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  1. Fish

    E91 Brakes

    All arrived thank you. Great service, cheers Mike
  2. Fish

    E91 Brakes

    Thanks folks - ordered today. Kind regards
  3. Fish

    E91 Brakes

    Good Evening, I am looking for a price for the following please. My car is a 2007 E91 335d - Reg: M15 MDF Front discs Front pads & sensors Many thanks Mike
  4. Fish

    Bluetooth Eject Box

    Sent via Paypal. Many thanks.
  5. Fish

    Bluetooth Eject Box

    Lovely mate thanks. Will Paypal that over when I get home. Kind regards
  6. Fish

    Bluetooth Eject Box

    Good morning, I am looking for the latest price on the below please. Planning to do the Bluetooth upgrade on my E39. 84 21 2 222 122 - Bluetooth Eject Box Frame Kind regards Mick
  7. Fish

    R.I.P Ahmed Bayjoo

    Oh wow. That's a name I haven't come across for a while. Very popular in the 90's I recall.
  8. Fish

    Pair of E39 Hella Xenon Ballasts

    PM'd [emoji106]🏻
  9. Fish

    Is this M5 known to anyone ?

    Well if anyone wants to know anything about this one then give me a shout. I know it's history well obviously
  10. Fish

    Is this M5 known to anyone ?

    It's my old one. I would link my thread but I'm on tapatalk so I can't! I will find my thread and bump it up!
  11. Evening all I have just picked up a genuine Towbar and electrics for my daily Saab 9-3. The kit is supposed to be plug and play, which I have done, but I haven't anything to test it with! My socket is a 13 pin, so I was wondering if anyone around hopefully Hinckley, Nuneaton or Coventry has a caravan or trailer I can plug in and see if it works or needs coding. It says just plug in and add fuse but I know some have needed coding depending on year so I guess as quite often with these things it's pot look. I do have the 13 pin to 7 pin adaptor so anything will do really! I know you can get testers but then apparently the cheap ones aren't great as the LED's don't pull enough power. I have tested what I can with a meter so caravan live and fridge power which works fine, but the daft thing is it needs to sense a trailer to operate indicators and lights etc. Anyway. I know it's a cheeky long shot but if anyone can help I will gladly come armed with a case of beer or a KFC bucket or sommat. Ha ha thanks peeps! Mick
  12. Fish

    BMW E39 M5

    I had my muffler delete done at custom chrome in Nuneaton. It was £250 and sounded amazing. I always bang on to people to get it done. No drone on the motorway either. Sounded beautiful.
  13. Fish

    RIP Donut

    Wow jaw on the floor. Terrible news.... Thoughts out to his family and friends.
  14. Fish

    Steering wheel upgrade