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  1. kayser540

    New battery for E39 535

    Iv used Yuasa 019 on all my e39s and also my 760 and have had no issues.. The Yuasa performed better than the Bosch on the 760. As pointed out by Dan, the £90 Yuasa is an absolute bargain especially for a 019 battery..
  2. kayser540

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    pretty poor taste to take someone visiting his dead sons grave and use it to for some sick conspiracy joke.. from what I have been told by family and friends over at the states, there is only one actual proof of someone who voted by mail but passed away and her vote was counted.. The republicans and the trumps supporters claiming voter fraud yet all the gains made by republicans in congress and senate, nothing being mentioned? Surely if your cheating to win the presidency you would try to gain control of both the houses otherwise you end up with a president who wouldn’t be able to pass anything!!
  3. Hi, Iv been using Darren for the last 13/14 years, I have had a lot of work on my e36 m3 and my 760. Genuine honest guy who could have charged me £1-2k when I when I first went in with what I thought was a SMG gearbox fault which turned out to be a relay.. There are couple of guys on the m3cutter forum who have had their bearing done by Darren and have nothing but good feedback. You are definitely in safe hands.
  4. It would be interesting to know what goods the EU or the single market has prevented manufacturing in the U.K.? Few family members who were in manufacturing have in the past lost their jobs due manufacturing being outsourced to the Far East or Eastern Europe, this was only for costs of labour. On a personal note on Brexit, the company I work for has lost 80% of its U.K. business since the financial crash of 07 due the demise of the high street. We see no growth in the U.K for the next 5 years, our only survival is our EU sales which has increased by around 60% in that time. Any tariffs or trade barriers would definitively signal the end..
  5. Hi guys, looking for a Titan silver bootlid for an 51 reg e39 touring to replace mine which has rusted.. I don’t need the glass.. must be rust free and as close to Manchester as possible.. Regards
  6. kayser540

    Something not quite right?

    Could also be an import and registered in 2011? My evo 6 was registered in 2006 and ended up in a 06 plate.. I thought last build date for the e60 was 2010? I have not seen a e60 on a 2011.
  7. kayser540

    E39 540i manual

    I was interested in this when it was up for sale couple of weeks ago and was surprised It sold for £7200.. looks like nice 2k mark up for the buyer.. item number 203002057760
  8. kayser540

    e39 530d Touring Breaking

    Hi, id be interested in the boot lid if it’s rust free and would it fit in the back of a touring? I don’t need the glass tail gate if that easier for you.. id also take both mirrors if they fold? What is your location? Kind regards
  9. kayser540

    Few E39 bits for sale

    Hi are the xenons with ballast?? And do they need new adjusters? regards
  10. kayser540

    eBay/Paypal account advise

    Thank you will look at that.. the irony in this is my wife thought it would be safer and less chance of a scammer on eBay that gumtree/marketplace..
  11. kayser540

    eBay/Paypal account advise

    Hi guys, Looking for advise here, My wife recently sold an NEW iPhone on eBay for £700 buyer paid by Paypal 4 weeks ago and now is claiming it is not as described and is asking to return for a refund The phone was brand new and was an unwanted gift.. I am disputing this. The money is out of my paypal account.. Are eBay/Paypal allowed to take money from my bank account?
  12. kayser540

    Wanted 2x rear 19” parallels 9.5

    Bit of a long shot, looking for 2 rear 9.5x19s m parallels. I have a square set of 8.5J and looking to make it a staggered..
  13. kayser540

    Cricket wow what a game

    Amazing game.. this is probably the most exciting England I have seen is the last 25 years of following English cricket!! Feel for New Zealand but For me the best team in the past couple of years won it..
  14. kayser540

    Trump, like him or loath him?

    I find it strange that people actually think what he said isn’t racist, telling people of colour to “go back to where they came from” would get you sacked from any job in any western country and probably arrested too.. the company i work for sacked a employee for exact same thing word for word. He go into an argument and told a polish national to “go back to where you came from”. He subsequently appealed and went to court for unfair dismissal. In the end common sense prevailed and was found in favour of the company. Trump hasnt actually done nothing for the ordinary Americans except for the top 1%. A lot of people love him because unlike other politicians he says what a lot of people are thinking!! Nancy Polesi summer it up when she said “trump doesn’t want to make America great again” he want to “make America white again”
  15. Hi all, looking for the metal cage cage to fit oem widescreen monitor on my 2002 530d touring.. regards