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  1. kayser540

    E39 M5 Exhaust - H&S

    Hi Steve, There is a guy on Facebook selling one for £300.. his name is Nikita Sep Location is Selby.. not sure how to add a link
  2. kayser540

    M62 b44tu parts

    beat me to it Irfan.. lol.. Drove the 840ci yesterday back 260 miles and with the exception of OSR spring wasn’t so bad.. Kenny- sent you a PM
  3. kayser540

    Price please

    Good afternoon, I am after a cable which goes from the door handle to the actuator.. I believe the part number is 51228184588 according to real oem. below is a picture of the cable.. king regards
  4. kayser540

    E30 help identify plug

    Hi guys, Recently purchased this e30 with a cutting out issue.. I came across this plug and having checked through the engine I can’t seem to find where this plugs into? Any help would be appreciated.. thank you..
  5. kayser540

    Style 81 wheels wanted

    These shouldn’t be too hard to find, the above set in pic ware mine and paid £100 for them.. there is a set on Facebook market place for £175, not sure how to get a link up from the app..
  6. So are you saying Brexit had no effect on goods going in out out the the country towards the end of December?
  7. So Brexit had nothing to do with the huge increase in volumes? Why was ever business trying to get goods in and out of the U.K. before the 31st December? You have you just taken one sentence out of my post to suit your agenda..
  8. I’m not saying Your U.K. to U.K. parcel hasn’t yet been delivered to you due to Brexit, where have I said it’s due to Brexit? I said it’s probably lost.. I was talking about traffic in and out of the U.K... Between 24 of December to 1st of January it is usually quite and used by the couriers to clear the Xmas backlog, what’s changed this year was between this time the couriers and hauliers saw a significant increase of goods in and out of U.K. due to the changes coming into force on the 31st December as everyone wanted to avoid this.. The trucks were delayed by France due to the pandemic no one can deny that but also the large volumes of goods leaving the U.K. were as a direct result of the changes coming in on the 31st. we shipped 70 HGVs full of goods between 20th and 24th of December, the average we would ship at this time is usually 2.. Brexit was suppose to clear red tape, people still can’t ship goods into Europe due to red tape!!
  9. your comparison is totally wrong, your eBay parcel has clearly gotten lost and doesn’t/didn’t need any additional paperwork and is also with the U.K... The movement of goods between the U.K. and Europe towards the end of December increased 10 folds due to everyone wanted to get goods in and out the country before the 31st deadline.. if you look at what’s happened from the 1st of Jan this was justified.. If we go back to the boots which say were posted on the 26 it would have been in a massive backlog created by Brexit.. The service it would have been posted would have been redundant on the 31st so there would be no reason for the courier to proceed and would be returned to sender..
  10. kayser540

    New car cost

    If you take the finance option there’s is usually around £20k off with dealer and manufacturers contributions.. So around £83k for it in real terms.. The interest rate is quite low aswell currently 2.9% on offer.. What’s crazy is a £5k deposit buys a new m5 with £1k per month!!
  11. kayser540

    Cost of building materials

    I will probably wait till probably May and take it from there.. There is no mortgage on the house with gas electricity cut off and the house boarded up.. just the council tax on it.. I remember this last year when plaster was like gold dust and people were selling them on Facebook for £30 per bag!! The nearest selco is about 7-8miles away but I do have an account with Howarth Timber and Travis Perkins although I haven’t used them in around 4 years.. I always found B&Qs Trade Point quite competitive on plaster and plasterboard when you purchased 5+
  12. This will always be a benefit to the U.K. as any decision will not need discussion/approval of all 27 block.. Although talking to a customer from Zalando Germany, Germany has negotiated its own deal aswell as the EU deal. from what he has told me every country is free to negotiate its own vaccine deal but it was done as a collective to show unity and keep the cost down.. not sure how much of that is true..
  13. Yep if the good hadn’t cleared customs by 31st then will not have the correct paperwork now to clear customs and will be rejected and sent back.. They will need to be sent out again as Duty At Place..
  14. kayser540

    Cost of building materials

    I have good few properties on buy to let, with last one I did up in 2016/17. I purchased a fire damaged property in December 19, I have only had the structural engineers to come in and make sure everything was ok.. I had originally planned to start work on it in April/May 20 but the lockdown put an end to that.. I am hoping to start work tis April/May but have recently been in B&Q and a local builders merchants and have seen a huge increase in the cost of materials such as plasterboards, Plaster, cement, timber, insulation boards. Has this been a been a gradual increase over the last 3/4 years or due to the pandemic and do you guys see the cost coming down?
  15. Where did I mention we buy from China and Rebrand? We are manufacturing company who OWN few labels and MANUFACTURE for the retail industry.. you would not last in clothing/footwear manufacturing if you didn’t have the goods manufactured in the Far East unless you use the Leicester sweatshops.. where do you think the high street goods comes from??? Not sure which company this is but not according to DHL,DPD,Hermes, FedEx, Amazon, UPS, parcelforce who have been struggling to find qualified drivers.. This will definitely make up for the lost billions right? but why couldn’t they buy Basil from the U.K. before Brexit? So where would the shortfall of workers come from to fill the vacancies but agree there would be less competition but this isn’t a good thing.. just means care workers have to do more shifts!! you don’t even know me nor do you know the people I mix with, I didn’t mention I was pro Brexit or against just how Brexit was a disaster for our company.. I asked the question has ANYONE directly benefitted from Brexit, this wasn’t an sarcastic comment as I’m interested to know, you’ve just waffled on without answering the question, why don’t you share you experience how Brexit has been a success for you? this was directed at you.. I am genuinely interested in how people have benefitted from Brexit.. they may well be but with the towns other large warehouse closing 2 sites (non Brexit) and moving to East Midlands they may struggle I bit..