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  1. kayser540

    Style 5 alloys refurb

    Thanks mate.. I thought they were but wasn't 100% sure.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. kayser540

    Amp repair near Manchester

    Hi guys having problems with the audio on my 760, took it to a local garage who recommended I change the amp but would like a second opinion by a specialist.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. kayser540

    Amp repair near Manchester

    2nd hand 1s on Ebay are around £300, would rather have it checked out and repaired than buy a 2nd hand.. I have no audio just a long continuous beep.. parking sensors work.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. kayser540

    E39 530D consistent power loss

    I have the same issue on my 525d auto. Once I reach over 3500 rpm, loss of power and huge puffs of smoke.. I have had the injectors and MAF tested but couldn't find any faults..the last owner replaced the turbo just before I bought it.. there is a £800 bill for it.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi guys I recently lost my keys for my e38 so purchased a new one from dealers.. It is the diamond shape key.. My wife went and picked up the keys from them but cannot remember what they told her.. they have said that they do it for free if we bring the car down but as this is the only get we cannot get it to start.. They have it has to be programmed from inside he car.. Any help would be appreciated.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. kayser540

    Programming new Bmw diamond shape key

    Thank you just done it now.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi guys just wondering if there is any structural engineers on here to do some beam caculations for an RSJ that's going into my loft for a dorma..
  8. kayser540

    Any structural engineer on here?

    Yep they will be.. I helped my mate out last summer and even with a crane they were so heavy move..
  9. kayser540

    Any structural engineer on here?

    Sorry little confusion here, just spoke to my brother who is on the planning department.. he has sorted all my paperwork.. You are allowed to do small projects on a building notice.. the "small project" varies from local authorities.. Oldham council allows you build a single storey 3m extension on a building notice this is deemed a small project.. on the permitted development your are allowed up2 6 metres out.. The rear dorma has now fallen under the small projects category but the front falls under full planning..
  10. kayser540

    Any structural engineer on here?

    Hi Duncan yes sorry should have mentioned is permitted development, the kitchen extension we are allowed 3 metres out and as wide as the house, the rear dormer is now acceppted on a permitted development but front is not... The permitted development is done through the building notice All will be done to regs and a certificate signed off at the end.. If I had the time I would have gone the planning permission route with bigger extension and an architectural drawing but these take up2 12 weeks to come throu and I am looking to complete the work in that time as my wife is due around mid April. .
  11. kayser540

    Any structural engineer on here?

    Did you make the trusses your self or ordered them in?? looks very good..
  12. kayser540

    Any structural engineer on here?

    Hi guys sorry for the late reply spent all day running around.. My local council are an absulute rip off I have handed over £1100 before I have evan started the job to building control for the dorma and the small kitchen extension this fee was £700 last year.. This is similar to what I will be doing http://www.hunterarchitects.co.uk/projects/permitted_development_loft_conversion.html Sorry couldn't up load pics so had get a link.. I will definitely be needing an RSJ as Duncans post above, the house is an mid terrace with 2 11×4 purlins on either side of the roof.. will only one RSJ on the ridge beam sitting on padstones.. I will be installing a 4.5M 8"X4" RSJ this is acceptable for the building inspectors but they alway ask for calculation even thou they have they have the calculation themselves. This will be a self build as I'm on a tight budget and work around my 9-5 job.. I will be doing this on a building notice so will not need planning permission or an architectural drawing but there is a risk involved in this as any mistakes will be costly.. What I'm planning to do Loft with dorma (90% of the roof) 3M X 4.5M kitchen extension Full electrical rewire New central heating New kitchen and bathroom
  13. kayser540

    Faulty injectors? Inpa reading

    Hi guys recently purchased software off jimmy to run diagnostics on my 02 525d, it brought up fault code 5651 "rough idle speed controller" Google search pointed to injectors, now I'm a novice when it comes to inpa so would appreciate if anyone can advise me on the below reading Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  14. kayser540

    Faulty injectors? Inpa reading

    Yeah it's auto.. was thinking of having a remap but have to sort out few bits first before I do that...
  15. kayser540

    Faulty injectors? Inpa reading

    My current fuel consumption is absolutely rubbish.. getting 18 mpg around town and 35 on motorway.. My 760li does around 12 mpg around town so isn't far off the 525d
  16. kayser540

    Faulty injectors? Inpa reading

    Hi bud can you remember what was the cost of having them rebuilt? These guys are the nearest to me so will have it tested from them https://m.facebook.com/sportscitydiesel Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. kayser540

    Price please

    Hi need the front drivers side bumper trim with the pdc hole I think it no 4 http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DL02-EUR-06-2002-E39-BMW-525d&diagId=51_3723 Part no.51117894140
  18. kayser540

    I am, without doubt, a fat b*stard...

    I struggle to keep weight off, am only 5ft 6 and currently 13 stones.. I'm classed ad obese. Iv been up and down between 10 and 13 stones can't seem to the weight off.. Iv currently started gym on a high protein diet with low carbs.. I train 5 times a week 25min cardio + 30 min weights.. my target is to get down to 10 stones.. My problem is I love food too much!!
  19. kayser540

    Temp car insurance for cars

    I did this last year as well, but I think this offer has expired as my brother tried couple of months ago on a car he bought.
  20. kayser540

    Cat c insurance

    Most insurance company should insure it, I have never been asked if a car was a accident damaged.. Few of my mates drive newish accident damaged cars.. one of them has had a gearbox rebuild from mercedes on a 2014 c63 under warranty.. I have even been paid out full book value on a 540i which was a cat c.. I think if you ring some of the bigger companies such as aviva,LV, Churchill, ect they should be able to insure you.. My brother had a cat c AUDI R8 couple of years ago with admiral and had no issues. http://www.admiral.com/motoring-advice/what-are-category-c-and-category-d-cars.php
  21. kayser540

    Lovely 740i sport

    Having recently sold couple of e38s ( 740i sport 728i sport) both with fairly low mileage I can honestly say he will never anywhere near that price.. That 740 is probably sumwhere between 2k-3k.. There was 51 plate 740i in Southampton few months back with 59k miles which the seller struggled to get 3k eventually sold it for 2200.. Personally for an e38 M parras, style 32 or some alpina..
  22. Is the seller on this forum? He seems to have copied and pasted the discription from my ealier post? This car struggled to sell for 20k when original owner who did build was trying to sell it Dec 2014.. At that time it had 115k and all serivce were up2 date. We almost bought this but I backed off as my wife wanted us to buy a house.. This has now done another 10k in the last year alone.. As above I think £10k would be tops on this as this had been neglected..
  23. Hi looking for cable and software possibly INPA for the above cars..
  24. Anyone know this car? https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/2003-bmw-530d-aegean-edition-/1147153670
  25. kayser540

    2003 530d Aegean Blue

    I think the mileage is more like 330k... it was 318k at last mot on Dec 2014.. Is this the highest mileage e39 around??