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  1. 50 kg is fine for towing, 4% of 1250 kg. if you struggle to pick the hitch up one handed you've done something wrong have a look at the Swift group caravan website. that will tell you everything you need for a first time caravan. or http://www.caravantalk.co.uk/caravan-advice/towing Most people now get caught out by the fact they cant actually tow a van on their licence !
  2. 0 Newbie Members 0 5 posts Posted 15 Mar 2004 · Report post If its any help, my E34 came with a manual with some towing figures ..... basically, for ANY E34, if you are towing an unbraked trailer, that is, a trailer which relies solely on the cars brakes to slow it down, then the towing limit is a trailer no more than 700kg in weight. however, if you have a trailer with its own brakes, then the values differ ........ 520i - 1400kg 525i - 1500kg 525ix- 1600kg 535i - 1600kg 525tds 1500kg noseweight - standard rear suspension - 50kg noseweight - self levelling suspension - 75kg hopefully this is of some use to you Brett
  3. nomis520i

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    New fuel pump fitted, weird not hearing the old one moan in the morning !
  4. Nice one. To be fair its a while since I've been there but there's more rust than metal now ! Can I pick up sometime over the weekend ? either from T'helens or Penketh with some beer tokens ?
  5. Do you still have any E34 relays knocking about ? looking for the fuel pump one, Wades has got shut of the 5's and filled up with rusty MG's and Landies !
  6. nomis520i

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Possibly . . . .I've done 100+k and its not been cleaned, its on 205k now . . . . thing is, idling was the only thing it did well before changing the sensor ! Well two trips to work and it's now idling and driving fine ! must have took its time to "learn" that it has a working sensor. Dont you just love em !
  7. nomis520i

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Finally got tinker time. . . new cam sensor fitted and drives miles better, got rid of the sub 2000 rpm bogging down and stuttering but now Idles like its running on 3 ! WTF.
  8. People wanting perfection for £250 ! I'm dreading trying to get rid of her old shed !
  9. nomis520i

    MPV. . . . :-(

    Well guys thanks for all the input, couldn't justify the £'s on the T4/5. She's got her Sedona. From the recent run out from sunny Cheshire to Yorkshire its a fairly nice allbeit beige place to be. Turns out its ex motability and they liked it so bought it. good history, couple of niggles (weak air con and a dodgy electric door) but compared to my E34 and her Ibiza squeak and rattle free !
  10. nomis520i

    MPV. . . . :-(

    Think the Kia is the favourite because of the 3 full size seats in the middle and still boot space for a big buggy (and it was Silver). I like the Voyager but despite looking at 5 on the bounce it was a big red X ! We looked at a Grand Espace, then Google " Espace problems " was her friend, another X. . . Might try and get a look at an S Max then. I think Her minds made up already though
  11. nomis520i

    MPV. . . . :-(

    Folks, due to the imminent arrival of twins and already having a toddler; her cars got to be upsized. I think she's made her mind up on a Kia Sedona ??? We have seen an 08 plate locally and are due a test drive Tuesday. what should I look out for. I am assuming these still use the Merc engine ? so are injectors and autoboxes an issue ?
  12. nomis520i

    E34 rear brake pads, How to fit new ones

    https://www.bmwtechinfo.com/repair/main/741en/index.htm nicked from another post ! blurry pics but detailed descriptions of everything you ever want to know. Noticed it says dont lubricate the guide bolts/pins just clean though.
  13. nomis520i

    E34 rear brake pads, How to fit new ones

    Pagid from Euro or Car parts for less will do (if you're just staying on the road). If one side has worn more than the other then that calipers sticking; could just need a clean and regrease the sliding "pins" and piston:could be like me and the pistons had it though. brake consumables should always be replaced in pairs, (can't understand why they price discs up in singles though)
  14. nomis520i

    Camo wrap mk5 golf

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-west-wales-31064998 slightly different "stickers" but still aggro when you might not need it.