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  1. kayser540

    20" Style 149 alloys & tyres

    Best wheels in my opinion on an e65, I was looking for a set of these few months ago for my 760li but in the end kept my style 95s which I have had refurbished and all tyres replaced.. GLWS
  2. kayser540

    Boiler replacement cost

    Seems a bit dear to me for an ideal logic boiler, not sure how much work is involved or might just be location? Boiler, filter, clock £1100- £1200+ £900-£1000 for fitting?? Few years ago a lot ideal boilers were fitted on government warmfront grants, these seem to suffer from PCB unit failures.. the logic boilers might be better.. My Brothers a gas safe installer and has always recommended baxi/potterton/main brands.. I have 5 of these in my buy to let’s and have had no issues.. vaillaint/viessmann/ Worcester Bosch/ are also good but more expensive. Regards
  3. kayser540

    Cars holding their value better?

    I too bought an 540i in 2008 and was thinking the same thing.. I also bought 3 immaculate e34 535i for less than £500 each. I belive a lot of cars are being exported especially German brands.. I have sold 3 E39s sport to a guy in Poland all MOT failures, over 250k miles and general in poor condition for £1k each.. if you also look at Copart it’s almost impossible to buy a car there due to oversea bidder..
  4. kayser540

    E39 540i/6 Touring on eBay

    2k was my budget, if this was closer maybe I’d have Bidded higher.. would have cost me 300-400 just on transport cost..
  5. kayser540

    E39 540i/6 Touring on eBay

    I have always wanted a facelift 6 speed touring but prices seem pretty high the ones that have come up for sale. Very intrested in this and as Dan has said would require around 2k to bring it back up to scratch.. would probably have have to sell 1 or 2 of my cars to make room for this.. currently have robs 530d touring Manual (ttrw2) 530d saloon bought from pauliexjr and the 760li bidding is already up2 1500 what do you guys think is a good price for it?
  6. kayser540

    Air bubbles in fuel lines

    That’s what what I think it could be, the AA guy thought there was a leak in the pipes but the garage has checked and no leaks were found.. Iv got a full tank of fuel so will let it run below 1/4 and see what happens.. is is there anything else that it could be? I just want to eliminate everything, I travel a lot and don’t want to be stranded again.. regards
  7. kayser540

    Air bubbles in fuel lines

    Hi guys, On Tuesday I drove to work and parked up, switched engine off and then tried starting the car 5 mins later, car would not start. It cranks over but did not fire up. I rang the AA and when the mechanic came he started it up with easy start, we then noticed a lot of bubbles in the clear fuel line next to the filter (Filter is 4months old). The AA mechanic thinks I have a air leak somewhere in the pipes. i drove the car to my local garage with AA behind me, car was checked over last couple of days but no fault was found. It now starts fine with no issues but I’m thinking it will happen again, There is still some bubbles in the pipes but not as much as before. Any help will be appreciated. Kind regards
  8. kayser540

    Diesel 11p a litre more than petrol

    I used to remember a time when diesel was cheaper than petrol and the government was banging on about how clean diesel was and we should buy diesel car! How times have changed..
  9. kayser540

    E31 850i V12 6 speed manual

    They do seem like reps..
  10. Hi Does it need to be a main dealer? You could try Bmw specialist Darren woods in Stockport.. been going there almost 13 years no issues, the mechanics are ex main dealer.. regards
  11. kayser540

    Help identify this part that’s snapped off

    Hi clavurion, thanks for quick reply, that makes sense.. I’ll order new part from dealers..
  12. Hi guys went to start the car this morning and herd a bang, power steering went and battery light came on. I have taken the fan off and the belt has come off but one of the pulleys on a bracket has snapped.. Any help would be appreciated.. regards
  13. kayser540

    E65 730D - New battery needed

    I fitted an Yuasa 110ah from Halfords on my 760li and have had no issues, I tried buying an 110ah for the 760li from dealers but was told this had been discontinued and a 90AH AGM was the recommended one, I think it was It was over £300. When I had a weak battery, the dash lit up like a Xmas tree, lost ABS, suspension, PAS, EML, gearbox warning, etc, i would recomend the Yuasa.. regads
  14. kayser540

    Wanted 1x 9j and 1x 9.5j style 37 m parra

    Manage to get hold of the 9.5j courtesy of a forum member.. still looking for a 9j