k in really good condition. And it will need money spent on it - they all do at this age.
  22. rincewind

    mk4 nav rebuild - recomendations please

    Baris is excellent. I took my BM54 unit to him a couple of years ago in Enfield, fixed while I waited.
  23. rincewind

    Cleaning leather

    Hi all, I'm picking up a Champagne II at the weekend. The drivers seat is pretty good but I'd like to give it a good clean. I'm pretty sure it doesn't need re dying. What do people use for this? Cheers Paul
  24. rincewind

    Another Battery Drain....

    Very common this. Many threads on here. Search final stage resistor or, as it's often called, hedgehog due to the spiny heat sink
  25. rincewind

    Replaced alternator still not charging???

    Wow that's really bad luck. I feel for you - I know how painful bad electrics can be when you can't find the problem.